Vince: We Hardly Knew Ye
Part 3

Being a recap of the death, and various ongoing investigations into same, of White House aide Vincent Foster, jr.

(With apologies to his family, who prefer to "let sleeping Fosters lie.")

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With the U.S. about to invade Bosnia in order to promote peace ("War is peace"); with things getting a little hot in Washington (and not just the weather) for that big, lovable clown from Arkansas; with investigations heating up; with the "special people" beginning to panic -- how convenient for the comfortable classes that the situation in Bosnia should heat up just about now.

So that the commissar class doesn't get too comfortable, I thought I'd offer a bit of a history lesson on the death, as well as the on-and-off investigations into same, of Vincent Foster, jr.

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AUGUST 10, 1993

The Village Voice, in a "Press Clips" by Doug Ireland section ("My Counsel Vinny", August 10, 1993), expressed suspicions over Vincent Foster's death.

"I don't think there is anything more to know," stated Bill Clinton, less than 48 hours after Vincent Foster's body was discovered. Was Clinton a bit too eager to bury potential investigations? "By declaring not simply that he didn't know why Foster killed himself but that there was nothing else to be known, Clinton volunteered more than he was asked, and gave the impression of a rush to judgement."

On July 22, Clinton ordered a "top-level Justice Department investigation" into Foster's death. By July 27th, Michael Isikoff revealed in the Washington Post that the Justice Department had already "backed off its pledge to conduct a full investigation... saying it was merely participating in a low-level 'inquiry' that was being run by the U.S. Park Police."

Village Voice notes that, in the first days after Foster's death, no one knew why Foster would have killed himself. There was no mention of any "depression". It took nine days before the new version, that Foster "had displayed signs of depression", began to be bandied about.

Why did Clinton phone Foster the night before his death? Former Clinton White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers explained that "Clinton by coincidence called Foster because the president felt 'lonely' for his lifelong friend."

Why did the Clinton White House hamper the investigation into Foster's death? Again, Michael Isikoff, writing in the Washington Post reported that "investigators believe the White House slowed examination of evidence and interviews necessary to determine if some sudden event connected with his job prompted President Clinton's friend to take his own life."

Why was no "suicide note" originally found in Foster's briefcase? "If the slipshod search missed that, what else did it miss?"

And then why, when the torn up "suicide note" was found, why were there no fingerprints on it? And why was one piece missing?

Unanswered questions. But why, instead of vigorously seeking the answers, are we instead about to have a "hearing" during which Senator Al D'Amato is "not going to be looking into the Foster suicide, per se"? For Heavens sake, why not??

Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

Coming to you from Illinois -- "The Land of Skolnick"