Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 1 Num. 9

("Quid coniuratio est?")

[CN Editor -- In the past, I have pointed out that "LaRouche is not infallible." Yet at times, the "Wacky Frenchman" really seems to be extraordinarily on-target. This is especially true, I think, in his economic analyses. What follows is from the May 30, 1994, The New Federalist.]


In an interview with the weekly radio program "EIR Talks" on May 19, Lyndon LaRouche commented on the jailing of Carlos Andres Perez (CAP), a former President of Venezuela.

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Carlos Andres Perez in his second incarnation as President inaugurated the group of IMF [International Monetary Fund] conditionalities measures which caused a shock to the entire country of Venezuela, and had an effect on neighboring economies.

Now, CAP was very close to the organization of Diego Cisneros, which is Gustavo Cisnero's organization. Gustavo Cisneros was engaged in very wild speculation, together with putting his brother Ricardo Cisneros in charge of the Banco Latino. According to all the reports of the examination so far, they ran Banco Latino the way that some people were accused of running syndicates of savings and loan associations back in the 1980s.

This was against the interest of those in Venezuela who were investing in the nation of Venezuela. So very rapidly, CAP went from being a popular President to one of the most hated men in Venezuela. He eventually was pretty much hounded out of office for his financial irregularities as President.

New election, we have a new President: Caldera. The Cisneros organization and its friends were not satisfied with that. They had to try to wreck the country politically with the support of foreign agencies; and they set out to destroy the new presidency of Caldera.

In the process of that, they went after my friend, Alejandro Pena. While CAP's old friend, Cisneros, starts to go after Pena to protect CAP and CAP's faction, CAP himself ends up in the jug.

But what this represents is more importantly defined as follows:

We are coming to the point, at which the IMF system, the Federal Reserve system, in their present forms, are DOOMED. Nothing can be done to save them, and no money should be wasted trying to save them. But what happens is, you have this doomed dinosaur -- its eggs aren't fertile anymore -- and it becomes desperate and frantic as the Cisneros organization did.

They were doomed. They were caught with their hands in the till. Ricardo Cisneros is a fugitive from justice because of what happened to the bank. But they won't give up. They sit in there in their fight like a species facing extinction; and they have this attitude of apres nous le deluge, after me comes nothing, comes chaos. I don't care, I'm going to fight to get every moment of power and wealth I can have before I go down; and if I go down, I'm going to take the world with me.

But that's not just a Venezuelan problem: It's a problem around the world. The policies and the policy complex behind Maggie Thatcher in London and her crony, or what she describes in her memoirs as her virtual stooge, then President George Bush: that system, that way of life, that new world disorder, is doomed.

But George ain't going quietly; neither are the Thatcherites; neither is the Diego Cisneros organization, or CAP. So CAP goes to prison. IT'S A SIGN OF THE TIMES GLOBALLY. Fundamental changes are in order. Probably the most important crisis in all modern history is now falling around our ears. And old institutions that seemed to rule the world for decades, are now going down into the mud.

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