Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 93

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Special thanks to Charles Lewton ( for transcribing the following lecture by Dave Emory.




Question and Answer Period

Q: In January there was a talk by Socialist Action in San Francisco on the assassination of Malcolm X and two eyewitnesses spoke and they made some very dramatic points which you did not mention. One being that every time Malcolm X spoke, usually there were twenty policemen around, and the day of the murder or assassination, there weren't any, or maybe there was one or two token. The other point that they made was in the actual, immediately after the assassination, the crowd captured the two guys, the one that was wounded and another one, and the one that was wounded was documented, etc., but the other one, the police got him and he never showed up in jail. He was never booked or anything like that. And they also went into the cover-up and in the cover-up, the three guys who were on trial said they were part of the Black Muslims. Even at the trial, they testified that there were five people. That was one of the things that was completely covered up by the prosecution, etc., in the official story, and I was just wondering did that escape your notice?

  1. I have heard that. I do not recall seeing that in any printed sources. I am not casting aspersions on what they were saying. I recall hearing that in discussions with other researchers. I, myself, have not read that, that I can recall. It should be noted I don't present either of these discussions as having all of the information about the assassinations of King or Malcolm X. There are other things to go into. With Martin Luther King, for example, I haven't talked about James Earl Ray's flight, which was one of the very interesting things, aspects of it. Ray was able to successfully elude an international manhunt in which he utilized evasion techniques which appear to be far more sophisticated than what he had been able to do. As I say, he previously couldn't knock over a liquor store in Missouri without getting apprehended, and yet he was able to elude an international manhunt, in which among other things, he used fake id using the names of real people who were deceased, all of whom lived within a short distance of each other in Canadian cities and who bore a physical resemblance to James Earl Ray. That is a very sophisticated technique usually used by intelligence agencies alone because they are the only ones that have the resources, or somebody with considerably resources. James Earl Ray utilized those techniques. That strongly suggests that he was being aided in doing that. There are other aspects, to both assassinations, that I have not covered. I am trying to give people a basic grasp of what happened with each and also relating them to the political directions being undertaken by both men and the political environment in which they existed at the time. Namely the Civil Rights movement, the anti-Vietnam-War movement, and in particular to indicate the forces that killed them and how they relate to what we face today.
  2. Also, I have been in contact with the political prisoners in the United States. There is still a large number who were put behind bars by the COINTELPRO efforts and they are still rotting in prison and, you know, there is dire action needed on the public's part to try to help them get out and receive justice. So if anyone wants any information on that, they can contact me.
  3. Alrighty. Thanks for your contribution.
  4. Okay. I've got a couple of, I want your opinion on a couple of things. Recently, on the line of assassinations, the CIA killings in the morning, the people going to work in the CIA, gunned down by a supposedly Pakistani with an AK-47. Also, the day before the trials beginning in Los Angeles, two police officers were shot, apparently in the head, before they could take their weapons out, smacks of some type of assassination, and also, in the paper there has been reported a theft of a large number of handguns from Los Angeles, attributed probably to gangs, but I think it amounted to like 5000 handguns turned up missing in Los Angeles.
  5. That's a lot of guns. It may be the city of Angels if those things get, would be used.
  6. It all smacks of some type of indication of some provocation on whoever's part. If you know anything about that, any comments.
