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On April 27, 1994, on Tom Donahue's now defunct shortwave radio program, "America's Town Forum", Donahue's guests were Terry Reed and John Cummings. Reed and Cummings are the authors of the bestseller, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA.

Because Donahue offers audio cassette tapes of his shows for those who wish to purchase them, I sent a check to Mr. Donahue for a tape of that night's show. Unfortunately (although Mr. Donahue did finally send the tape of another show, featuring Larry Nichols), the tape did not arrive after I had waited a reasonable time. So I again wrote to Mr. Donahue et al., including a photocopy of the cancelled check I had sent them and demanding my tape.

I waited. Still no reply. Eventually I just gave up on ever getting the tape. I was not too ticked off at Mr. Donahue because I knew he was going through other troubles at the time. I figured he was just not well organized.

Today, finally, after more than 4 months, after I had long since given up on getting the Reed/Cummings tape, today, finally, it arrived. I have just made a backup of the tape and am now prepared to transcribe it.

Before I start, here is some info that was included with the tape:

Address to write to Tom Donahue: As of July 21, 1994 Letters only -- No post cards or packages.

Tom Donahue #24979077 C1
Mansfield Law Enforcement Center
1601 Heritage Parkway, Mansfield, Texas 76063

At this time Tom does have access to a telephone, however he can only call "collect". He can't make local calls or 800 calls, just collect calls. If you would like to give your permission for Tom to call you collect, do so by writing to Tom at the above address.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Good day. Welcome, America. Tom Donahue program. Thanks so much for joining us.

Well many "viewer rats" are celebrating "Tricky Dick Day". Um, I always have, and will, have respect for the President and the presidency -- the actual office. The office holder at that time and, I guess, the "statesman at large" -- I feel he caused a lot of great damage to this country: regional government, for one; selling out our POWs; took him 5 years to get us out of [the] Vietnam war, when he [had] promised in his first term we'd be out. He was a Rockefeller stooge and a Kissinger associate for many years, until even they turned on him. {1}.

But so much for Nixon... Tricky Dick Nixon Day. We have two very special guests. And the book is absolutely a blockbuster. It's everything it's cooked up to be. The book is, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. How the presidency was co-opted by the CIA. Terry Reed and John Cummings. Indeed, it's my privilege and pleasure to have you on "America's Town Forum".

Thank you very much, Tom. This is Terry speaking. [CN Note: The interview was conducted via a 3-way phone hookup.]

Hi, this is John...

O.K. Hi, John.
Hi! And it's a pleasure to be here.
We're gonna start off with Terry [Reed] first.

Terry, why... I guess, whoever selected the title, it's a great title. Explain to our listeners what you mean by "compromised" when it comes to Clinton, Bush and the CIA.

Well not only is that a word that's in the media a lot now, but, having been in Air Force intelligence, that's a word used considerably in, you know, intelligence training: talking about compromising classified material. But I felt it was a very appropriate title in that both George Bush and Bill Clinton compromised themselves, um made themselves open for attack, by being mutually involved in a clandestine operation which was CIA- backed and run out of the state of Arkansas.

So that's basically the core, the core premise behind the title.

Some would be astonished that you would refer to Clinton being connected in any way, shape, or form with intelligence agencies. Many see Clinton as a coward and someone that shirked his duty {2} and was not involved with any military or intelligence apparatuses in this country -- except, maybe outside the country, such as the KGB.
Well actually, I think if people will study it closely, there's a rumor circulating that Bill [Clinton] was actually working for the CIA station chief out of London, a man by the name of Kurt Meyer(sp?), and during his trips to the USSR (which, you know, became a matter of public debate during the '92 campaign on what he was doing there). But I don't find it shocking at all to find politicians involved with intelligence operations, since that's typically how the CIA is trained to penetrate and subvert foreign governments, is, you compromise politicians and get them on your side, normally through blackmail.
Um-hmm [understands].

Let me ask you about your background. Why don't you fill our listeners in, give us kind of a biographical sketch?

O.K. I was a true "baby boomer", born in 1948, raised in southwest Missouri, 21 miles from Harry Truman's birthplace and hometown, Lamar, Missouri. I'm from Carthage, Missouri. I'm the oldest of 6 children, raised to be patriotic and serve my country. I did so. I was in Air Force intelligence for 8 years. I was in Thailand, in a top-secret outfit called, "Task Force Alpha", that oversaw the secret war in Laos; the "deniable war" that Richard Nixon was running -- very apropos day to be discussing...
Yeah. Another prize, another accolade, that should be passed along to Nixon for that, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, I feel, just as you stated, that he really let the veterans down as well as the country. He tried to be a statesman and a commander-in-chief simultaneously. And I don't think you can do that.
Well I think he said it best on "60 Minutes", this was a replay of his interview with Mike Wallace, in 1968, where he stated emphatically that he'd rather be off writing books and lecturing and maybe even being a student again at Oxford University [sic] -- though he didn't go there. Clinton did. But he [Nixon] said he got "caught by the political virus", and he said, "When it catches you, there's no way..."
"...there's no antidote", I believe is what he said.
DONAHUE Wait a minute. Yeah....
"There's no drug." Yeah, I saw that interview.

[ be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Regarding Nixon: It's hard to understand why Clinton ordered flags flown at half mast for 30 days in honor of Nixon. To my knowledge, this was unprecedented. I don't think even JFK got the flag flown at half mast for 30 days. Talk about collective insanity: 30 days for fu**ing Nixon!!

{2} "...Clinton as a coward and someone that shirked his duty..." There were many who sought to avoid and/or avoided military service during the Vietnam era. They keep repeating this "Clinton the coward" stuff, and it's ridiculous.

But why? Why are they drumming this into our heads, this "Clinton the coward that shirked his duty" baloney? Hypothesis: Are they conditioning us to swallow some future law that we not "shirk our duty"? Are they conditioning us to accept a re- instatement of the draft? Are they conditioning us to "not be 'cowards' like Clinton"? Are they conditioning us to be cannon fodder for another one of their wars?

Just conjecture. But then again, you tell me: Why all this "Clinton the coward who shirked his duty" repeated again and again?

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