Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 90

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Special thanks to Charles Lewton ( for transcribing the following lecture by Dave Emory.



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In the first place, one of the major intelligence connections to Jonestown concerns the Layton family, and if I seem to be getting a little bit far afield, I am going to be tying Jonestown and the People's Temple massacre in Guiana with circumstances surrounding the investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King, so bear with me for a short period of time.

Now, one of the main connections we want to know vis-a-vis Jonestown, is the Layton family. Now the Layton family were inextricably linked with the People's Temple. In the first place, Dr. Lawrence Layton, Sr. was one of the main financial contributors to Jonestown and Dr. Lawrence Layton, Sr. had previously been in charge of research and development for the United States Army's Dugway proving ground, one of the top chemical and biological warfare research centers for the United States Army. He had also held a key position in the U.S. Navy's rocketry fuel development program in Maryland and the family itself was very prominent, a prominent southern family who had had ancestors fighting for the Confederate Army and the Layton family had a number of interesting connections to the national security establishment. The most interesting being Lawrence Layton, Sr.

Now Lawrence Layton, Sr. had a number of children. Lawrence Layton, Jr. was one of them and it was Larry Layton, Jr. who led the firing squad which executed Representative Leo Ryan and others. Congressman Leo Ryan and a number of other people at the Port Kituma (sp) airstrip in Guiana. His sister was named Debra Layton Blakey (sp) and she was married to a fellow named George Phillip Blakey. George Phillip Blakey had been the individual who placed the down payment on the property in Guiana which was purchased by Jim Jones and the People's Temple. He had previously been a contract agent for the Central Intelligence Agency in Angola where the CIA was conducting a massive covert operation and the evidence suggests that among the purposes of Jonestown was the training of black Brazilian mercenaries to fight for the CIA in Angola.

Brazil has a large black population, Portuguese is the native tongue of Brazil as it is in Angola. Both of them were formerly Portuguese colonies. A large number of black mercenaries were trained for the Angolan operation. Jonestown and George Phillip Blakey appear to have been two of the main connections involved with that training.

The CIA chief-of-mission, a fellow named Richard Dwyer was present at the massacre at Jonestown. In fact, Jim Jones can be heard on a tape shouting "get Dwyer out of here, get Dwyer out of here". Again the Dwyer that Jim Jones was referring to as the massacre was occurring was Richard Dwyer, CIA chief-of-station for Guiana. By the way, it should be noted that the People's Temple members at Jonestown had been very active on behalf of president Forbes Burnham (sp) of Guiana, or perhaps it is prime minister, I am not sure which. Anyway, Forbes Burnham was the head of state of Guiana and was a CIA protege, quite openly. The People's Temple worked on behalf of Forbes Burnham in Guiana. It is also believed by many and I subscribe to this viewpoint, that among the motivations for the establishment of Jonestown was that Jonestown was being used as an extension of the CIA's mind-control programs that I discussed in Radio Free America shows five, six, and seven, as well as several miscellaneous archive shows. The people at the Jonestown site had a huge and very sophisticated hospital, at least for such a small community and the people there were given a medical examination every day. Large numbers of psychiatric drugs were found at the Jonestown site and if you look at photographs that came out of the People's Temple massacre, supposedly it was a mass suicide, but Dr. Moto (sp), the chief medical examiner who oversaw the investigation, Dr. Moto has testified that most of the people were killed either by injection or by gunshot. They were murdered, they did not commit suicide. If you look at the photographs at the massacre site, not only will you find that most of the bodies are face down. Whereas people are dying of cyanide poisoning, they are going to die under more or less random positions. Some are going to be face up, some face down, some on their side. The vast majority of them, not all of them, but the vast majority of them are face down. Beyond that, you will find that most of the ones that are visible in the clear photographs have identification tags either around their wrists or ankle or both, similar to the id tags that are used to identify patients in hospitals. I would also note that the military commander of the U.S. troops that were involved in investigating or getting the bodies out of Jonestown, he has testified that he was called by Robert Pastor, who was Zbigniew Bryzinski's (sp) top aide on the National Security Council and was ordered directly to stop identifying the bodies at Jonestown and that is a very unusual thing, particularly when taken in light of the other activities at the People's Temple.

