Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 41

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with the former marketing director of the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, and former associate of Bill Clinton, Larry Nichols. This interview took place on the May 5, 1994 "America's Town Forum" radio show, hosted by Tom Donahue. The show is broadcast most weekday evenings at 7 pm (cst) on shortwave frequency 5.810 mHz. (Nichols speaks via telephone with Donahue.)]


TOM DONAHUE: We're back. Tom Donahue, "America's Town Forum." We're talking with Larry Nichols. He worked in the Clinton... actually, ADFA, that's the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, when Clinton was Governor.

Um, a few more things on Mr. Parks. Uh, he... Who was he working for when he was collecting information, as a private investigator in his company, against Bill Clinton?

LARRY NICHOLS: Well, they don't really know. Just yesterday, I found out from Gary [Parks] that his mother told him for the first time that he was working for a congressman. And he started getting information in '83, taking pictures of Bill Clinton with women, drugs, etc.

DONAHUE: He built up an extensive file.

NICHOLS: Yessir, he did. And that file is missing today.

DONAHUE: Now the house, now, as you said, we'll get into that more with Gary, his son, tomorrow. In both hours.

NICHOLS: Let's talk about a current one, Vince Foster.

DONAHUE: Let's do that.

NICHOLS: What did Vince Foster know that would cause him to have to die?

Number 1, he was Hillary's boyfriend. Had been for years. Now I brought that up in my 1990 lawsuit, the one that brought up Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater. All that stuff's been layin' there since 1990.

DONAHUE: And trooper Patterson said that during one of the parties that Bill [Clinton] was not at, Hillary and Vince Foster were... He saw Vince Foster, uh, touch, fondle Hillary and she was pleased with that kind of fondling and uh, gave the trooper a "thumbs up."

NICHOLS: Yeah. As a matter of fact, the troopers also stated that they had delivered Vince and Hillary to the Rose Law Firm "retreat," to spend weekends together.


NICHOLS: But Vince Foster was involved with that.

Vince Foster knew about the insider trading on the pharmaceutical stock. Vince Foster knew that we were comin' at 'em with Whitewater. Vince Foster knew I was comin' at 'em with ADFA. And all of which he was involved in.

I believe Vince was about to "snap." I think the pressure was getting... with "Travelgate," etc. The next thing, you find out he's dead.

Now let's take the death. The original 2 ambulance drivers that picked up Vince Foster's body were amazed when they put the body on the stretcher, because there was no blood. One of 'em even said he didn't even have to wash his hands.

As you know, about a month ago (I don't know the exact date, but on a Friday), the Park Police [a.k.a. the "meter maids"], with all the rumors going around -- and especially if you've seen our tape. On the tape I tell you about the inconsistencies: no powder burns on the lip, teeth or gums; no puddle of blood; no big amount of blood. Well the Park Police did a mysterious thing: they released a picture, released 2 pictures, to ABC. And only ABC.

DONAHUE: Um-hmm [understands]

NICHOLS: And it was supposed to dispel the rum... you know, the rumors.

Let me tell you what was wrong with those pictures. Not to get into great detail, but they're absolute frauds. And I can prove it simply. If you go to the picture where they are showing the gun in the hand, and there, laying there from the waist down to the crotch, you'll notice red, brown and yellow leaves all over. Folks, July the 20th, there are no leaves on the ground in Washington, D.C.

DONAHUE: Well how could they mess up so bad? I mean, I don't understand how they could be so stupid.

NICHOLS: Well, a lot of people have said, "Well watch out, they did that on purpose to trip you up." You gotta understand, Bill Clinton and his team are not perfect. And imagine this: If you're the President... Even if you're the President of the United States and you wake up one day and you say, "Golly. I'm gonna be 'framed' for this murder. So I need to call somebody and get those pictures doctored." Who would you call? You see, Bill Clinton runs a tight circle of power. A tight loop. If he picked up the phone and called you, Tom, and said, "I need you to doctor these pictures," and you said, "no," he's got a leak. Because you might go to the media and say, "This guy called me, trying to get the pictures doctored!"

DONAHUE: Right. Um-hmm [understands]

NICHOLS: So I don't think you'll find they have the absolute expertise available. And to be honest, I don't think they even thought about it. And to be even more honest, I don't think they cared. Because you will notice, other than me, who has challenged those pictures? And I've taken it to other networks. They've had it looked at. They've authenticated what I've said. But they're not gonna get in a contest with ABC.