  7. No, I am aware of all the things you talk about except not the handguns missing. That I have not come across. Now I think there are a lot of things we have to watch out for. You can't say for sure, yes, this is part of a program of provocation. At the same time, though, the things you have talked about are symptomatic of a program of provocation and there are some pretty firm historical indications, not only that the LAPD, or elements thereof, have worked with the intelligence community in the past on provocations and specifically vis-a-vis the Afro-American community in Los Angeles. But, there are some very serious questions about the rioting in Los Angeles. In weeks to come, I am going to be talking about that history and in particular the disclosures or at least statements made by a guy named Frederick Salani (sp), who was the defense counsel for Damion Williams, who has been on trial now in the Denny beating case, and Salani claims, I don't know how accurate his claims are, he claims that his organization, it was something like the Center for Constitutional Law, or something, I have forgotten its name off the top of my head, but that it was basically an intelligence front that Damion Williams' confession was obtained by drugging him and getting him to confess and also Salani claimed that the rioting in Los Angeles was started by government agents, which some eyewitnesses have stated, in fact. I warned, in a live talk on KPFK, there's a guy at KPFK, the Pacifica station in Los Angeles, who airs my program on late night during the week and I do a live talk down there via phone hookup the first Wednesday of each month, and when the officers were indicted, I warned about the possibility of a generated disturbance because the LAPD does have a history of doing that kind of thing. With the tensions in the community down there as ripe as they were for that kind of explosion, I've just felt that the situation was ripe for exploitation and it would have worked very nicely to the benefit of George Bush and also could have been used as the pretext for beginning to establish martial law. And then eventually, courtesy of Harry Martin, who first revealed the information on "One Step Beyond", I now have it confirmed from two published sources. One of them, by the way, an article in the January, 1993 issue of The Atlantic, the orders issued to the military and to the National Guard in the Los Angeles disturbances were marked "Garden Plot" and it was operation "Garden Plot/Cable Splicer" which in the 1960s and '70s provided for the coordination of the military, the civilian and military intelligencies, and state and local law enforcement to combat both the antiwar movement and the civil rights and black power movement, and it was while working on operation "Cable Splicer and Garden Plot" that Lewis Euphreda (sp) and Frank Salcedo (sp), then working for the California Specialized Training Institute in San Luis Obispo, developed the contingency plans which became the seed for the Rex '84 Operation Night Train Martial Law Contingency Plan. And that was based on a contingency plan to round up upwards of twenty million black Americans and put them in "detention centers" in the event of a disturbance by "black militants", which LAPD intelligence community were perfectly capable of producing, so I do think we have to be very careful about another explosion in Los Angeles and it would not surprise me if the authorities would like to trigger something like that. I see a lot of very dangerous signs in connection with what is happening with Bill Clinton. The authorities in this country don't like him and I think some fairly direct signals are being sent to Clinton that if he doesn't basically stay the course vis-a-vis national security matters, then he could be disposed of. I was very disturbed by the bombing yesterday in New York and there are a number of other things that I think bode very poorly for the future so I share your concern and I think it is important that you noted those things. And certainly, police with two officers having been killed, there is nothing that sets off a cop like another cop getting killed, which I can understand. I have some friends in law enforcement and it is an embattlement almost like being in the military. It is very much an "us and them" mentality and when another officer gets killed, there is nothing that sets off police sentiments, and there is also a very strong white-supremacist presence in the LAPD. A lot of Nazi and Klan organizations penetrated LAPD and there are elements of the LAPD that work with the intelligence community, so we've got to be careful and I don't know if we can...inaudible....
  8. Inaudible.....
  9. Yeah, there are a number of things that I am going to be discussing in weeks to come. I would note also that the attorney general, well let's just say the justice department, which under George Bush, was headed up by William Barr (sp), a "ex" CIA operative who had left the CIA in early '77 when Jimmy Carter was conducting a house cleaning with, among others, George Bush, he headed up the justice department and the justice department released a prosecution memo to the officers defense counsel, which is strange behavior. I would also note that William Barr, after retiring from Justice went to work for the law firm representing Earl Bryan (sp), one of the people implicated by many in both October Surprise and the Inslaw case, so a strange situation.
  10. Yeah, I was wondering if you could comment on the programming you mentioned Purdy, the programming techniques used for setting up patsies like Oswald and the way that they coincided with, say, the setting up of Van de Lubo (sp) with the Reichstag and how that pertains to the Nazi intelligence agencies being absorbed into the CIA after World War II.