I would note too, that Leo Ryan, who was killed at Jonestown when he went down to investigate the People's Temple, Leo Ryan had been coauthor of the Hughes-Ryan amendment which obliged the CIA to give congress prior notification of covert operations, something the CIA was not particularly crazy about. One of the most interesting aspects of Jonestown concerns the bodies themselves and the number of people that were found there.

Initially, the news reports described the People's Temple encampment at Jonestown as having 1100 people. There were references to 1100 American passports that belonged to people who went down to Jonestown. Then after the massacre, the number 900 began to get kicked around, 200 suddenly dropped off. It is the opinion of many that those 200 were the elite guard that surrounded Jim Jones. Although the People's Temple was overwhelmingly black, all of Jones top lieutenants, between 120 and 200 of them, were almost all white. Not exclusively, but almost all of them. It is the opinion of many that have studied the Jonestown situation critically that the People's Temple leadership, the all-white leadership of this predominantly black organization were the passports that immediately dropped from view when news of the massacre first hit the American media.

I would encourage people that are sceptical about some of the things I am saying to go back to the newspaper accounts at the time. The People's Temple massacre happened on November 18th, 1978. That was a Saturday night and for some four or five days the American newspapers, such as the New York Times, our newspaper of record, all the major dailies were saying that the authorities in Guiana could account for 400 bodies and there was widespread speculation about what had happened to the other 500 bodies. Now, again, initially there was a description of 1100 passports for passage to Jonestown. That dropped by 200 and for four or five days, the media were engaging in speculation about where the other 500 people were. After some four or five days, and the military commander at Jonestown has testified that he was ordered to stop identifying the bodies at Jonestown, after four or five days the media suddenly accepted the official version which was that they had figured out where the missing 500 bodies were. They were really under the other 400 the whole time, they just hadn't been noticed. You know, it sounds funny, but this is the actual official explanation: After four or five days of turning bodies over, they said "Oh, here are those other 500 bodies we couldn't find, they were under the first 400 all along, we just didn't notice". This is the actual official explanation, of course. The problem is people don't pay much attention to public news events in this country. Roughly three percent of the American people read newspapers, 15% of the American people read books, 97% of the American now list the television as their primary information source and interestingly enough, the American people read an average of one book per person per lifetime. That is an average. So, the absurd, no it is true, it is kind of depressing, too. Which means you have got somebody like myself who has read hundreds of books, that averages out to an awful lot of dumbkopfs who haven't read any because it is an average of one book per person per lifetime in the United States and that's not too good. All you see on television is an image, you get an image. Reading permits the simultaneous integration of concepts and I think it is a sad thing that we have turned away from the printed word and one of the things that I try to do on my broadcasts is to perhaps forge an effective synthesis between the electronic media and the printed word. But, suffice it to say that is the version of Jonestown that has gone down in history, namely that the other 500 bodies, no mention about the other 200 who just disappeared, they were under the first 400 all along, but "we just didn't notice". And again, go back and look at the pictures of the People's Temple massacre site where you can damn bloody-well see that there aren't some 500 bodies under the other 400. It is quite evident that this was not the case.

People have speculated, and again we do not have the definitive answer, people have speculated that what was going on was that a lot of people had run away from the massacre site and were being hunted down, killed, and brought back to the site. We will never know for sure, but it is a cinch that the other 500 bodies were not just hidden under the first 400 for four or five days.

