Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 14

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the For the People radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: Linda Thompson is with us. And we're talking about the Waco trial. So what we've got right now is the government not looking so good.

Go ahead, where we left off.

LINDA THOMPSON: Well we were with them throwing the trial, I think.


THOMPSON: What we have got, and what should have been available to the defense, is a whole lot of things that are absolute proof that when the government says that they "lost the element of surprise," that is a lie within a lie. Because they're not... They give you the impression that they're admitting something by saying that and admitting their guys are boobs. But what they're doing is they're saying, "Well, yeah, we're incompetent, we're stupid, we screwed up." There's a big difference between making an honest mistake and intentional murder. And that's what they're doing. They're getting out of intentional murder by appearing to admit to stupidity.

But what they did was intentional murder. There's not anything in their plan that had any provision for somebody to go up to that front door and knock on the front door. There's no provision in the battle plan, originally, at all. None. And they pretty much have admitted that in court, too.

But they... And they also admitted that David Koresh did come to the front door, he did open the door, he did say, "What's goin' on?" -- and they began firing at him! Now they've admitted these things.

HARDER: Now, has it been admitted in court that the helicopter gunships fired first?

THOMPSON: No. That has not and I doubt it will be, because, you see, this is what they're covering up.

HARDER: All right. How can that be proven?

THOMPSON: That can be proven by several things. First of all, in the ATF final report, the investigators (of that final report) do several deceitful things. One is that they criticize the ATF for not using customs helicopters that would have had firepower. Now that creates the impression that ATF had helicopters that didn't have firepower, right? And that's the purpose of the "critique," is to give you the impression they did not have firepower in those helicopters. Fact is, they did. We have a picture of one of the helicopters that has a .308 machine gun mounted in it. And that is going to be... that is in "Waco II." It's a close-up of the helicopter with the .308 machine gun in it.

Twelve of the rounds that were recovered from the upstairs room, where two of the agents were killed, were .308 rounds, just like the caliber of that weapon in the helicopter.

In the footage that we have -- and some of that is in "Waco I" -- when you see edits in the film, we didn't make those edits. They were made before they were released to the public. We found footage by getting it through sources such as England, where they got 'em before the government had time to do as much editing as they did later. You can hear the original machine gun fire sound. And that footage is in "Waco II," too. When those guys are running up the ladder, there's a lot of machine gun fire. When they're on the roof, you can hear the helicopter very close by -- then there's that glitch. What they edited out was the sound of the machine gun in the helicopter firing down into the roof.

Dick DeGuerin, the attorney that they let go in and out, said he saw the roof. It looked like swiss cheese.

Of the children that were allowed out, one of the kids drew a picture of a house, her house, and dotted it with bullet holes in the roof and explained to the psychiatrist that this was bullet holes in the roof. We've got footage of that.

Um, and the lady, Annetta Richards, that was in there with the children and came out with the children, was one of the people that said that helicopters fired in on 'em, into the roof.

On the 911 tapes, when the Branch Davidians called the police... Now that's another little bit of proof, all by itself. The fact that they were not firing for 20 minutes into that tape. They called the police and said, "There's a bunch of guys out here climbing in our windows and they're shooting at us!" They called the police. And in that tape, we've got all of the 911 tapes now and we've had the first seven transcribed...

HARDER: All right, hang on... Linda Thompson... You'll stay another hour?


HARDER: O.K. Ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna continue this conversation.

Linda Thompson is an attorney. [Harder gives info on how to get "Waco II."]

Thanks everybody. All the best. May God bless.

(to be continued)

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