  11. Yeah, as far as actual mind control, that has been developed by a number of intelligence services and it was under development during World War II by others. It's never been clear whether Lee Harvey Oswald was programmed in any way. He didn't kill president Kennedy. There have been allegations that he was programmed. I cannot either confirm those or deny them. There is some discussion of that in Radio Free America #5. Patrick Edward Purdy, on the other hand, does appear to have been programmed. We can't say for sure, but the circumstances surrounding his activities before and immediately prior to, just before the shooting, suggest he may have been a mind control patsy. He did too much travelling and bought too many things for the resources available to him and he looks to me like he probably was. With regard to the incorporation of much of The Third Reich's intelligence system into this country at the end of the war, that helps to promote the use by the U.S. of what I would call the Scorzani (sp) methodology in which a small incident involving a relatively small number of people can be manipulated strategically to produce a result that normally would have been achievable only with a commitment of a large number of resources. Yesterday's bombing, for example, at the World Trade Center, whatever it turns out to be, I suspect that it was a provocation, and I suspect elements associated with the Eustaze (sp) as having been involved. But if you look at the actual number of people that were involved, it was relatively small, what, five, maybe seven people were killed and a couple of hundred injured, and yet that incident has absolutely transfixed the attention of this entire country and yet it really only involved a small number of people. That is in Radio Free America #22, which I recently replayed by way of providing some background material to RFA #38 that I am doing now. The Scorzani methodology, the influence of SS Colonel Otto Scorzani on the development of world terrorism, both in terms of methodology and in terms of operational connections was discussed and in my opinion, the archetypal incident, the seminal incident for generating the methodology of modern terrorism was the capture of Miki Horte (sp) during the closing stages of World War II. Miki Horte was the playboy son of Hungarian head-of-state Admiral Nicholas Horte. Hungary was one of Germany's wartime allies and was the last of Germany's allies to desert it, other than Japan, and the Horte government was conducting secret negotiations with the Soviet Union and basically the Hungarian troops were getting sick and tired of being chewed-up and they wanted to switch sides and then turn against the Nazis. This obviously would have collapsed the Nazi front, the Third Reich front. So what Scorzani did was, he kidnapped Admiral Horte's son and held him for ransom, and only when Horte broke off negotiations with the Soviets was Miki Horte released. Only a very small number of people were involved as combatants. A few Hungarians and a few Nazis were killed and the kidnapped son was held and ultimately released and through this one incident, though, Scorzani was able to keep Hungary in the war on Germany's side to the very end, until Soviet troops completely overran the country. That in many ways was the seminal incident, the methodological archetype for modern terrorism where we see a relatively small number of individuals being killed or kidnapped or whatever and yet the attentions of an entire nation or the entire world can be transfixed by such an incident, yet the actual number of people involved and the commitment of resources was relatively modest for a relatively large effect.
  12. Very briefly, yesterday on the Larry King show, Jimmy Breslin of New York City said that it was foreigners and that it was terrorism. Now, just for the record because you've said something about the Eustase, I would like you to kind of clarify, which I suspect, that you would agree that it's very hard to distinguish the Eustase from the CIA from a number of other organizations, so, when you say that, make real clear to all of us that it is not necessarily foreigners and what it might appear to be, some kind of terrorism from abroad.
  13. Well, that is why I said that in my opinion it was a provocation. The Eustase have worked in conjunction with U.S. intelligence. I talked about that in Radio Free America #36 and touched on it again in #37. I've talked about it in Radio Free America show #15 and I am going to be coming back to it, not only in conjunction with discussion about the World Trade Center bombing which initially Croatian extremists took credit for but also eventually the assassination of Olaf Palme which may very well have been connected to a number of things Palme was doing in opposition to U.S. national security policy, including closing down all of the Iran-Contra Arms pipelines. So, I think your comment is well taken in that one should not use that incident like that to become xenophobic. The Eustase are able to operate in this country and on behalf of this country only because they do so with official sanction. One of the keys, vis-a-vis the media handling of the World Trade Center bombing has been the statements by "terrorist experts" about how easy something like this is to do. "Why anybody can just pack a car up with explosives and drive it in and park it". Yes, it is real easy to do that but it is not easy to know how to hook up plastic explosive. The percentage of our population that knows how to rig up a successful car bomb is relatively small and access to C4 or any plastic explosive is really difficult. You might be able to get your hands on a stash of C4, but right after you have taken possession of it, either ATF or FBI or somebody else is going to swoop down and pick you up. From what I know from my own contacts, journalistic and professionals in the intelligence community, it is really difficult to get hold of plastic explosives. The government monitors that sort of thing very carefully. You don't just get hold of a carload of plastic explosive. It is not like bathroom caulking, it's different.
