Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 50

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with the former marketing director of the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, and former associate of Bill Clinton, Larry Nichols. This interview took place on the May 5, 1994 "America's Town Forum" radio show, hosted by Tom Donahue. The show is broadcast most weekday evenings at 7 pm (cst) on shortwave frequency 5.810 mHz. (Nichols speaks via telephone with Donahue.)]


TOM DONAHUE: Interesting.

Let me ask you. Back to the... Most Americans, including yours truly, don't know a lot about bonds and how that works. So there's a real mystery here. And that's one of the reasons that L.J. Davis was clubbed over the head and they went through his notes {1}, because he was getting too close to the bonds scam.

Um, how did that, how did that work? Were there any legitimate bonds produced? Where does it stand today?

LARRY NICHOLS: Well, there were some. In '89, when I left, they had a rash [of bond issues]. I mean they'd only made 5 bond issues from '85 to '88 when I was there and up until after I left. Then in '89 they made a whole bunch of legitimate bond issues. Because they knew it [an investigation(?)] was coming.

Let me give a simple explanation, and it's the best I can do:

You go to ADFA, and you want $1 million. They say, "O.K. We'll loan you $1 million." ADFA goes ahead and advances you that $1 million, because, you see, to do a bond issue you've gotta give those bonds to a bonding agency, and then they gotta sell 'em. And then as they sell 'em, they give the money back to ADFA. And then people pay... You getting the loan, you're supposed to pay payments on that loan, which is really paying back the people, with interest, that bought the bonds.

So what they did is, you had borrowed $1 million, ADFA would give you the $1 million, they would give the bonds to Lasater to sell. When he sold 'em, he would give the money back to ADFA.

But you can't find one person, one individual, that ever bought the bonds. {2}. I mean, you would think with all the bond issues, millions of people, for hundreds of millions of dollars, would've had to of bought a bond. One of 'em.

DONAHUE: Uh, you would think so.

NICHOLS: But you can't find it. Anywhere. {3}.

DONAHUE: O.K. Let's go to Jeff, in Pensacola, Florida.

Jeff, go ahead.

Hi, Jeff. You're on the air.

Uh, Jeff, in Pensacola, ask your question, please.

JEFF: Yes. Um, with all the people who are so immoral and so corrupt, in leadership positions in Washington now -- the majority of them probably appointed by Clinton or brought in by his family -- what are the chances of doing a clean sweep and getting everybody out, including Rockefeller? What, what mechanics are necessary to remove every one of them?

And then there's an aside, very quickly. There's something that seems to have been overlooked by all the media, and that is those 8 people that were arrested out in California, in a national park, doing military maneuvers. If they were foreign nationals or skinheads or American Nazi party or something, I think we would have heard a lot about that. And since it wasn't said that they were, I'm assuming that they were patriots, preparing for the downfall of the united States.

DONAHUE: Jeff, we're gonna have to get to that another day. That's not Larry's issue, but I thank you for raising it. And we'll get back to that another time.

But there is no mechanism that if Clinton goes, so does all his administration and cabinet members and friends. Uh, that would, that would be, I guess, a personal choice they'd have to make if they want to leave with Clinton when he resigns or is impeached.

NICHOLS: Well there is a mechanism.

DONAHUE: There is?

NICHOLS: Yessir. You see, if your audience will raise their voice and force the congressional hearings, then coming up in November we have the ability, if people will just not forget, to change the complexion of the entire system up there. Now I have very little confidence in that happening...

DONAHUE: What I'm saying, though... Now we can eliminate some senators -- a third of them will be up for re-election, uh we have all our U.S. representatives. But we're talkin' about cabinet posts. We're talkin' about appointees. Unless we... And I'm sure there's gonna be some "fingered" and some will go down in smoke. But the majority of them, if there's no evidence to support wrongdoing, uh those cabinet members will stay there and assist Al Gore, unless Al Gore wants them replaced.

NICHOLS: Well I don't think that'll happen because, you see Clinton will resign. He can be granted a pardon. {4}. But the rest of these people will be investigated for years to come. And they'll start dropping like flies.

DONAHUE: So there probably won't be a clean sweep, but there could be some that will be cast out as well.

NICHOLS: That's right. Now. If the first and second-tier level people... I believe firmly that they'll still have control of whoever's sitting there. And I don't know what to do about that.

DONAHUE: O.K. Let's go to Chris, in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, I believe.

Uh Chris, are you there?

CHRIS: Yeah, hello.


CHRIS: Hi. First of all let me say, I'm not a fan of Clinton. I'm a firm Republican. But I have to ask: I've been listening to your program for awhile this morning, um and I've been listening to your guest. Um, what's the evidence, where's the hard evidence? First, I heard you say, you're talkin' about somebody handin' out cocaine to 14-year-old girls. Where's the evidence for that? I heard ya talk about somethin' else, and you say you didn't have your facts and figures right in front of ya. If you're gonna come on a nationwide show, shouldn't you of had that information available, be able to cite chapter and verse, as it were?

