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("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with the former marketing director of the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, and former associate of Bill Clinton, Larry Nichols. This interview took place on the May 5, 1994 "America's Town Forum" radio show, hosted by Tom Donahue. The show is broadcast most weekday evenings at 7 pm (cst) on shortwave frequency 5.810 mHz. (Nichols speaks via telephone with Donahue.)]


TOM DONAHUE: We're back. Tom Donahue, "America's Town Forum." Larry Nichols, our special guest. And the spotlight is on "Clinton-gate," and Clinton's "futures," if you will -- not as in cattle.

Uh, let's go to Jim, in Helena, Montana. Hi, Jim. Go ahead.

JIM: Hi.

DONAHUE: You're on the air, Jim. Go ahead, sir.

JIM: Yes. I was wondering how your guest feels about Clinton's last days in office.

DONAHUE: O.K. Are these Clinton's last days?

LARRY NICHOLS: I believe very strongly, as a matter of fact I've told millions of people around America, I told on your show it would be, like, 60 days. Now we're down to the latter days.

I will say this: It will go quick. Much as with Nixon, you know the straw of the um, last days were the "Night of the Long Knives," when Nixon tried to throw all his fledglings up as sacrificial lambs. That didn't work. A lot of people have asked me, "Well, if it's gonna happen there oughta be signs now." {1}. There's no fanfare for the President to resign. {2}. It'll happen overnight. One minute it'll be one step too far. One minute, when the hearings are called, he will step down, ostensibly saying that to protect America, since he can't do his job because of all this stuff, he's best to step aside.

Now I will caution you all: He still has tricks to stay alive, number one involving our military in a conflict. Haiti. Bosnia. To take a focal point off of him...

DONAHUE: North Korea.

NICHOLS: North Korea.

That's very dangerous. You must rise up and tell him not to put his children, our children, in harm's way to save his career. It's not worth one death! Vince Foster's death was not worth anyone's political career.

DONAHUE: Absolutely not.

NICHOLS: So beware. He can do that.

DONAHUE: What do you think will be the final straw, Larry? What do you think's gonna be the final, um evidence reaching the masses that he'll say, "I have to step down. I've gotta step aside."?

NICHOLS: Well it will start Sunday.

DONAHUE: Sunday?

NICHOLS: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard will release a story Sunday about Patsy Thomasson. Patsy Thomasson was Dan Lasater's protege. She worked with him. Um, Lasater, Clinton's best friend, went to jail with Roger [Clinton]. Lasater had cocaine in the office; she [Thomasson] was in there 25-50 times a day.

But she made some bogus bond trades that you will start hearing about Sunday. {3}. Now what that does is it will put Patsy in a very peculiar situation and she will probably become the next "casualty" to be served up sacrificially.

DONAHUE: What is her role with the administration presently?

NICHOLS: If you can believe this, that lady, with that background, is the assistant chief of management in the White House. And it is her job to get everyone's in the White House personnel records and get security clearances and she runs and manages the White House.

DONAHUE: And she was an integral part of the Governor's staff back in Arkansas, right?

NICHOLS: Yes sir.


NICHOLS: And when she is removed, then what happens is they do not have total control of the personnel files. And things will start picking up. And then you will start seeing, as you did on [CBN] {4} and other shows, for the first time you're gonna start seeing and hearing the words "drug laundering," and "money through ADFA," and "money through Clinton." Much as you've discussed with the Terry Reed, John Cummings book.

DONAHUE: And I've got that here as a note that I want to get to in just a minute or two. I wanted to squeeze Ralph in, from Dallas. Go ahead, Ralph.

Ralph, in Dallas. Your turn. Hi.

RALPH: I just wanted to make a comment and ask a question. Uh trying to keep up with the Clinton story is very difficult reading the local papers and the New York Times and the Washington Post. But I find if I go to the library and read the London Times, I get the true story and uh, facts of what's happened. Incidentally, they have a different name than calling it "Whitewater." They call it "Fornigate," rather than "Whitewater."

DONAHUE: I've used that term. But I just say "Clintongate," because it's so encompassing.

RALPH: Uh the question I have is, if Clinton is gone, what are we left with? Aren't we worse off with someone like Gore in there, who's probably smarter than Clinton? Aren't we better off with just a lot of stalemate that at least stops a lot of these onerous laws...

DONAHUE: Let me have him address that before we have to break at the bottom of the hour. Go ahead, Larry.

NICHOLS: I don't believe y'all... I don't know Mr. Gore. But I can say this: I agree with nothing he believes in, but at least he believes in somethin'. Bill Clinton, if he lives through this volley, will be the most powerful man in the world and no one will ever touch him again. {5}. And he will implement one police force and other things that scare me to death.

DONAHUE: He'll be real "slick" then.

We're gonna come back and we'll take your calls for Larry Nichols. Where our subject matter is "Clinton-gate." 1-800-298- 8255. Stay tuned.

(to be continued)

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} "...there oughta be signs now." One "sign" may well be the upcoming congressional hearings into Whitewater and Vince Foster's death, scheduled to start at the end of July. Of course, as with the "independent" prosecutor, Fiske, the "fix" may be in for these hearings as well. Question: Given the extensive coverage given to the travails of a football icon, O.J. Simpson, by the mass media, will they deem these upcoming hearings to be worthy of equal or better media coverage?

If the upcoming congressional hearings are the real thing and not more smoke and mirrors, that may well be the "sign" of "Good-bye, Clinton." As Nichols himself has written ["The Truth Will Set Us Free," For The People News Reporter, May 30, 1994, p. 13.], "...the hearings are partial to no one. There will be Democrats trying to protect Bill Clinton and hurt people like me and others telling their side of the story and you will have Republicans more apt to believe us than Clinton. But the truth is, the whole proceeding will be under oath and all speaking and all evidence being brought forward will be subject to penalty or perjury if not true. This is the great tiebreaker, this is the one thing that Bill Clinton has feared since 1988, and it is the one thing that will force him to resign before he is exposed for past and present criminal wrongdoing."
{2} "There's no fanfare for the President to resign." Except here at Conspiracy Nation (formerly Conspiracy for the Day). We scooped all major newspapers, mass media, etc. when we called for Clinton to resign in an editorial dated January 19, 1994, which ended as follows:

Mr. President, for the honor of your departed mother, for the good of the nation -- resign.

{3} "...she [Thomasson] made some bogus bond trades that you will start hearing about Sunday." This would have been in the May 8, 1994, London Sunday Telegraph, it seems to me. {4} "...and then you will start seeing, as you did on [CBN]..." Nichols actually says PTL (not CBN), but I think he means CBN. CBN has covered the "Mena connection," and I don't know that PTL is even still on the air.
{5} " one will ever touch him [Clinton] again." I'm not so pessimistic. With the 1994 congressional elections coming up, and with the widespread disaffection with Clinton, Mr. Bill stands to lose a great deal of power. That, in fact, may be a reason for the Democrats to want to dump him fast. With a relatively untarnished Gore as President, the Democrats might not lose so many congressional seats in the Fall election.

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