Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 82

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Transcript of a talk given by officer Jack McLamb (retired) of the Phoenix Police Department.

Biographical note: Officer McLamb was one of the most highly decorated members (if not the most highly decorated) of the Phoenix Police Department. Besides many acts of heroism, officer McLamb is also the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program, a program in which police officers visit school children to help them be better acquainted with the police. Officer McLamb was disabled in the line of duty and is now retired from the Phoenix Police Department. He currently hosts a radio show which can be heard Monday through Friday, 7 pm cst, on WWCR, 5.810 mHz shortwave.


The uh, in controlling the American people by getting them to give up their Bill of Rights, they had to use a system that Dr. Stewart Crane, who's been a patriot for many years... for 30 years, Dr. Stewart Crane. Some of you probably have heard of him because of his patriotic activity. One of the most brilliant men in our nation, he had three Ph.D's: In history, and political science, and I forgot what the other one was. He's been in and out of jail so many times over the last 20 years, you wouldn't believe it -- because of his stand against this Satanic, evil system that has gripped our nation and the government systems of the world.

And he made this statement about anarchy: "If you're going to take over the united States, and you want to get you and I to give up our Bill of Rights," (and like they talked about last night, give up our guns so the government can "protect" us), "how are you gonna do it?" Well Dr. Stewart Crane made this statement. I think it's very important you understand what he says about the word "anarchy".

Does everybody know what anarchy is? It's total fear of crime or something that causes the breakdown of society. Now what we have, in our country, doing it, is crime and drugs that Clinton and his minions say we need a national police force to take care of; to make us all "safe".

But Dr. Stewart Crane says this: "The use of anarchy, to come into dictatorial power, is as old as civilization itself. Anarchy is always used when a small minority wants to come into power over the majority." {1}. He says, "A result of successful anarchy is always a police state."

Now what is happening? Anarchy, crime, and drugs in the street is causing what in America? A police state. Officers, you know that and I know that and so does everybody else here.

But he says, "The result of a successful anarchy is always a police state." He says, "Russia, Germany, Italy, or the U.S. -- if the type of government is decided by violence and crime in the streets, an autocratic, ruthless dictatorship is inevitable, because the people will demand it."

Now what is being used to take away our Bill of Rights and to level us with the rest of the world? What makes us different than any other nation in the world? The Bill of Rights, basically! We've thrown God out of our government a long time ago. Now all we have left is the Bill of Rights. What other nation on the face of the earth has a right to free speech? A total right to free speech. A 2nd amendment where we have [the right] to keep arms. A 4th amendment or a 5th amendment, all these things. Only the united States of America. So they must destroy the Bill of Rights.

But as professor Stewart Crane says, the way to do it is to get you to want to give it up. And how are they gonna do that? Anarchy in the streets. And it's working very, very successfully.

How do you create anarchy in the streets, now? Well, you've got to do what the dialectic, the Hegelian {2} dialect, said. And the Hegelian dialect was something that was conceived to cause you to do things you wouldn't do unless there was something serious happening in your community.

Here's the dialectic: The Hegelian principle is, revolutionaries in government have created economic chaos; shortages of food, fuel; confiscatory taxation; a crisis in education; and the threat of war, crime, and other divisions, to condition Americans for the New World Order. The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelic principle to bring about change in a three step process: the thesis, the antithesis, and the synthesis.

The first step, the thesis, is to create a problem. Crime. Let's use that as an example. Drugs. Illegal aliens coming in. Uh, the economy collapses as the illegal aliens come in. The economy gets worse. Whatever the problem is, you create it on purpose, O.K.? That is the thesis.

The antithesis is, to generate opposition to the problem. [CN -- The reaction to the problem.] Fear. Panic. Hysteria.

And then the synthesis is, to offer the solution to the problem created in step one!

Now what's the solution to the problem of crime and drugs in America, offered in step one? A national police force. You give up your Bill of Rights, and we're gonna "save" you from yourself. Isn't it wonderful that our government would do that for us?

Well, how did they create crime at the magnitude that we have it today? If you talk to Colonel "Bo" Gritz, if you talk to people on the right of the political spectrum, if you talk to people on the left of the political spectrum, you will find out that there's been much research, much research, and much documentation to the fact -- and I say fact, fellow police officers (We've got some female police officers here too. Thank you for coming.), -- but I'm telling you, I want you to hear this, I'm talking about fact that we can prove, we've got the evidence -- an evidentiary foundation that would stack as high as I am, the evidence, I've seen it -- that the U.S. government, certain factions in the U.S. government, have been involved in importing the majority of drugs in the united States since the '60s. Since 1960. We've got the evidence. We've got book after book, research document after research document. If you come by the table, I can give you some of this. I could give you a newsletter that we've talked about it, the police officers.

We have, folks, in the united States, a phony war on drugs. Because Richard Armitage(?), Theodore Shackley(?), and other people... Richard Armitage is now still in our federal government, very high up in the State Department. He served... He was in Vietnam importing the drugs for many, many years during the Vietnam war, from the "Golden Triangle". He now serves in the... Let's see. Reagan appointed him Secretary of State, uh no, assistant Secretary of Defense. And then Bush had to kind of make him go away for a short time. But now, Clinton's got him in the State Department running things! And these guys have been involved in bringing the majority of drugs into the united States. Why? To create a synthesis. Which means, to create a problem so that you will react differently than you would have had there been no problem.

The problem is drugs and crime in America. And what do they want you to do? What did Edwin Meese say in 1980? "I think the American people are ready to give up part of their Bill of Rights so that we can do something about the drug and crime problem."

[ be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} "The use of anarchy, to come into dictatorial power, is as old as civilization itself." Here's an example: The Reichstag fire, in the 1930s. The Nazis set fire to the Reichstag building, then they blamed it on the Jews, which in turn they used as justification for increased repression.

{2} "Hegelian": Derived from the ideas of the philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. (e.g. Hegel says this, the idea is from Hegel, the idea is Hegelian.)

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