Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 67

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the For the People radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: We're back, with Linda Thompson. By the way, before we run out of time, if you are a computer user -- this is a computer bulletin board, is it, Linda?

LINDA THOMPSON: This is a computer bulletin board network...


THOMPSON: ...across the country.

HARDER: O.K. All right. And the phone number is 317-881-2743? Is that correct?


And to system operators: If you are already a fidonet sysop, we have a 1-800 number for system operators to become nodes. And we pay you for any subscription, so that... to help offset your expenses. So if there's not a node local to anybody that wants to call us, if you know a fidonet sysop, tell 'em they can carry AEN [Thompson's network] for free, and be paid for doin' it.

HARDER: All right. But that's 317-881-2743.

THOMPSON: That's right.

HARDER: O.K. And that's a bulletin board computer system.

Uh, O.K....

THOMPSON: We put up the news, like the press release about Reno and McGaw... all of that: we get it out as soon as we get it.

HARDER: But essentially, they have taken this ammunition, now, off the market.

THOMPSON: That's right.

HARDER: And, and what is it again? What kind?

THOMPSON: It's the 7.62 x .39 steel core ammo. They're calling it armor piercing, cop-killer bullets. But I got a clue: They're saying that the reason that they've done it is, now there's a handgun available that will fire this ammo. So that makes it fall under the "cop-killer bullet" provision and lets them ban it. But any rifle will pierce a Kevlar vest. So that's bogus. Their whole basis, their whole rationale for this, is totally bogus.

HARDER: All right. Barbara is in Palm Desert, California. Go.

BARBARA: Hi, Chuck and Linda. I just got some information this morning. I haven't been able to verify it, but uh, Michael Bend(?) was collecting signatures...

THOMPSON: Oh I have talked to Michael 3 weeks ago and verified it. And he's been on radio. He's the fellow that was doing the "Clinton for Campaign" petition [?? Maybe she means the "Impeach Clinton" petition].


THOMPSON: And his... Three weeks ago, on Tuesday morning, at a quarter to seven, he woke up to black helicopters coming into his neighborhood, that [unclear] the neighborhood. And he went back to bed. Fifteen minutes later, a house 3 doors down from him that, from the air, looks identical to his, was on fire.


THOMPSON: Uh, 5 or 6 carloads of white sedans with men with cellular telephones got out of the cars and arrived. One of them told the fire marshall that it was a lightning fire. All the neighbors believed that these were insurance adjusters or somebody, that had showed up. Late that afternoon they arrived with a truck. It took all of the appliances out of the house, and the people that lived there went with them. The next day, a construction truck with a guy arrived. But the guy was all clean and shiny and the equipment was new and he didn't look construction at all. The flatbed trailer took everything out of the roof and attic of the house, that had burned. Mike went over and talked to him and said, "Who are you?" And he said he was from the crew that would be rebuilding the house. Now this is less than 24 hours after the fire.

So all the neighbors were, at that point, marvelling at what wonderful insurance this lady must have, to get this quick response.

Well Mike hired a private investigator. And they went over on the roof of the house and found that there were 4 holes in the roof. Uh, there was an antenna to a chimney with 2 ground wires running off of it and the inspector said those wires had not been burned and that this could not have been a lightning fire. And apparently there were 4 holes in the roof, and Mike believes that the helicopters fired on that roof and that it was intended to hit his house. And it certainly sounds like it, from all of the things that he's investigated about it.

HARDER: It's kind of like the old Mafia "enforcers," you know, that used to go and do lead pipe "jobs." And every once in a while, they'd ring the wrong doorbell and they'd beat up the wrong guys. So they'd have to just go do it over again. You know, got the wrong guy.

Thanks for the call.

Linda Thompson, thank you for being with us. [Clears throat] Excuse me. "Waco II -- The Big Lie Continues" is a marvellous videotape. How long is it gonna run? What's the time gonna be?

THOMPSON: Close to 2 hours.

HARDER: Almost 2 hours. [Harder gives info on how to get the videotape.]

Thanks, Linda.

THOMPSON: Thank you.

HARDER: We'll talk again, kiddo. All the best, everybody. May God bless.

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