  14. I want to know if you thing it is possible or likely that the current U.S. military operation in Somalia was developed or conceived as possibly a readiness exercise in anticipation of future riots in the urban ghetto, especially in the wake of the riots in L.A.
  15. Well, one of the things that I've emphasized over the years, and I will reiterate it again is that when our national security establishment decides to move in any given direction, they do so when to make that move will satisfy a number of different strategic considerations at different levels. Now with regard to Somalia, I think there is a distinct possibility that that may be a preconceived covert operation. Certainly it is in a strategic part of the world and whatever the political makeup opposed U.S occupation in Somalia, that occupation is going to have a great deal to do with determining what happens. You have a country where starvation is rampant, the people that are going to survive are the people who have access to the food and we are now in a position to determine that. It is a matter of public record that we helped to arm many of the warlords. According to a professional contact in the intelligence community, we've controlled all of those warlords. U.S. intelligence has controlled all of those bastards for a long time. I don't present that as objective fact, that comes from someone who was very reliable in the past and he said flat out when I asked him, he said "look, we have controlled all those guys all along." And it is a matter of public record, in fact I discussed it in Radio Free America #20 and came back to it in #25, that the Siadberre (sp) government was armed in part by the U.S. intelligence community, utilizing in part, the Stebom (sp) arms-for drugs ring which figures in Iran-Contra and in shooting the pope and a number of other things. Now, we know that the current U.S. ambassador to Somalia is Robert Oakley, who was one of the state department collaborators with Oliver North in the Contra support effort. I talked about, last week, the infrastructures that grew out of the vice-president's task force on counter-terrorism. Oakley is one of the main operatives of that group. We also know that much of the "missionary" work that is being done in Somalia is being done by World Vision and that World Vision has served as a vehicle for U.S. intelligence activities in the past both in Central America and Southeast Asia. Whether or not it is doing so in Somalia is anybody's guess, however, certainly a possibility that I think has to be seriously considered, I would also note that U.S. oil companies have secured the rights to what are apparently considerable petroleum reserves in Somalia and that in fact, I believe that one of Conoco's buildings has actually served as the operational headquarters for coordinating the U.S. military effort there. And I would also note, too, that as you pointed out, first of all it should be stated that the Somalia mission is tremendous PR for the military which now has to justify its large budgets in the post-cold war period and to present itself as a world-peace keeper and civic organization and in fact this is tremendous PR for the post-cold war military. I would also note that enlistments soared as a result of the Somalia mission. But, hell, you're a young dude, what do you want to do, you want to join the military, see the world, you want to have all kinds of people hail you as some sort of saviour. It is a 19-year-old male's fantasy to be seen as a knight in shining armor. It's great. It's also doing really nicely in helping to forestall post-cold war budget cuts for the military. I would also note that it is, as you very perceptively pointed out, whether or not it was intended this way, to give the military practice in helping to keep in line civilian population. And also, I would note whether or not there is any connection, I have noted a similarity in the way the Somalia situation has been portrayed in the media and the way the situation in many or our inner cities is being portrayed. In other words, there was a lot of publicity about this drug called khat which apparently is a narcotic that is widely used in Somalia and khat is being blamed for much of the country's problems and apparently the flow of this drug is being regulated in part by the warlords that are also in control of things. And I have noted a similarity in the portrayal of the warlords khat-crazed, khat-dealing, warlords, armed to the teeth, these gangs of rowdy, radical, uncontrollable people, basically a sort of anarchy, an armed, drug-crazed anarchy that prevails in Somalia and of the media handling of much of the inner-city areas too, where crack cocaine-crazed, you know, armed to the teeth, gangs are portrayed as being in possession of our inner cities and I can see very easily how in the minds of the average "cracker" American, a connection could be made between what we are doing in Somalia and "by God, what we got to do there in Los Angeles, get troops in there, kick a little ass and teach them niggers a lesson they are never going to forget". I am not trying to offend anybody, but let's face it, a lot of people in this country think that way and I can very easily see Joe and Jane SixPack making that sort of an equation by watching what is going on in Somalia. "By God, we handle the niggers over there, we will handle the niggers here too". Seriously, that is the way a lot of people in this country think.
