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("Quid coniuratio est?")

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AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You by Lorraine Day, M.D.
(Part 2)

Dr. Day promises to "avoid jargon and excessive footnotes" and to write "in language a lay person can understand". For that, this reader is grateful. I have found that many "experts" speak a language akin to throwing magic dust, rattling magic bones, and muttering incantations. It is as if they are afraid to let the public in on what exactly is going on. It is as if they are afraid of full disclosure. One wonders why that would be.

Indeed, in a larger vein, Dr. Day herself complains about what she terms "AIDSpeak". This is a sort of politically correct attitude one must have in regards to AIDS. Never mind whether or not it's true, we must be sensitive. Being sensitive has become more important than the truth.

Dr. Day dared to say, "But gee. The emperor has no clothes." For that she was subjected to a calculated smear campaign by a shadowy group that has determined the "correct" way to deal with AIDS; the "correct" way to think about AIDS.

Among the heresies that Dr. Day dared utter which so infuriated a certain clique now holding a stranglehold on what is being allowed into the discourse, we have the following:

*** HIV infection in homosexual men at high risk may occur at least 35 months before antibodies can be detected.

*** Tests of surgical gloves don't detect holes smaller than 10 microns in diameter, which would allow AIDS and other viruses to come into contact with the skin.

*** The AIDS virus may actually be able to enter the body through skin contact.

*** The AIDS virus can survive on a dry surface for as long as seven days.

*** The AIDS virus survives freezing.

*** The AIDS virus can transmit through saliva.

*** The AIDS virus can transmit through oral sex.

*** The AIDS virus has been found and judged infective on needles in amounts so minute that they looked like "clean" needles.

I have often said that the vastness of the hidden corruption in this society absolutely boggles the mind. Dr. Day seems to have experienced a similar revelation. Because of our refusal to face the truth, because of the LIES with which we are surrounded, because we are like fish swimming through an ocean of lies yet denying that there is such a thing as water, "...the pit we dug ourselves is deepening and what will tumble in, the mind refuses to believe."

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