Now interestingly enough, it was reported that there was a death squad associated with the People's Temple, that the people who had been enemies of the People's Temple would be disposed of by a People's Temple death squad which had been put together and survived the massacre. It should also be noted that a number of People's Temple dissidents, disaffected members, died under strange circumstances, automobile accidents, etc., prior to the move down to Guiana. It should be noted that although there has always been an official disclaimer that a People's Temple death squad existed, there are some interesting pieces of information that perhaps that analysis was premature. The first person on the People's Temple death list, the first individual to be disposed of, by the People's Temple was mayor George Mosconi of San Francisco, who was shot to death nine days after the People's Temple massacre. George Mosconi's campaign in San Francisco had been liberally aided by People's Temple members. Jim Jones had been named by George Mosconi as head of the San Francisco Housing Authority and it should be noted that Harvey Milk also had his campaign liberally assisted by the People's Temple. Harvey Milk was also disposed of, obviously, by Dan White, who many feel may have been a programmed assassin. I personally subscribe to that theory and we can talk about Dan White if you like during the question and answer session, but again, despite official denials of the existence of a People's Temple death squad, the first individual on the People's Temple hit list, was shot dead nine days after the massacre. Number Two on the People's Temple hit list was a woman named Jeannie Mills, who along with her husband, Al Mills, wrote a book, she was a former People's Temple aide who wrote a book called My Six Years With God, which was fiercely critical of the People's Temple. And Jim Jones had placed her name right behind that of George Mosconi on the People's Temple hit list.

In the summer of 1979, some nine or ten months after the Jonestown massacre, Jeannie Mills, her husband Al, and her daughter were found shot to death in their Berkeley home. The police were seen carrying a bullet-riddled door out of the home. Their son, who was watching television in another room, never even heard any shots, suggesting either that he was drugged and/or perhaps that silenced weapons were utilized. Whatever the case may be, the murders of Jean and Al Mills and their daughter, I believe her name was Daphne, I am not sure, but in any case, the Mills family assassination remains unsolved to this day. Again, they were shot to gristle in Berkeley. The killing has never been solved and they were number two on the People's Temple hit list. Suffice it to say that although official disclaimers have been issued that no such hit squad existed, I think you would have a difficult time convincing George Mosconi and Jean and Al Mills of that under the circumstances. Unfortunately, you will not have the opportunity to try.

I mention all of this background concerning the People's Temple, and bear in mind too, that when the U.S. national security establishment decides to move in any given significant direction, they do so when to move in that direction will scratch a number of different itches at different strategic levels simultaneously. Now among the people who would have been at the People's Temple massacre had Liberty Lobby and People's Temple attorney Mark Lane had his way was Grace Stevens or Grace Walden, the common-law wife of Charles Q. Stevens, the career drunkard who had been plied with liquor by the FBI in order to come up with his testimony that yes, by golly, he did see James Earl Ray running down the rooming house hall from which he supposedly fired the shot that supposedly killed Martin Luther King.

Now, Mark Lane, at the time that he was serving as the People's Temple attorney, was maneuvering with Terry Buford (sp), another top Jones aide, to have Grace Stevens transferred down to Jonestown, where had she been transferred, she would have died during the massacre. At the same time that he was doing this, Mark Lane was also serving as James Earl Ray's defense counsel while the House Select Committee on Assassinations was conducting its badly compromised investigation into the assassinations of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King. That investigation was, as I have said, badly compromised. Despite that, not even this badly compromised investigation could avoid the conclusion that there was a 95% probability of a conspiracy behind both the assassinations of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and interestingly enough, one of the people that the House Select Committee on Assassinations was focussing on, a St. Louis based organized crime figure, was literally blown to bits by a car bomb shortly after the House Select Committee concluded its investigation.

Well, had Mark Lane had his way, Grace Stevens or Grace Walden, would have been present at the People's Temple massacre and would have been eliminated during the course of that massacre. Fortunately, she did not go down there, but this is as Mark Lane is serving as James Earl Ray's defense counsel, and you have got to think that if what Mark Lane was really interested in was justice for his client, James Earl Ray, then he would have been undertaking to get Grace Walden or Grace Stevens down to testify either before congress or before a court of law where her testimony could be used to exonerate his client, rather than going down to Jonestown, where she would have been exterminated in what was already known to be a very, shall we say, creative community, in which the possibility of a massacre was recognized by all parties concerned, including Mark Lane, to hear his later testimony.