  16. As we sit there and watch all this stuff roll out before our eyes, if you could look into your picture of it, where do you think we go from here and what is it going to look like in the next six years?
  17. It is going to get worse, I think, much worse. You know, as far as where we are going now, I am afraid that the Clinton administration is simply a hiatus, it's a respite. I think Clinton is already being handed signs of destabilization and unless people recognize the lessons of history, he is going to be destabilized. I seriously wonder about what sorts of signals might be being sent behind the scenes to Clinton. I mean, here, the area that the Secret Service used to store its vehicles has just been utilized to plant a major bomb. Who knows what was behind that. I've noted too, and I have more questions than answers about a lot of things, but I noted that in the 1980s, there was a lot of discussion about a proposal about gene splicing, an experiment in which e-coli, the bacterium that is implicated in this food poisoning in the Jack-inthe -Box restaurant, there was a genetic engineering experiment in which the gene which produced diphtheria toxin was going to be introduced into e-coli. There was a tremendous uproar over this because e-coli is the most omnipresent microorganism in the world. Every human, in fact virtually every mammal has large, copious quantities of e-coli in their intestines. It is all throughout the sewer system and if a genetically engineered variation of e-coli, featuring the diphtheria genes were unleashed into the population, this could produce havoc. There may be no connection whatsoever, but I noted that recently in this Jack-in-the-Box poisoning with ecoli that was implicated. And I noted that whatever this was, it was different than the usual food poisoning. I have worked in the restaurant as a manager, a cook, a waiter, and food poisoning isn't contagious and some of these kids contracted this disease from other people who had eaten at the restaurants. And just stop and think for a minute what well-known political figure generates a lot of publicity in recent weeks over his trips to fast food restaurants. I wonder whether they may be sending a message to Bill Clinton. I note that in the summer of 1979, Jimmy Carter was considering a complete revamp of his administration and a complete readjustment of his policy and he made some public statements to the effect that he thought there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of president Kennedy.

One thing I really noted, it got very little publicity, but he said "We are going to have to go all the way back to the assassination of president Kennedy to get this country right." That was an extraordinary thing for a seated president to say. No sooner was Jimmy Carter doing that than in May, it actually began before the summer of 1979, but on a trip to Los Angeles there was an aborted attempt on Jimmy Carter's life. Two gunmen that had come up from Mexico, named Ray Lee Harvey and Oswaldo Ortiz, in other words, Ray as in James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey as in Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswaldo Ortiz were arrested for stalking Jimmy Carter with a rifle. They just seem to have disappeared. There was no follow-up on the prosecution or anything like that. I suspect that a message was being sent to Jimmy Carter, and I wonder, and I am not saying this is the case, but among the questions I have, I never..the e-coli outbreak at Jack-in-the-Box. I just wonder if Bill Clinton might be getting told something today. "Listen Bill, you know, lot of kids eat at fast-food restaurants and if you don't want anything to happen to Chelsea, you know, or something to happen to Hillary, or something to happen to you, you better shape up. And it may be that all he has to do is avoid prosecuting the numerous scandals or avoid investigation of numerous scandals. But I am concerned about what I see. I also look at the juxtaposition of articles in the newspaper talking about Bill Clinton as the next Jimmy Carter. One Sunday edition of the Mercury, there was a big article talking about already it looks like Clinton is going to be the next Jimmy Carter, which is what I said, by the way, the week after Clinton got elected. Somebody accused me of fatalism, but right next to that, the Secret Service is really worried about how folksy Bill Clinton is and how he is really exposing himself to assassination by another one of our lone nuts. The two were juxtaposed. I didn't like the juxtaposition of those articles. Again, I am not saying this is, these are not statements I am making, they are questions I am asking. There are an awful lot of weird things happening and I wonder about the shooting at CIA headquarters. I wonder whether messages are being sent to Bill Clinton. Who the hell knows what he gets told late at night. A White House phone rings and someone says "Listen, Billy Baby, you see that shooting down at CIA headquarters?, well, a lot of shooting is going to happen at a lot of headquarters. You just stay the course, you don't look into this Iran-Contra, or Inslaw, or any of this other things too closely, or by God, you know, you are going to have an eternal flame at Arlington Cemetery yourself bucko, so watch your step." I noted, whether there is any connection or not, you know Bill Clinton visited, had actually met JFK when he was a youngster and he visited Kennedy's grave, the eternal flame, and knelt in silent prayer. I don't know if anybody noted what he brought to the grave site (a white rose). George Bush's intelligence nickname was "The White Rose" and Clinton delivered a white rose to the grave of John F. Kennedy. I don't know, it might have been just coincidence, there are coincidences. It may have been somebody was making a statement. It may be that Clinton had no idea but one of his intelligence people said, "Hey Bill, why don't you bring this to Kennedy's grave" knowing that it had a larger significance. May be complete BS, but again those are the things I wonder about, because I am convinced at this point there is a whole stratum of communication which the general public doesn't see. You know, these people talk to each other and I strongly suspect that Bill Clinton has had some cold water splashed in his face and this may be a component of communication. On the other hand, it may not be, it may be just coincidence.

