Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 55

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the For the People radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: Linda Thompson is our guest.

And Linda, what you're saying is that from your, from your perspective, when Gore and Reno and that bunch had their press conference... and it is the worst nightmare of those who do want to be able to own their own firearms.

Uh, we understand that in New York, a number of years ago, New York said to people who had either semi-automatics or that type of thing, "Just register them with us. Let us know that they're there. Don't worry. We'll never bother you." And now, we understand that they have actually gone house-to-house and picked up these weapons.

Have you heard that?

LINDA THOMPSON: Oh absolutely. They use the 4473s [CN -- 4473s, apparently some type of federal form] as a "shopping list."

Now the new crime bill, the Feinstein amendment to the crime bill bans semi-automatic rifles; everything but the M-14, which um, Ruger(?) was very successful in lobbying for his own exception. But all the other semi-automatic rifles, any gun, any handgun, that holds more than 10 rounds, any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, are banned.

This was a very important piece of legislation that was virtually ignored by the NRA [National Rifle Association], for instance, and groups that are supposedly lobbying for gun rights.

Now once that passes, there's a so-called "grandfather clause" that says, if you already own these guns you can keep 'em, but you have to register them. And if you don't register them, you're a felon! Now how are they going to find out, number one, that you already have 'em? For instance, in a state like Indiana you could buy them from another person and you don't have to register anything. Um, so how are they gonna, first of all, find out that you already have them, to enforce this? And number two, what are they gonna do with the information about who already does own them?

Now then. This week, a companion piece of so-called "law," that I don't consider law at all, was when John McGaw, the head of the ATF, former head of Secret Service, and former person in charge of Presidential bodyguards -- he's now in charge of ATF -- passed an administrative ruling banning .762 ammo. .762 x .39 ammo is completely banned in this country right now. Now a lot of people don't know that either.

Now that .762 ammo is used in AKS rifles, it's used in Mach-90s, it's used in SKS rifles... essentially all of the rifles that are the ones listed in the Feinstein amendment.

HARDER: Um-hmm [understands].

THOMPSON: Now. There's 2 ways that they can demand search and seizure of your home: if you've been at a gun show and bought this ammo, if you try to buy ammo. If you don't register your guns, the very fact that you have the ammo now is illegal.

Um, so they can... This is going to be, I believe, a pretext for doing house-to-house searches. And we already have them saying then, on Thursday, they're going to do house-to-house searches! This is happening. This is going to come down now. I don't think we need it written on our foreheads to realize what's happening here.

HARDER: All right. What does the government want? They, they want all our guns, don't they?

THOMPSON: Uh, yeah. They want to disarm the American public, and that accomplishes several purposes. One, they're not ever gonna be able to disarm the American public. One of the polls that they don't tell us is the CBS poll that says 67 percent of the American public will not give up their guns. Uh, so they know that. They're provoking a confrontation. First of all, we all know that it is unconstitutional. What is being done here is completely unconstitutional. Our second amendment rights were never for hunting purposes. I've looked up and down the Constitution, and I can't find the word "hunting" or "sporting" in it anywhere. Our forefathers, if you read any of the documents that are available about the writings of the founders of the Constitution, things that they were most afraid of was an over-powerful, centralized government...

HARDER: Um-hmm [agrees].

THOMPSON: ... a government that would disarm the public. They were afraid of a standing army [i.e. a permanent army], for fear that that army would be used on the American public. And basically, the reason that they wrote the 2nd amendment (and at that time, every man between the ages of 17 and 45 was "the militia." So when they wrote that "a well-regulated militia being necessary to a free state," they were talking about the entire population of the united States. That was the "militia."), "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," that was, that is an absolute right. It's one of the rights that is articulated as existing without any government approval. You have that right, period, in this country.

So everything that's being done on gun regulation is unconstitutional. And they... These people do not care! They're very brazen about it. They're promoting a confrontation between people that understand the Constitution and are demanding their liberty. Because that one point is so essential to liberty. The very reason to have guns is to fight tyranny! That's the purpose of... in our Constitution.

HARDER: All right. But you and I both know, let's just be honest here, you and I both know that the united States government plans to disarm the united States of America, to take the guns from the people...

THOMPSON: I don't think they do plan to disarm the people. I think they plan to use it as a method of confrontation and provocation.

HARDER: All right. Let's... all right. What do you mean by... all right, what do you think the government is trying to do?

THOMPSON: They're trying to identify who will fight the New World Order. And the best way to do that is target people that will stand up and fight for their rights. You know, you shoot into a crowd and see who screams. Well, they fired several different volleys. What is getting the biggest reaction around the country, causing controversy? Well gun control. What's the issue that's most likely to provoke a confrontation and most likely to cause chaos and terror and so forth in this country? Well they've found it. This is the issue.

HARDER: This is the hot button. Well what frightens me, very bluntly, and concerns me: First of all, the united States of America needs taxpayers. And when people are out of work and they become welfare cases, they cannot pay their taxes. As you know, Zenith closed, essentially, their last plant in the united States.

THOMPSON: But they must do this. They must make us all dependent on the government teat.

HARDER: O.K. But my question is this: What they're going to wind up doing is having it so that we have no guns, and there is no economy {1}. So what do we do then, just starve at gunpoint?

We'll be right back with Linda Thompson.

(to be continued)

-----------------------<< Notes >>------------------------------- {1} "...we have no guns, and there is no economy." Exactly. What we are moving to is a society in which half of us are imprisoned and the other half are guards. That is not going to work. At some point something is going to have to give. We cannot have a society where everyone is either a guard, a prisoner, a bureaucrat, or a politician.

Along these same lines, you may ask: Well why not just make everyone a policeman? We all know that policemen always obey the law, so why not just make us all policemen? That would solve the crime problem!

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