Now, it should be noted too, that Mark Lane at the time that he was representing James Earl Ray and the People's Temple, was going around, particularly in the Bay Area, and giving radio interviews, notably on KGO among other institutions that the People's Temple was "a paradise on earth". That was his assessment of the People's Temple. On Friday, November 17th, 1978, as the House Select Committee on Assassinations public hearings were drawing to a close, some of the most dramatic testimony was given on the floor of congress concerning the assassination of Martin Luther King. This came from a former FBI agent, I believe operating off the top of my head, that his name was Mertagh (sp), but in any event whether or not that was his name, and I am pretty sure about that, this former FBI agent assigned at the time of Martin Luther King's assassination, to the Atlanta, Georgia FBI office, now bear in mind according to Robert Byron Watson and his legal affidavit has been endorsed by those law enforcement officials who have bothered to investigate it, according to Robert Byron Watson, the people used at the operational level to kill Martin Luther King were people from this U.S. intelligence gold and drug smuggling operation based at the Magellan Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, involving, among others, Larry McDonald, and again, this fellow Jack Youngblood, aka Herman Jackson, who appears to have [been] the "eggs and sausages" man that I spoke about earlier.

Now, Mertagh testified in the public hearings stemming out of the House Select Committee's investigation that when news came over the radio that Dr. Martin Luther King had been shot, the FBI's Atlanta office broke into cheers and a fellow agent said "they got him, they got Zorro" which was the FBI's code name for Martin Luther King. "I hope he dies, the son of a bitch". And as Mertagh said this on the floor of congress, he broke down in tears on the floor of congress. It was one of the most dramatic moments in the admittedly tepid House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation. This took place on Friday, November 17th. On Saturday, November 18th, late in the evening, the news reports began to come in about the People's Temple massacre. Whatever attention people may have been paying to the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation on Friday November 17th, when Arthur Mertagh gave the dramatic testimony concerning the cheers in the Atlanta FBI field office, oh, by the way in addition to the cheers that came out when they heard King had been shot, when he was confirmed as having died, there were more cheers and again Mertagh broke down in tears again while describing this. This was very, very dramatic testimony, but by the following Monday when the work week resumed, and when the hearings resumed, nobody was thinking about the House Select Committee's hearings. Everybody was taking a look at the horrible pictures of bodies that were coming in out of Guiana. The public hearings on the House Select Committee's investigation were totally eclipsed after the Jonestown incident happened. Beyond that, Mark Lane had been going around saying that James Earl Ray was innocent. He had also been going around saying that the People's Temple was a paradise on earth and, of course, he looked like God's own ass after that and was completely discredited, thereby discrediting by association in the minds of those who were interested, his assertion, a correct one, that James Earl Ray was demonstrably innocent under the circumstances. And, again, bear in mind that it was Mark Lane who was working to get Grace Stevens down to Jonestown at the time that he should have been getting her to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

In my opinion, a number of different itches were scratched with the Jonestown operation. First of all, mind control experiments may very well have been conducted. It was used to train mercenaries for the CIA's Angola operation. It was used to provide political support for CIA protege Forbes Burnham in Guiana. It was also used to eliminate CIA opponent Leo Ryan, another one of the people who was shot to death, another progressive political leader who was shot to death. It served to completely eclipse the House Select Committee's hearings. It completely discredited Mark Lane and by association, anyone who was claiming that James Earl Ray was innocent, and bear in mind the message too, that must have been sent to people in congress, saying "hey, folks, you are looking into some of our domestic operations, here. We don't like that and we will show you what happens if you continue these investigations".

