Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 25

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[CN Editor -- I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all of the following. It may or may not be true, I just don't know.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts [CCCC]." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 Oglesby.

Crooked federal judges do not die soon enough.

Federal judges are appointed for life. By the Constitution, they're supposed to sit during so-called "good behavior." Congress only rarely has impeached judges, and that mostly because they antagonized vested interests.

Federal judgeships are bought and sold like a valuable trophy. In Chicago, the current corruption price is $1 million for a chair in the U.S. District Court. For a chair on the Federal Appeals Court here, the sky is the limit!

The Appeals Court, one step below the high court in Washington, is the end of the line for most federal cases.

Many federal judges are appointed young enough so that they sit for 30 to 40 years, scratching out their decisions like a knot in their underwear.

While the FBI and the Justice Department may accuse a small-time state court judge of corruption, federal judges are granted a pass by law enforcement and by the news fakers. Yet as we [CCCC] have shown for 30 years in and out of the courthouse, the major bribery is in the federal court.

For example, in 1969 the chief judge of the U.S. District Court here, William J. Campbell, obtained millions of dollars by corrupt means, using part of it to build a skyscraper downtown. His rotten picture has a place of honor in the federal jail here, and the federal court law library is named after him.

Then we come to the example of federal district judge George W. Lindbergh. Previously, he was an Illinois state appellate judge. In a hearing watched by bankers nationwide, judge Lindbergh favored Northern Trust Company of Chicago, making it virtually impossible to sue banks for lender's liability -- wrecking small and medium business borrowers. A few weeks later, his backers, with a million dollars and more, bought him a chair on the federal district court here.

Judge Lindbergh has sought to "plough under" one of the most important, unpublicized cases: The Joseph Androcetti(?) affair.

Lindbergh was corrupted by First National Bank of Cicero, run by Paul Marcinkas(?), mafia boss that headed the Vatican bank.

Also corruptly influencing judge Lindbergh has been Household International and their units, Household Banks -- successor to the Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia, notorious CIA laundry.

But, judge Lindbergh has prostate cancer. So, he may not be sitting for decades and decades scribbling his poisonous rulings, favoring gangster banks and big corporate swindlers and "high- class" criminals of all kinds.

Some contend judge Lindbergh is becoming a "canary," singing about the bribery and corruption he has been a part of. His deathbed confessions how federal cases are "fixed" may shake the Dirksen Building, the federal courthouse here. (By the way, since the glass is sealed, an exposed, corrupt judge cannot jump out the window... hah-hah.)

As judge Lindbergh may well be confessing, judgeships are bought and sold, bribes are "washed" through banks here (like the Continental Bank, with offshore units), court transcripts are "faked up," and judges reportedly meet in secret with lawyer "fixers," like Meyer, Brown and Platt(?), fronting for the bankers. (That law firm, by the way, reportedly bought judge Lindbergh his federal judgeship.)

For now, Lindbergh's office has been (312) xxx-xxxx. But, cynics say we may soon leave a message for judge Lindbergh care of a mortuary in Crystal Lake.

But then, crooked federal judges do not die soon enough.

In Chicago, see us on cable tv, channel 21, 9 pm [cst] most Monday evenings.

Play it again: The Death of Reporters. (312) 731-1505.

New message Friday; we change it several times a week.

Donations appreciated. Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 South Oglesby, Chicago, [Illinois] 60617. For the latest on courts, banks, espionage agencies, political assassinations, and the news media. On 24 hours a day.

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