Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 15

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the For the People radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: Hello, everybody. Hi. Chuck Harder, For The People.

Well there is some light shining on the Waco matter. And that searchlight is directed by one Linda Thompson, who is an attorney and who is investigating this independently. She has produced 2 videotapes. One has pretty much gone across the United States, one way or another, called "Waco, the Big Lie." She's got a totally new, updated version, with a tremendous amount of new footage; stuff never been seen, a lot of it. Got in different ways (and we'll not go into that.) But the point of it is... it's called "Waco, the Big Lie Continues," and we're offering it [ on how to obtain...]

And Linda is on the line. And we're talking about the Waco matter. Uh, where we left off last hour... we're now at the 911 tapes.

LINDA THOMPSON: Well you were asking about the proof of the helicopters firing...

HARDER: Yeah. Right.

THOMPSON: ...first. And just a quick rundown of that: We have the children's own stories that the helicopters fired into 'em. Annetta Richards, who was one of the old ladies that came out with the kids said that. Dick DeGuerin, the attorney who went in, saw the roof was full of bullet holes -- he said that. He also said that a nursing mother and a child had been killed in that room. Then we have the "critique" of the ATF report by the investigators, saying they should have used helicopters that had firepower -- which is a lie, because we have a picture showing one of the helicopters with a .308 machine gun in it, and there were .308 bullets recovered from the upstairs room.

So all those things, so far, are proof of the helicopters firing in. And then we also have the 911 tapes where the Branch Davidians call the police and they say, throughout that 911 tape you've got one fellow saying, "Here come the helicopters again! And with more guys and more guns!" and "The helicopters are gonna shoot down at us." You know, things like that, throughout the 911 tape...

HARDER: Um-hmm. [Indicates he understands]

THOMPSON: ...talking about the helicopter firing on 'em!

HARDER: Um-hmm. [Indicates he understands]

THOMPSON: So I have no doubt that that... you know, to me, that is a given.

HARDER: O.K. Can we prove that the government and/or the helicopters (which is also the government) fired first?

THOMPSON: Well, that is the only thing that makes sense. And you can see the helicopters. The ATF report admits that the helicopters got there about a half hour before they did. They got there too soon.

HARDER: Um-hmm. [Indicates he understands]

THOMPSON: And in the footage that is available, you can see the helicopters off on the horizon coming back for a second pass. So yes they were already there. Yes they have already been across. And with all this other evidence that they fired into the roof, it only makes sense that that's who fired first. Uh, and that's what the Branch Davidians are saying too. The two... the older lady that came out, she said that,...


THOMPSON: ...that that was the first firing which... You see, what does that do? Whoever set this up was really pretty smart because it makes both sides think the other side shot first. And neither side is aware that it's coming from the helicopter at that point.

And you remember the ATF, when they first reported all this, they said, "They had a machine gun!" You know, "They had a .50 caliber machine gun firing at us!" And then it turns out they didn't have any .50 caliber machine gun. But the ATF wasn't crazy when they were saying they heard machine gun fire. They were telling the truth. It came from a .308, which is a fairly heavy caliber machine gun, that was in the helicopter.

HARDER: All right. So... So here we have, essentially, a government that through its agents has murdered citizens -- call it what you like. And now you tell me that they are essentially throwing the trial, so that some, or many, of the Branch Davidians who survived will most likely be acquitted.

What does that mean?

THOMPSON: Well, they're controlling... The whole thing from beginning to end has been damage control on what's gonna be released to the public. What they don't want the public to know, from the first day, is that they killed children. 'Cause you remember, all the propaganda that came out was: They were doing this because of the children. We were all supposed to believe that this was out of concern for the children; that somehow they're going to protect these children and save these children. That was the pitch. That was the angle that they chose to pitch this from.

HARDER: Um-hmm. [Indicates he understands]

THOMPSON: Last thing they could afford to do is admit that they killed kids the first day.

And then the last bit of cover-up that we're getting, for the final day they killed children, too. There were 17 children under the age of 5 killed in the final conflagration. So they can't admit [any responsibility for] that either.

All of what we're seeing right now is damage control, to make sure that just enough gets out that the same story is perpetuated: That David Koresh was a lunatic, these people were brainwashed, it's all their fault -- but these particular people [on trial] probably didn't do too much (that they're going to get acquittals on). That's going to be the story. That's what they're doing is damage control.

The real story is, the ATF raided this place and they did use a plan that was configured in conjunction with Special Forces. The head of the team, Bill Buford, is ex-Special Forces. All the planning was done hand-in-hand with 7th Special Forces out of Fort Bragg. That is in the ATF report.

HARDER: All right, now wait a minute. Let's do this: a quick 2 minute break here. But when we come back, I want to know what the original plan was -- according to the information you have -- what was the original plan? And why?

We'll be right back, with Linda Thompson.

(to be continued)

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