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("Quid coniuratio est?")



JOHN JUDGE: [...continues...] When Gehlen finished setting up the CIA here, he went back to Germany and helped set up the postwar German, NATO, and French Intelligence structures that rule the reactionary politics in those countries and in Europe today, and that command our constant military presence there. Forty years after the war's supposed to be over.

He was replaced in large part, at that point, by Otto von Bolshwing. Otto Albrecht von Bolshwing, who had been Adolph Eichmann's superior at the Hebrew desk for the movement of the Jews and the Final Solution and the killing and the planning. But he was never tried in Nazi Germany. He was just allowed to slip through the cracks, like many of them, and ended up here, in the United States. He helped form a corporation called TCI, with Edwin Wilson, Helena von Damm, and with other people connected to the intelligence agencies, as one of many front companies out here in California. When it went bankrupt, it sold its largest subsidiary to Albert Hakim and Richard Secord. And that subsidiary became Stanford Technology Trading Group, and Trading Group International. These were their fronts, during that time.

And the financing, if you remember, of [Oliver] North's operation, was through Credit Suisse. Well Credit Suisse was set up as a bank, in the 1940s, as the funnel and conduit for Permindex. It was the banking firm to take care of Permindex's international operations.

And just recently, when I was reading Tennessee Waltz by James Earl Ray {1}, where he names the person in Canada that introduced him to the mysterious character Raoul {2}, who set him up as the patsy. He says that that's a person named David Gravier. Well David Gravier is an international financier, connected to American Banking and Trust, which itself is a major subsidiary of guess who? Credit Suisse. Where did he [Ray] meet him [Raoul]? In Canada, where Permindex was located. See, so you'll find the connections going back to certain firms, certain cover.

The current world cover for the training of these assassins, I believe, is an evangelical right-wing organization known as World Vision. Among its employees at the Fort Chaffee Refugee Camp it was running for Laotian, Thai, and Vietnamese refugees was a young man named Mark David Chapman -- responsible for the death of a very political musician who could have brought a million people out in response to Reagan's war efforts in a single day, named John Lennon.

Mark David Chapman had military training. He was in Beirut, interestingly enough, when military training was going on there by Wilson and Terpil. And he moved to Hawaii, worked for the large military firms. You'll remember he took a military stance at the time. The chairman of the board in those days of World Vision was none other than John Hinckley, Sr. The funding for World Vision was, primarily, during the Vietnam period, CIA directly funding it. They now still admit 5% coming through USAID, which was the cover. And they operated in all of Southeast Asia, collecting information on Laotians, Cambodians and others under the cover of this missionary work. They were in charge of the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatilla when the Fascist Phalange came in and killed the Palestinians. They are in charge of the refugee camps, along the Honduran border, for the Central Americans, where the Contras are allowed to go in and actively recruit. They run the physical operation in the camps for the Cuban and Haitian refugees here in the United States. And it was at those camps, you remember, there were riots. Well part of what started that riots was that they brought into those camps a political education program that if you didn't attend, you didn't eat. And the people that ran that program for the Cubans were none other than Alpha-66 and Omega-7, the Cuban reactionaries left over from the Bay of Pigs invasion.

And, these international refugee communities they started in the '50s (I went back to their earliest populations) were really just attempts to manipulate people that were in Communist countries who were reactionary and were running from the situations or the changes in those countries. Refugee populations are expendable; they're manipulable. Part of the history of Jonestown is the history of refugees, 'cause a lot of the reason they went to Matthew's Ridge is that they wanted cheap labor there.

But I found the same names cropping up, the same modus operandi, the same monies, (and I've only named a few of them), throughout not only the major assassinations (the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, the Chappaquidik incident, where Ted Kennedy was set up and Mary Jo [Kopechne(?)] was killed, the murder of Jessica Savitch, a number of these situations I've worked on), but also many of the witnesses that died (75 strange witness deaths in John Kennedy case, 80 each, or around that, each, in both Martin Luther King and the Robert Kennedy, another 35-40 strange deaths connected with Watergate, the Second House Select Committee on Assassinations) {3}. And a lot of the people that we knew were involved in the original research started to drop dead. There's people dropping dead now, during the Contragate investigation. It's a constant pattern: the witnesses are wiped out.

And when you go into the specifics: who did they know, or where they were, who was around them, or who helped set them up, you will find, I believe, (if you do the work, and I encourage you to do it on the things that you're interested in) people that have connections to Navy Intelligence. That's the central place where these people operated from, on the command level. You'll find people otherwise involved in the U.S. Intelligence agencies. And you'll find people either with direct ties to Nazi Germany or with connections to current Fascist International networks that grew out of that period.

But those Nazis came here. They formed our foreign policy. There's a couple of new books out. If you haven't had a chance to see them, you should get them. This is by Bower, from a British publisher. It's called The Paperclip Conspiracy, and it's about the hunt for the Nazi scientists. There's an earlier book by Clarance Lasby, Project Paperclip that's very good, but these are recent ones, with some new information.

And this very good book by Chris Simpson. All these still miss pieces, or perspective, but this is called Blowback, which is an Intelligence term for negative effects from a covert operation; America's recruitment of Nazis and its effects on the Cold War.

All these things are available. It's not impossible to get this information. I think you need to focus a little bit.

What I'm suggesting is that there's this history of the Fascism moving; that assassination has been its long-term technique for certain political purposes; and that it's time you took a look around you. Because they are killing us. They're not killing all of us. But they're killing people not just at the top government levels, but all the way down to the activists and the people who are going to try to make a difference.

Which is not to me, again, an argument not to try to make a difference. Because they can't kill us all. Or if we don't do anything, they will kill us all. So you see, it's one or the other. But to me, there's really no choice.

If you stumble across Auschwitz in the 1940s, you're either going to go home, and be a "good German" and use the soap, or you're going to speak up. You see, you're going to speak up and you're going to have the horrible fate that Walter Rudolph didn't want. You're going to become one of the excess population; one of the untermenschen, one of the expendables.

But I'd suggest that, given the reality of the economy, that most of you here in the audience are that already. My obeisance to the FBI and CIA agents here; you probably have a good paycheck still. But I would think that most of you are not in such a secure position. And this economy is not so long for the world, in terms of taking care of everybody. If you haven't looked around you on the street lately, there's a depression out there, and that's what a depression looks like.

(to be continued)

[Transcript of a talk given by John Judge at a one-day conference entitled "The Fourth Reich in America." A transcript of the entire conference, "The Fourth Reich in America," is available from Flatland Books, P.O. Box 2420, Fort Bragg, CA 95437.]

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {1} James Earl Ray was found guilty of the assassination of Martin Luther King, jr. There are many who doubt that Ray was, in fact, the assassin.
{2} James Earl Ray claimed to have received instructions for many of his actions from a shadowy figure known only to him as "Raoul."
{3} Also worth noting at this juncture, the Clinton Body Count; i.e., "suicides" and violent deaths of persons connected to Bill Clinton.

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