Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 16

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the For the People radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: We're back. We're talking to Linda Thompson. She has been investigating the Waco matter. [...Info on how to get videotape...]

Now. What was the plan of the government? And why?

LINDA THOMPSON: I don't think anybody's got the answer to "why" yet (including me), other than the obvious. Number 1, they were able to do things that were completely illegal out in the open, in the public eye -- such as using tanks on American citizens, firing down on them from helicopters, and all of the things that we saw for 51 days that were illegal -- and get away with it! In fact, they were able to blame the victims for all of it! And I think that was one purpose of it, was to see how well and how effectively the American public could be manipulated through the media by accepting all of the stories that we were told about how "crazy" the Branch Davidians were -- David Koresh this, David Koresh that -- and that we were stupid enough that we would sit there and go, "Yeah. Those are bad guys. They deserve it.", and not even consider the historic precedent of using military on 140 men, women and children! {1}. That's unheard of! And people were so dumb they didn't stop and ask about it at first. {2}. They are now, thank goodness.

HARDER: What is "posse comitatus"? What does that mean?

THOMPSON: There is a federal law... "Posse comitatus" means, literally, a posse or a sheriff's posse; a body of men that are a posse; or a legal body of men. Used to be, historically (and it's still in effect today), the sheriff of any county is the highest authority in any state. And that sheriff has the ability to use anybody he wants to as a posse to go after bad guys. In fact, the posse comitatus is the whole body of men in any county that can be in the posse, whether the sheriff picks them or not. They can volunteer and automatically are in it.

You are forbidden... by federal law, the government is forbidden from using any military as a posse or as a posse comitatus -- a body of men to enforce the law. The military cannot be used for law enforcement purposes under our Constitution and under this federal law.

Now I would personally prefer to rely on the Constitution, because it's a much stronger document than any federal statute -- but either way. You've got a federal statute, it's at XVIII United States Code, section 1385, the Posse Comitatus Act, which provides criminal penalties for anybody that uses military in a law enforcement capacity.

HARDER: Isn't that what was done?!

THOMPSON: That's exactly what was done.

Now we have several congressmen who have written me and asked me to write questions for them to give to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Treasury Department and the FBI -- which we did, and which they did. And the response that they've got back to that exact question, "Isn't it illegal to use military on civilians?" uh, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all of 'em have replied, "No we didn't, really. We just used the equipment. We didn't use the people. There's no active duty military in the tanks..."

HARDER: Hang... Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down... Who flew the helicopter?

THOMPSON: That's... Well, see, that's a lie! What they have told our congressmen is a lie and I can prove it. But until we went out to get... We had to first get their response, all right? And see what their story was going to be so we would know what evidence to go get to prove they're lying. So, so they came back and said, "Well we didn't really use military. We used just the equipment." They claimed FBI agents were driving the tanks and they claimed FBI was flying the helicopters. We now have film footage that proves that's an absolute lie. They did have active duty military in those tanks. They had active duty military flying the helicopters. And they had active duty military on the ground in a much greater capacity than merely advisory.

And even if they weren't, I don't care. A rose is a rose is a rose. I don't care who's driving those tanks. If you've got a tank in somebody's front yard, it's a military assault. Tanks are only for war.

HARDER: All right. Now, one would think that a helicopter gunship, a helicopter fitted with a machine gun, would be essentially a military war item, would you not?

THOMPSON: Yeah. Customs has 'em. Isn't that a fascinating little factoid? Why do so many of our... Did you know that every government agency right now has its own SWAT [Special Weapons And Tactics, a police unit with military characteristics] team? Including the Post Office? And the forestry service? They all have a SWAT team.

HARDER: What are they planning to "swat"?

THOMPSON: Us, best I can figure.

HARDER: Now we know that there have been a number of terrible tragedies. Like the Scott case, for instance, uh, where, essentially, the government... Have you studied the Scott case?

THOMPSON: Um-hmm. [Affirmative]

HARDER: All right. What was that all about? I know we're gonna digress a moment, away from Waco, but that was another case where something "happened". The government invaded this guys house!

THOMPSON: Scott's property was "smack dab" in the middle of a national forest. He owned the last little piece of property that the government didn't have yet. And it was literally surrounded on all four sides; I mean, he was an island in the middle of a national forest.

One of the things that we've investigated is FINCEN -- that's the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. And this ties to the Scott case because, I think... and then it ties to a lot of these cases. I think it's important for people to know what it is. FINCEN is a 92 computer data bank center, out of [unclear], Virginia, operated by the government. And the whole purpose of FINCEN is information gathering and keeping it in these databases in a way that is interactive. They've asked that all government agencies, every government agency -- including county, city, state, it doesn't matter -- hook into this computer data bank. And when I called, I spoke to the executive director. (At the time, his name was Andy Slodine(?). And the new guy's name is Gardner. But I was talking with Andy Slodine.) I said, "What is FINCEN? What do you do?" They have information on everybody in this country. They can pull up your customs records. They can pull up your IRS records, your credit bureau reports, your car tag number, your VIN number, your property records. Anything about you that's ever been computerized, they have it.

HARDER: Um-hmm. [Indicates he understands]

THOMPSON: Now they also have a group called OCDETF(?), the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, out of Washington, D.C.

I found out that both FINCEN and OCDETF are operated by Department of Treasury! Not the Drug Enforcement Agency, not Department of Justice -- but the Treasury Department. Which is really very interesting, because Treasury was never intended to be a law enforcement body.

HARDER: All right, hang... Let's, let's leave it right there, for 2 minutes, and we'll come right back. Linda Thompson, our guest. Don't go away.

(to be continued)

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} As to Thompson's assertion that the use of military on civilians in this country is unprecedented, my question would be: What about the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago? Both National Guard and federal troops (including tanks) were used against the protesters there. Not to say it was right to use military at Waco (e.g. because there was precedent), just that her assertion that the Waco use of military was unprecedented seems to be wrong. -- CN Editor.
{2} As to Thompson's assertion that people did not at first question what was happening at Waco: Perhaps this is generally true, however forums such as "alt.conspiracy" did question the official version of what was happening right from the start. I am grateful for the fact that alt.conspiracy was available to me during the Waco siege. Perhaps if it hadn't been there, I would have succumbed to the mass media brainwashing. -- CN Editor.

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