Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 65

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the For the People radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: All right. Thelma is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go ahead, please.

THELMA: Oh yes, Chuck, I would like very much to talk to your wonderfully brave guest.

HARDER: Well, go ahead, please.

THELMA: Yes, Linda.

LINDA THOMPSON: Yeah. (I'm not brave.)

THELMA: You know, I can't say how proud I am of you! And you are the bravest person. You're a "female Rambo"!

HARDER: [Laughs]

THELMA: I'll tell ya. And you know, I'm doing my share. We've made up, my husband and I, thousands of badges, uh large badges to wear, saying "Waco Massacre," with the blood dripping down at the top and the fire, flame coming up from the bottom. And I passed out about a thousand. And I noticed they weren't wearin' 'em, so I started sellin' 'em! And now they're wearin' 'em.


THELMA: And, uh my husband wanted me to ask you if you think that maybe the reason for Waco was so they could have that landing strip for their large planes to bring drugs in.

THOMPSON: Well, I'm not certain about that. We've been working on a connection between drug- and gun-running out of Waco and why there may have been this raid. I don't have any information that directly connects these things. There's a lot of speculation that could be made. And there has... There's definitely involvement of Delta Force special forces, SEAL Team 6 special forces -- which do have elements of the CIA in them. And if you've done any investigation into the drug- and gun-running in this country, you know that the CIA and our military have played a large role in doing that. Now we have information that indicates that a CIA operative named Faheed Hasim(?) was running drugs out of the Waco airstrip there at TSCC(?).

THELMA: Uh-huh [understands].

THOMPSON: But I don't have a direct connection to the Branch Davidians. And there did used to be a methamphetamine lab at Mount Carmel, but that was before Koresh came there.

So there's a lot of stuff in the background that looks interesting. But no direct connection, no.

HARDER: All right. All right let's go ahead on to the phones here. And I thank you very much for calling, Thelma.

Now, let's go ahead and conference in Pennsylvania. Ken, go ahead.

KEN [apparently drunk]: How we doin'?

HARDER: Go ahead, please. Fine.

KEN: Uh, first of all. I don't know if your guest has ever read Hitler's book. He talks about the population of the world will triple by the year 2000.


KEN: O.K.? And you remember back in 1956, Kruschev beatin' his shoe on the pulpit. He said, "We will bury you by the billions, and we won't have to fire a shot."

THOMPSON: He said, "We'll bury you from within."

HARDER: Yeah. Uh, yeah. You're right. And I thank you, Ken.

O.K. 1-800-TALK-YES is our telephone number. Let's go to Richard. Richard, go ahead.

RICHARD: Hey, thanks. I had a question. She had made a comment about 7.62 x .39 ammo, and the ATF.

THOMPSON: Um-hmm [affirmative].

RICHARD: Could you clarify what you said? Did you say it had been banned?

THOMPSON: Right. John McGaw released a public announcement the other day banning 7.62 x .39 ammo.

RICHARD: Can he do that, legally?

THOMPSON: That's my question. That's why I wanted to bring a lawsuit about it. I don't think he can.

HARDER: Yeah. O.K. How can the listeners to this broadcast verify that?

THOMPSON: Um, I've... If you'll wait a second, I'll pull up the press release and tell you when it came across the AP [Associated Press] wires.

RICHARD: You know how many felons that makes in the U.S.?

THOMPSON: Well. I don't know. There's nothing mentioned in this press release about whether there's a grandfather clause that, if you already have it [i.e. the ammo], you can keep it. Um, and that was an interesting... That was one of the things I wanted to chase down this afternoon. Um, that... (Hang on. I'm pullin' this up on the computer.)


THOMPSON: But they definitely did ban it. And there was no mention of whether, if you already have it you can keep it, or... Here we go: Ammo Ban. All right, it was on February the 4th. It was an AP release. It says, "ATF director John McGaw has ordered that 7.62 x .39 steel core bullets could no longer be imported or sold commercially... And said that existing stocks could be exported or sold only to law enforcement or government agencies."

So basically, it's not saying that you can't have what you've got -- I misread that -- but it is saying you can't buy it anywhere and you can't sell it anywhere in this country.

RICHARD: So that's the end of it.

THOMPSON: Uh, "McGaw wrote to all federal firearms dealers this week that over the past several years the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has allowed the importation..." -- allowed -- notice that.

HARDER: All right. Do me a favor. We're right up against a break. When we come back, Linda, go ahead and look at that thing and we'll, we'll ask you to read it on the air. 'Cause it's probably of great interest to a lot of our listeners. And I thank you for the call, sir. We'll be right back. Don't go away.

(to be continued)

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