DONAHUE: Right. Obviously, uh, the media's having to cover this in greater detail with Paula Jones coming forward with her sexual harassment suit. And when you hire Bill Bennett's brother, it shows you how the difference between Republicans and Democrats [chuckles], I mean, I say that "tongue in cheek." You have Bill Bennett's brother representing Bill Clinton in this case and perhaps in his legal wranglings over "Whitewater-gate."

NICHOLS: Yes. And you see, the Paula Jones story... I talked to her and her husband yesterday. She is filing today. It's very important that your audience understand: There's a difference between Gennifer...

DONAHUE: Was that not officially filed yesterday? Or was there...

NICHOLS: No sir. They were supposed to and they backed off. And they're filing today.

DONAHUE: Today. O.K.

NICHOLS: There's a difference between Gennifer Flowers and the other women that had affairs with him. And this lady, Tom, this lady is a lady [i.e. Paula Jones]. She's your wife, my wife, our daughters, all your audience's daughters, sisters, wives.

And you see, it's the same thing with her. She was walking down the street, essentially, and Bill Clinton said, "I want that woman." He sent Danny Ferguson, a state police officer, to solicit her, bring her to him. And she said, "No." This woman said, "No." And she's scared to death because she knows what I have been honor-bound to tell her: That Bill Clinton and his "spin doctors" are gonna do everything in their power to destroy this woman's reputation, her life. And she said, "No."

DONAHUE: Did not Paula Jones work for Clinton?

NICHOLS: She worked for the state. The actual event occurred while the AIDC, the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, was having a convention. She was working the floor of the convention. A state trooper came down and told her that the Governor wanted to meet her, or talk with her. If you're a state employee and the Governor says, "Come on," you come on!

DONAHUE: Well absolutely.

NICHOLS: When she got to the room, she noticed the trooper stood at the door, right outside the door, but didn't come in. Bill Clinton immediately said he wanted her to have oral sex with him. She was shocked. She said, "No." And then he pulled down his britches and exposed himself. And she left. She was upset and she left.

Now. There's more evidence than I've shared with you. But again, we need to let that be resolved through the court system. And we need to let her attorneys justify, and her, her position. [CN -- To contribute to Paula Jones' legal fund, call 1-800-91 TRUTH.]

DONAHUE: How long ago was that?

NICHOLS: Well the problem is, it was like her 3-year statute of limitation runs out tomorrow. Now the big question, and the whole...

DONAHUE: We're talking early 1990s which is, you know, I mean pretty recent.

NICHOLS: Right. So the problem that they're gonna attack her with is credibility, because she waited so long to file. Let me assure you, in 19...

DONAHUE: It didn't affect Anita Hill.


DONAHUE: Anita Hill had all the time in the world.

NICHOLS: Well I know. But in 1988 I tried to get an attorney in Arkansas. You could not get one to fight Bill Clinton. And then if you'll notice, when her event occurred soon after that he was running for President. Soon after that he was President. So bless this little lady's heart, she tried, early on, to get an apology. She was also engaged at the time. She had a real mental problem with her husband-to-be finding out, and what it would do.

As soon as she finally told her husband, then it was over. He did the right thing and said, "Come on." And they sought out, and they couldn't find, a "high dollar," good attorney. They ended up taking Danny Traler(?), which I'm not "knocking" him, but he's a real estate attorney.

Now yesterday, you'll notice, they put on a show of strength, to prove to Traler and to Paula what's gonna happen to 'em. They hired the biggest name attorney they could hire, they attacked Paula, and they attacked their attorney. And it was designed to scare 'em -- which it did. Hopefully it would scare them from filing, which it did not do.

And Tom, the thing, and this is the most significant, other than the fact she said, "No.": Think about Congress now. What are they gonna do? On one hand, they're trying to roast and destroy Bob Packwood. They had nowhere near the evidence that this lady has. Now what are they gonna do? Are they gonna say, "Uh oh. Now we're after Packwood and now our 'fearless leader' is accused of the same thing, with more evidence. We roasted Anita Hill's uh, Clarence Thomas." What are they gonna do? Are they going to pursue Clinton like they pursued Packwood? Or are they gonna have to drop Packwood and say, "Well. Nothin' on him either."

You see, Congress is in a bind. And I will say one more thing.

DONAHUE: Call it "Hypocrisy-gate." We've gotta take a break. And hold that thought. We're gonna go to your calls, I promise, in just moments. 1-800-298-8255.

(to be continued)

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