Let's take a look at Leo Ryan. Again, Leo Ryan was coauthor of the Hughes-Ryan amendment which obliged the CIA to give congress prior notification of impending covert operations and these were some of the things which, in my opinion, were achieved as a result of the Jonestown massacre. Now, again bear in mind, that in this time period, the FBI is noted to have been operating actively against Martin Luther King. We know this for a fact. We also know this for a fact that in this same time period, the FBI was operating openly against the Nation of Islam, and Malcolm X. I see the telltale sign that it is time for me to give people a break and it is time for people to get enough rest to allow their cerebral cortices to get back into function, and to perform necessary biological functions. I see people beginning to slump in their chairs and make exits for strategic visits to wherever out back, so I think I am going to allow people to make those strategic visits and still not miss any of the lecture at this time.


Alrighty, well, suffice it to say that at the same time that Martin Luther King and the more mainstream elements of the black civil rights movement were as a matter of public record under investigation and destabilization by the intelligence services, so the more militant elements of the black civil rights movement and black power movement were also being destabilized. What happened to the Black Panthers for example, is largely a matter of public record. The Nation of Islam, popularly known as the Black Muslims, were also under infiltrations/destabilization at this same period of time. It should be noted that one of the main strategic vehicles used by the FBI in the COINTELPRO program was to infiltrate organizations and to plant agents to promote active hostility among various organizations, hopefully mortal activity and hostility that would have mortal results. There is a fellow who has become quite well known in connection with the Quanza (sp) holiday, for example, a guy named Ron Karenga (sp) in southern California, who according to many sources, was actively involved as an FBI agent and was involved in stimulating hostility between his organization called US or United Slaves, and the Black Panthers in Los Angeles. He has since become something of a guiding light in the black community, but a number of sources who have never been impeached, including former FBI informants involved with COINTELPRO, have identified Ron Karenga as one of the main operatives in COINTELPRO in southern California.

Now, the Black Muslims were as a matter of public record, under infiltration at this period of time and there were some of the same elements involved with infiltrating and destabilizing the Black Muslims or the Nation of Islam as were involved with other aspects of COINTELPRO, including the activities directed against Martin Luther King. The Division Five of the FBI, which is the internal security division, almost like a separate agency, put pressure on an organization called BOSSI to infiltrate both the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X's breakaway organization called the Organization of Afro-American Unity, we are going to talk about that organization in a minute. The institution that they utilized to do that was called BOSSI, which was the New York City organized crime or antiorganized crime and anti-red squad. They were a lot better against "reds" than they were against organized crime. What is worth noting is that the head of BOSSI at this time was a fellow named Anthony Ulazowitz (sp). Anthony Ulazowitz later emerged into the public view during the Watergate scandal when it came out that he and one of his top aides in BOSSI, a fellow named John Caulfield, had been two of the main operatives of Richard Nixon's dirty tricks operation against his political opponents. Both John Caulfield and Anthony Ulazowitz were actively involved with infiltrating both the Nation of Islam and the Organization of Afro-American Unity, on behalf of Division Five of the FBI. Incidentally, John Caulfield, his name surfaces in connection with a Warren Commission document in which he was recruited by the Warren Commission to look into the activities of the DRE in the New York area. The DRE was the Directorio Revolutionario Estudiantil that was the Students Revolutionary Directorate, as one of the anti-Castro organizations that was placed under the umbrella group, the CRC, the umbrella organization overseeing all anti-Castro Cuban activities on behalf of CIA.

And, it is worth noting that the BOSSI placed a number of agents, they were very successful at infiltrating both the Nation of Islam and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. One of the most famous pictures of Malcolm X's assassination was a picture of the fallen, in fact this appeared in Life magazine, of the fallen Malcolm X having artificial resuscitation administered by one of his bodyguards, a fellow named Gene Roberts, or Brother Gene. In fact, Brother Gene was an undercover agent for BOSSI. And it is worth noting that the activity that he was engaged in, at the time, administering artificial resuscitation, is contraindicated, no pun intended, for someone suffering a chest wound because what it does is, it puts air bubbles into the blood stream, which when they reach the heart can cause a cardiac arrest and death. So, you do not administer artificial resuscitation or CPR to someone with a chest wound, and Malcolm X had massive chest wounds. He would have died anyway, but had there been any possibility of his surviving, Brother Gene might very well have cut that short with the activities that he was supposedly was engaging in to save Malcolm X's life. It is also worth noting, that in a picture that was also taken right after the assassination, there is a curious bulge in Brother Gene's pockets and a very obvious bullet hole in his jacket. It is unclear just how he got the bullet hole in his jacket. He supposedly was one of Malcolm's bodyguards, but he did not do a very good job of protecting Malcolm X.