Again, you know, we're gettin' bound up in so much conspiracy here. Um, Clinton's, he's not a good man. I'm sure he'll be turned out in '96. And...

DONAHUE: '96! You think he'll last 'til '96?

CHRIS: Yeah. I guess I'm one of the "fools" out here that thinks he's gonna last until '96 and he'll be turned out in a normal way. I don't...

DONAHUE: A normal way.

CHRIS: A normal way, i.e. with the voters.

But I just wanna know, with all these allegations and all these, um "there is a conspiracy," and "14-year-old girls gettin' cocaine at parties,"....

DONAHUE: O.K. O.K. You're so smart that you had to repeat yourself. But I thank you.

CHRIS: You're welcome.

DONAHUE: Let's, um let's address that. Because, Larry, your last visit, and I think today's visit, you have brought forward an incredible amount of documentation. But let's talk about the drug issue, and, and who are you relying on? What evidence supports the fact that, um the drug allegation that's been raised?

NICHOLS: Number one, the evidence towards the 13 and 15-year-old girls does not come from me. It comes from the investigator that made the case on Lasater. And it was in those statements that Lasater, obviously, plead... pleaded guilty.

DONAHUE: That was in that case. So you're quoting from material that could be obtained from the case.

NICHOLS: Absolutely.

DONAHUE: All right.

NICHOLS: Now. Relative to Clinton's role at ADFA, let me say to that caller: I was there, you weren't. I was the marketing director, charged with the task of damage control. How could I do damage control at that agency, which is documented, if they didn't show me what was goin' on that somebody would find out, so that I could be prepared?

DONAHUE: And also it's important, it's important to make mention here, that you don't make a dime off these videos. Uh, distributors like myself, we make a few dollars. So does the Citizens for Honest Government that produced this. You're not paid for any of the talk show appearances. You're trying to protect the well-being of yourself, and your family and friends. And the best way is through public disclosure and putting the spotlight on darkness which is occurring today, as we speak.

Uh, furthermore, you brought suit against Bill Clinton. You have brought forward evidence, and you're working with many others that are. So there is no hidden motive here that I can see.

NICHOLS: No. And if you'll notice: All of the stories that I tell ya about, just like the one that Ambrose Pritchard this weekend from the [London] Sunday Telegraph. {5}. If it doesn't come out Sunday, then that caller and your audience can say I'm discredited.

(to be continued)

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} "...L.J. Davis was clubbed over the head and they went through his notes..." From the Wall Street Journal, March 23, 1994, entitled "Censored in Arkansas":

He [L.J. Davis] was returning to his room at Little Rock's Legacy Hotel about 6:30 after an interview on the evening of Feb. 13. The last thing he remembers is putting his key in the door, and the next thing he remembers is waking up face down on the floor, with his arm twisted under his body and a big lump on his head above his left ear. The room door was shut and locked. Nothing was missing except four "significant" pages of his notebook that included a list of his sources in Little Rock.

{2} "But you can't find one person, one individual, that ever bought the bonds." So that would be how the drug money was laundered. The money from the cocaine sales would be given to Lasater and Lasater would give the money to ADFA, claiming it came from bond sales. The "loans" from ADFA would be how the money would be able to appear "legitimately" in someone's bank account. The "sleight of hand" here would be with Lasater getting money from drug dealers and then claiming he had sold bonds. Then, when Bill Duncan of the IRS tries to investigate, he is ordered to stop when he gets too close to Arkansas. The topper is that, because the scheme is a bit complicated (most of us are not financial wheeler dealers), even if they get caught, the average person doesn't understand what exactly they did. Slick, Willy. Very slick.

{3} From Vol. 1 Num. 39 "Conspiracy Nation":

NICHOLS: And uh, what they were doing, they would issue a bond and let's say give, like I told your audience before, Webster Hubbell, who created ADFA -- I mean drafted it, legislated it, got it passed -- he and his father-in-law, Seth Ward, got the first loan at ADFA for $2.85 million. You can't find that he ever paid anybody back.

Other, other recipients of "loans" were Don Tyson, Tyson Industries, International Paper.

So we have the ABCs, (A) Lasater, allegedly, performs the "sleight of hand" where incoming drug money becomes incoming bond purchase money, i.e. Lasater, allegedly, lies and says the huge sums of cash are from persons who have purchased the bonds, (B) the drug money, disguised as being from bond purchases, flows into ADFA, and (C) ADFA makes "loans" to various "Friends of Bill." Slick, Willy. Very slick.

{4} "He [Clinton] can be granted a pardon." Nonetheless, it's outrageous that Clinton should be granted a pardon. If he gets away with his alleged crimes, then what is the deterrent for future presidential crooks? "Oh well, they always pardon us Presidents, so why not break the law?"

{5} "...this weekend from the [London] Sunday Telegraph." Given that this broadcast was May 5, 1994, that would mean the story relating to Patsy Thomasson should have appeared in the May 8, 1994, London Sunday Telegraph. Unfortunately I don't at the moment have access to that issue.

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