Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 34

("Quid coniuratio est?")



JOHN JUDGE: [...continues...] It's interesting too that a lot of those homeless people are Vietnam veterans. About 70% of the homeless on the East coast, in fact, are veterans. Which is an aspect that's been ignored, besides the suicides, tremendous unemployment rates and long-term problems, because these wars are genocidal wars. They have a little different technology, they drop the oven out of the air instead of picking the body up and putting it in the oven, but it's still genocide.

If the little countries of the world, where we are pushing ourselves around, could get into a court and tell what we've been doing there, it would not look so different from the Nuremberg trials; in fact, I suggest to you that it's worse.

My friends say to me, "If it's Nazi Germany, who are the Jews?" {1}. Well the Jews are the Central Americans. Some of the Jews are still the Jews if they don't have enough money and prestige and aren't being used for the current time in the reactionary processes. Women. {2}. The disenfranchised. The first people that Lori [a previous speaker] mentioned that were killed: the psychiatric inmates are certainly an expendable population. The institutionalized people: the elderly, children in institutions, prisoners, and people in the military. The veterans are guinea pigs; after they get out of all that military stuff they're just used by the system further.

So there are people dying every day. And if you don't add up the deaths, you don't get the right total, you don't get the sense of what's happening.

And then they say to me, "Yeah, but we don't live in terror. We live good." Well if you were a good German and you went along with the program and you looked the other way when they came and got the neighbors {3}, you lived good too. They were looting the whole world like we are. We're 6 percent of the population, consuming 60 percent of its energy, 30 percent of its raw materials coming right here, into this society. All this wealth doesn't come from out of some magic well in Kansas marked "Capitalism." It comes from tentacles of exploitation of labor and resources all over the world. And because we exploit those societies, they're in worse shape and we're in better shape.

There's enough to go around. There's no shortage. There's surplus, in fact, if it weren't being used for war; and weren't being diverted into cash crops instead of growing food, everyone could eat, everyone could live comfortably. In fact, probably on a third of the budget they spend on warfare in the world. There is a surplus; the surplus has to be manipulated in order to disappear.

But there are populations, Rand Corporation studied them. In '68 they did a study saying that half of the world population, over two billion people, had to go, in order to make it economically comfortable for the elites. They studied setting up martial law in many countries where it came to pass: the Philippines, Yemen and South Korea, Vietnam, Canada even, and eventually the United States.

How do you set up martial law here? You do it with a terrorist scenario. {4}. I'd suggest a nuclear terrorist scenario. You have Abu Nidal, who's really Oliver North in drag. They say I'm paranoid. I don't have an eight foot security fence around my house. And he's working internationally with the people that financed Nidal. It's not mano a mano it's have him over for dinner. That fence is up for us, in case we figure out who Ollie North really is and what he did to us.

You have this so-called "terrorist," you know, the guy with the pop gun that terrorizes you. The nuclear weapons don't terrorize you, the state control doesn't terrorize you, the massive death and genocide that goes on in your name doesn't terrorize you. You don't know who the enemy is, and so you're afraid of a guy on an airplane with a pistol. But that's a terrorist, and you're shaking in your boots, and now they are going to be said to have a nuclear weapon. So, "Oh well, what can we do? We have to suspend civil liberties. We have to put people in camps. We have to do whatever is necessary in order to stop this 'threat'."

So you come up with a scenario that's good enough, and then you move. And they have the plans, they know how to move, they have it down to the neighborhood level. If you buy the lie; if you don't identify who's oppressing whom and who the enemy really is. Believe me, you are not in danger of Abu Nidal, or the PLO, or whoever the Terrorist of the Month is supposed to be. Your life is not hanging on a hinge. Yeah, maybe if you travel internationally all the time you'll be on the wrong plane at the wrong moment. But I doubt most of you are jet setters.

The threat comes from someplace else. And even the people who take over the plane, in my experience, have ties to these same military intelligence networks.

But they kill people. And at the same time it is possible to expose how they do it; and to break the cycle of the lies; and to catch up with it; and to understand who's assassinating whom, and how. Because the techniques work and they use them over. They're not that hard to figure out, once you understand the personnel and the pattern.

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[Transcript of a talk given by John Judge at a one-day conference entitled "The Fourth Reich in America." A transcript of the entire conference, "The Fourth Reich in America," is available from Flatland Books, P.O. Box 2420, Fort Bragg, CA 95437.]

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {1} "If it's Nazi Germany, who are the Jews?" One obvious answer that Judge omits would have to be the blacks. This is backed up by statistics such as blacks on death row, black unemployment, blacks in prison. Note that I am not saying that we should therefore implement quotas or whatever. I don't know what the solution is to America's traditional scapegoating of blacks. {2} "If it's Nazi Germany, who are the Jews? .... Women." Yes and no. The other side of the coin would be the FemiNazis. Who are the FemiNazis? According to Texe Marrs, "They are unlike anything the world has ever experienced. They're ruthless, shrewd and calculating -- and they've got a stranglehold on the White House.... [The FemiNazis,] the coven of brutally correct women who now rule over us."
{3} "...when they came and got the neighbors." Like in Waco, for instance.
{4} "How do you set up martial law here?" Another scenario would be the collapse of the dollar, stocks plunge, economic disaster, and here comes FEMA and the U.N. "peacekeepers."

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