Q: I am 36 years old now and I grew up right here in this town, I served in the Vietnam war in the Marine Corps. My father was a Navy officer and I look back at all the things that have happened in the last 25 years and I wonder what the real motivations were and I actually think it goes before Kennedy. So could you possibly address what you thing the motivations, the real motivations are for this. What has happened to us in the last 25 years. There has to be more to it than just greed and killing and money and power. I thing there is a bigger picture there.

  1. Well, in terms of answering your question, I can't give you a quick answer in the course of the discussion this evening because really the answer to that question is the substance of my whole life's work and in turn I have incorporated the research of an awful lot of other people over the decades and attempted to display the spectrum of antifascist research. I am an antifascist researcher. The best that I could do for you would be to refer you to Radio Free America #37. Hardly a short answer, but that particular effort, which to date I consider my best piece of work and most important piece of work, really goes to explain the flow of history in the 20th century. That work is already making some waves in a number of different quarters. But the overall explanation is not a short one or a brief one. It is something that I have tried to portray in the other archive shows. In the next few weeks, I am going to be doing a program which is specifically going to be intended as an introduction or an epilogue to Radio Free America #37, in which I am going to explain some of the premises that I am operating on and I hope that will answer your question. But what I am going to be doing as the main element of that is to read the speech that Adolph Hitler gave before the Industry Club of Dusseldorf in 1931. It was that speech that won many of Germany's top industrialists over to Hitler's side. There were a number of reactionary political parties in Weimar Germany. The Nazi party became, ultimately, the choice of the industrialists for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones was that Hitler's speech before the Industry Club of Dusseldorf won them over, and to make a long story short, that speech basically maintained that democracy was inherently subversive and equated democracy with communism because, according to Hitler, if you allowed people political freedom, political democracy, they would use that to effect a redistribution of wealth, which Hitler said was counterevolutionary, not counterrevolutionary, but counter-evolutionary, because, as Hitler put it, those who enjoy superior positions in society, wealthy industrialists and financiers, enjoy those positions because they are themselves superior and they have used their superior abilities to gain a superior position in society and that is a just situation. Sort of social Darwinism. He maintained it was subversive to allow democracy because if you allow democracy to people, they will use their political democracy to effect a redistribution of wealth and that is counter-evolutionary because it allows inferior people to gain a superior position in society and, of course, the top industrialists and financiers ate that up. That was just what they wanted to hear. That is as close as I could come to giving you an answer to your question. Yeah, it really is about greed and money and power.
  2. I hope to hear more from you on Majestic 12 in the future.
  3. We are going to be moving in that direction. That is a UFO disinformation group and we are going to be talking about the whole UFO question as it relates to a lot of these things. Political and sociological implications of the UFO phenomenon and the ET myth in weeks to come.
  4. I take it that you think that "they" are fascist elements and that they have garnered enough power to be able to call the president of the United States at night and threaten him?
