Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 61

("Quid coniuratio est?")

The local all-volunteer radio station, WEFT 90.1 FM, has a show that runs from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Saturday (Saturn's Day) morning. The show, called "News from Neptune," takes its title from a remark made by some television producer when asked about getting Noam Chomsky to appear on a show: "What? We can't have him on. That guy's from Neptune." The idea is, that if you try to talk seriously about a subject, beyond the pre-arranged, allowable limits already put in place by the mass media, you are going to sound (to the already brainwashed) as if you are from Neptune.

The following is an excerpt from the July 23, 1994, "News from Neptune" broadcast. Co-hosts are Carl Estabrook and Paul "The Truth" Muth.


PAUL MUTH: Well, um. We have just a couple of minutes. Any, any "nuggets" at hand? I'm sure there were quite a few other things that uh, could be commented on today.

CARL ESTABROOK: I have one "nugget" that really is quite that, too. If you didn't see, on Tuesday evening, Michael Moore's remarkable program on NBC, called "TV Nation" {1}, keep your eyes open for it again.

Michael Moore made "Roger and Me" and was briefly the editor of the magazine Mother Jones, until the rich liberals who own Mother Jones threw him out. Um, but he's a very clever man. And he has made, remarkably enough on network TV, the most incisive political comment in an hours...

MUTH: And there are 5 more shows before he's cancelled too, apparently! Unless they do something...

ESTABROOK: Yeah. They're not only very good, they're very funny. I recommend it highly. See "TV Nation" when it comes on on Tuesdays.

MUTH: Really some inspirational sorts of setups [laughs]. I like the one, "How would you say, in Spanish, to the fellow on the line there, 'You're fired, when you get your hand out of the machine.'"


MUTH: You get your hands out of the machine, you're fired.

ESTABROOK: Yeah. It was interesting to read the reviews in the [New York] Times and places like that. Because they were um, sort of abashed! I mean, respectful of the class and humor with which the things were made, but you could see they were clearly astonished that this stuff had got on network TV [laughs]. And as you say, it will be interesting to see how long it runs.

MUTH: I think they might be collectors items.

ESTABROOK: I think they might be.

MUTH: I guess there's 6 more. I think 7, all told, that he's being allowed.

ESTABROOK: Well. One wishes him luck.


-------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------- {1} "TV Nation." No connection with "Conspiracy Nation." Tuesday evenings, 7 pm cst, NBC.

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