Now, I mentioned that Dr. King was assassinated with a year of the time in which he had switched or altered, I should say, his political activities from being "simply" a civil-rights activist to being an anti-Vietnam war activist as well. Dr. King had correctly perceived that the growing costs, both economically and politically, of the Vietnam war was detracting from the effort that the nation could put into redressing the past grievances against Afro-Americans, so he saw the Vietnam war as a major impediment, not only to civil rights for colored people in this country, people of color, but also as representing an extension of racial oppression, the kind of racial oppression that had been directed against blacks and others in this country, as representing an extension of that same racist ethic to the activities of the United States vis-a-vis people of color in other countries. This was similar in some ways to the kinds of activities that Malcolm X had begun engaging in prior to his assassination.

Malcolm X had been the top spokesperson and the most trusted lieutenant for Elijah Muhammed, the head of the Nation of Islam, popularly known as the Black Muslims. However, he had parted very sharply with Elijah Muhammed and ultimately broke completely with the Nation of Islam over a number of different things. For one thing, the Nation of Islam had historically been against political cooperation between black people and white people, in fact, it was one of the main tenets of the Nation of Islam that black people should not engage in political activities in conjunction with white people.

When Malcolm X took a tour of Africa, he was particularly impressed with his visit to South Africa in which he noted very close and successful cooperation between blacks and whites in South Africa against the apartheid regime, and this among other things lead him to some sharp revisions in his political outlook. Among the major things that Malcolm broke with Elijah Muhammed over was his decision that in fact black/white political cooperation was not only viable but in fact necessary if ultimately the liberation of people of color and ultimately of white people too, was to be achieved in the United States and elsewhere. This ran directly counter to the teachings of the Nation of Islam, which even advocated abstinence from political activity of the conventional sort by black people, having nothing to do with their involvement with white people. It is also worth noting that Malcolm X had broken with Elijah Muhammed over Elijah Muhammed's own personal ethical behavior. Elijah Muhammed advocated strict celibacy or strict moral behavior, shall we say, for all of the people in his organization and yet he had impregnated a number of his own secretaries who then bore children out of wedlock and then were then fined and otherwise censored by the organization for their alleged immoral behavior, not mentioning that the father of the children was actually Elijah Muhammed himself. This appalled Malcolm X who also took great issue, one of the main sources of the break between Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammed was something which also reflects on the infiltration of the Nation of Islam, and their use, by the FBI as a vehicle for agitation and provocation. It developed that Elijah Muhammed and the Nation of Islam was receiving large amounts of money from none other than H.L. Hunt, the right-wing Texas oil billionaire. This was covered in The Judas Factor by Karl Evanzz that I discussed at the beginning of the lecture this evening. Now, H.L. Hunt was one of the main financiers of the far right in this country. His family's name crops up in a number of different contexts in connection with the assassination of president Kennedy and it is more than a little interesting to find H.L. Hunt, who is an avowed racist, funding the Nation of Islam. It would appear, and this is speculative, but it would appear that the main motivation for H.L. Hunt's funding of the Nation of Islam, leaving aside the possibility that his funding may have supported the Division Five of the FBI's infiltration and subversion of the organization. H.L. Hunt was very vocal with his viewpoint that all African-Americans should, in fact, cease to be African-Americans and go back to Africa, a viewpoint that was also being promulgated by the Nation of Islam. It should be noted that Aryan Nations elements today have found common cause with Lewis Farakhan, the obstensible successor to Malcolm X, actually, I believe, the successor to Elijah Muhammed. We are going to talk about Farakhan later on, but both Robert Miles, a Michigan Ku Klux Klansman who was sentenced to prison for firebombing school buses in order to oppose forced busing in the state of Michigan and Tom Metzger, the director of White Aryan Resistance and a former Klan leader himself, have worked actively with Lewis Farakhan in recent years, in the 1980s.