  5. This is one of the questions that I have. I suspect, yes. I am convinced that they do send messages. How explicit this is, I can only guess. In other words, I wonder. The statements that I made, I want to make very clear, as I went into the discussion of the White Rose, etc., those things, yes I wonder what goes on outside of the public viewpoint, you know, when someone like Bill Clinton, who really was out of the loop, so to speak, even though some of the Contra support operation did happen in Arkansas on his watch, he is clearly not a national security insider ala George Bush. When you get a guy like that or a guy like Jimmy Carter, and Clinton had been backed by the same faction of the national security establishment that Carter was backed by, but it does not appear to be a controlling faction. Although one which has sufficient power to frustrate some of the designs of the dominant elements, which are exclusively fascist. It is a question I have again, the facts, you know, where Jimmy Carter says we better go back to the assassination of president Kennedy and then two lone nuts named Ray Lee Harvey and Oswald Ortiz show up and the thing that struck me as so unusual about that was that that case disappeared from the news. I do not know what happened to those guys, and nobody I know knows what happened to those guys. It was a big story one or two days and then that was it. I wonder whether Carter was being told "listen you stupid jerk, you want to go back to the assassination of president Kennedy, we will take you back, Cracker, we will take you all the way back".
  6. I am just curious because I am a new listener to your radio program and this is the first of your public appearances that I have been at and if there is such a clear connection between the assassination of Kennedy and Martin and Malcolm (and Robert Kennedy and the shooting of George Wallace), then there has to be an equally clear group. If those incidences are interrelated and interconnected, there must be one source you are tracing this back to and so you are saying that there is a fascist element.
  7. Yes, and a dominant one at this point. That is why I talked about the parallels between what happened in Germany and Japan with the assassination programs of the Black Reichfere and the Patriotic Societies and compared that to the assassinations in the United States.
  8. Just a reminder to people, it seems like every time a really top-notch black person stands up and become a national figure, they get undercut. I would remind people that it is not just Malcolm X and it isn't, you know, Martin Luther King. We are talking about Barbara Jordan. Something happened to her and I would sure like to know what it was. You know, she is not dead, but she is out of the picture.
  9. She was very against Robert Bork when he was being nominated to be Chief Justice.
  10. Barbara Jordan was absolutely brilliant and she had all the makings of being a really significant world leader and now she doesn't because of this incident that happened in the swimming pool, we don't know what it was. In addition to that, Harold Washington, something happened to him, something like Phil Burton. You know, we are talking about, I think, a real plan to make sure that there are no black leaders and, you know, we need to be aware that every time they stand up, they get undercut or killed or something happens.
  11. Yes, and not just black leaders, but progressive leaders of all types. In the beginning of the discussion this evening, I talked about the ones that had been shot to death. There are many other very curious deaths. Vernon Jordan, a member of Clinton's transition team, left from his position as head of the Urban League after being shot and critically wounded by a white supremacist. His predecessor, Whitney Young drowned while on a trip to Africa. There are a lot of very questionable deaths, ones we cannot say "yes, ipso facto, this is an assassination", but about which that question should be asked. I have a lot of questions about the death of Mickey Leland, the congressman from Texas, who had been very active on behalf of famine relief in Africa, which did not sit too well with some elements of our national security establishment. Even more importantly, Mickey Leland was chairman of the House Postal Oversight committee and had been very vocal in protest over the awarding of the contract to fly the Express Mail to Evergreen Airlines, which is a CIA-connected airline which bought out Intermountain Aviation, a CIA-Air proprietary. They were awarded the contract to fly the Express Mail despite the fact that they were not low bidder on the contract. Mickey Leland was outraged by this and was calling for a congressional investigation of how this happened. Unfortunately, that investigation never took place because Mickey Leland himself was express mailed over Ethiopia and died in the crash of a private plane there. Incidentally, Mickey Leland's death and disappearance were used to conduct the largest out-of-country search operation that the U.S. military air wings have ever been engaged in. At the time, whether or not there is a connection, at the time, Ethiopia was a Marxist country and obviously as such a target of U.S. covert operations. Again, bear in mind that when our national security establishment decides to move in any given direction, they do so when to move in that direction will scratch a number of different itches at different levels, simultaneously.

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