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If anyone cares, Mr. Grabbe is a Harvard Ph.D. and has an extensive background in, among other things, high finance, education, technology and a number of other key areas. As for the so-called "Fifth Column" and the "manila envelopes," I have independently checked and verified much of that information, and that used by former Forbes magazine senior editor Jim Norman in his stories on that topic. Bottom line: Internet technology will make it that much tougher for government agencies to peddle lies to the general public. If only the mainstream press would catch up and stay with quickly unfolding developments (and not get hung up on one silly piece of satire from Mr. Grabbe, the end of which he admits the entire story to be -- satire!)

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CN: Above is from Gerald Carroll. Mr. Carroll is the author of a fascinating book on the JFK assassination (Project Seek, 1-800- 729-4131), worked for years at a major newspaper in San Francisco, and currently is a professor at a major university in Iowa.

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