There is an historical parallel, I think, between the functioning of the Nation of Islam and a wing of the Zionist movement in the 1930s. That is not as well known or not as well recognized by history that prior to Hitler's so-called final solution to the Jewish question, i.e., his extermination of European Jewry, there was what we might term the not-so-final solution to the "Jewish Problem" and that before the Nazis began actively liquidating the Jewish population of Europe, they actively promoted Jewish emigration to Palestine and in so doing, they found common cause with significant elements of the Zionist movement who for a time, at any rate, actively collaborated with Ahmt4B (sp) of the SS intelligence service which was in charge with all "Jewish matters". The head of Ahmt4B was Adolph Eichmann and the Zionist movement in the 1930s was seeking to promote Jewish emigration to Palestine to build up the Jewish population of Palestine. The Nazis, by the same token, were looking to make Europe Judenrhein (sp), or Jew free, and so for a period of time, they actually collaborated actively. In fact, the head of, at one point, of the Hagana (sp), the Palestinian self-defense organization and the precursor to the Mossad, was a fellow named Fivel Polkes, a Polish-born Jew, who was actually serving as an agent of the SS intelligence service, in order to promote Jewish emigration to Palestine. There also was a branch of the Zionist movement which was explicitly fascist. The Zionist, like other political movements, is by no means monolithic and in addition to more liberal elements of the Zionist movement, there was a branch of the Zionist movement which was explicitly and avowedly fascist. That movement was called the Betar, or the Betarim, and in the 1930s and '40s, there were actually pitched battles in the streets of Tel Aviv between the ranks of the Betar and socialist-Zionists. The best known graduate of the Betarim movement was Menachem Begin, who later went on to become, of course, prime minister of Israel. The leader of the Betarim was a fellow named Vladimir Yabotinski (sp), who once described Menachem Begin as "screeching like an old door", but Yabotinski had an article in the Italian Zionist publication Le Deias Unistica (sp), in which he made it very clear that the collaboration between the Betarim and Mussolini, a very active collaboration, was not merely a marriage of convenience for the Betarim, but that they ideologically supported fascism and agreed with what Mussolini was doing.

The Betarim also received military training at Mussolini's Naval Cadet School. I think that elements of the Nation of Islam and Farukhan's organization today could be compared with the more reactionary elements of the Zionist movement, who at least for a period of time, found common cause with those who ultimately advocated the extermination of world Jewry and they worked for a time together in order to promote Jewish emigration to Palestine. By the same token, even though the Aryan Nations portray black people as cannibals in black skirts with bones through their noses, cooking up missionaries in a pot and are very explicit about their viewpoint that blacks are genetically inferior to whites, yet, there was a pattern of cooperation between Elijah Muhammed's organization and people like George Lincoln Rockwell, the fuhrer of the American Nazi Party, who was an enthusiastic supporter of Elijah Muhammed and the Nation of Islam, as was H.L. Hunt, who also was an avowed racist who sought the return of all blacks to Africa. It is worth noting that George Lincoln Rockwell's name, phone number, and Arlington, Virginia address were in the address book of self-proclaimed Marxist Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of his arrest at the Texas theater in Dallas, Texas. Ultimately, of course, George Lincoln Rockwell himself as well as a fellow named Burrows, Daniel Burrows, another American Nazi, who name, address, and phone number were in Oswald's address book, Burrows supposedly committed suicide, George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated in 1967, supposedly by a rival Nazi leader who was eventually convicted of the crime. It is worth noting that he was assassinated just as Jim Garrison's investigation was gaining steam in New Orleans.

Daniel Burrows, one of the other American Nazis whose name and address were in Oswald's address book, supposedly committed suicide in 1965 at the home of Ku Klux Klansman Roy Frankhauser (sp), who later went to work as a contract agent for the CIA. It is worth noting, though, as Frankhauser put it, the alleged suicide of Daniel Burrows, "bad case of suicide, three bullets", still, that's what they said though. Again, a three bullet suicide was a very bad case of suicide, almost a bad as Danny Casalero. But, again, at this period of time, there are indications that in addition to being used as a vehicle for infiltration, elements of the racist and fascist movements in this country found common cause with the Nation of Islam because they basically sought to make America a white country and the Nation of Islam proved to be a usual tool, at least to a certain extent, in their view, in promoting this end. It is worth noting that it is a matter of public record that the infiltration of the Nation of Islam reached a very high, very successful level. The treasurer of the Nation of Islam was a fellow named John Ali, like Muhammed Ali, and it has now been established from freedom-of-information act documents and other information that John Ali was a very highly placed informant for the FBI and following the discreditation of one of Elijah Muhammed's sons as a result of a drug conviction, John Ali, for a period of time, became the most powerful member of the Nation of Islam. Incidentally, the work of John Ali for the FBI was first revealed by journalist Louis Lomax, who had done a lot of work on the assassinations of both Martin Luther King and of Malcolm X and wrote a book about both of their assassinations called To Kill a Black Man. He had won a contract to make a motion picture about the assassination of Malcolm X in which he was going to implicate the intelligence community. While he was on his way to the set, during one of the early days of shooting, the brakes on his car failed and he was killed in a one-car automobile accident and that eliminated Louis Lomax, one of a number of suspicious deaths in connection with the investigations into the assassinations of King and Malcolm X.

In addition to breaking with the Nation of Islam, in addition to breaking with the Nation of Islam over the moral conduct of Elijah Muhammed, in addition to breaking with the Nation of Islam over their prohibition of black/white political cooperation, Malcolm X had perhaps most notably drawn fire from the reactionary forces in this country and from the intelligence services in particular by actively forming political alliances with blacks and people of color in other parts of the world, specifically, Malcolm X took a tour of Africa in which he was very well received by black African leaders, and he was working on a petition with leaders of African nations to have the United States and South Africa condemned for their racist policies at the United Nations. Now this would, of course, have been a tremendous blow to the international prestige of the United States, particularly in the eyes of third world countries, and it is a matter of public record from declassified documents, that this was a source of great consternation to the State Department and to the Central Intelligence Agency. Richard Helms, director of the CIA at the time, was very concerned over the activities of Malcolm X and had instructed the CIA to do everything they could to "monitor" the activities of Malcolm X. One of the great euphemisms in intelligence parlance is the word "monitor". It could mean anything from surveillance to termination with extreme prejudice, i.e., assassination.

It is noted too, that there are indications that the word was out in the international intelligence community that Malcolm X was going to be assassinated. Malcolm X, while on a tour of Egypt, narrowly escaped death. He was poisoned, a number of white Europeans or Americans in suits, it was never established, were seen following Malcolm X around. Whenever he would stop at a restaurant, they were at the next table. He almost died of poisoning in Egypt. He somehow got something in his food and he narrowly escaped death. Later, when he wanted to visit France, he was turned away by the French authorities at Orli (sp) Airport, which was also very strange. Not only had Malcolm X had no problem getting into France previously, but France had a notably liberal attitude toward political dissidents from other countries and in fact has long been viewed by political exiles as a safe haven from oppression. So, their curious behavior in refusing to allow Malcolm X even to get off the plane. He not only was not allowed to visit France, he was not even allowed to disembark from his plane, has suggested to many observers, and I agree with this analysis, that the French, specifically the SDECE, the Service Directoire d'Espionage et Contrespionage (sp), the French intelligence service, already had word that Malcolm X was targeted, that the CIA and or FBI was going to get him and they did not want his assassination occurring on French soil, so they refused to even let him disembark.

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