Vince: We Hardly Knew Ye
Part 2

Being a recap of the death, and various ongoing investigations into same, of White House aide Vincent Foster, jr.

(With apologies to his family, who prefer to "let sleeping Fosters lie.")

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With the U.S. about to invade Bosnia in order to promote peace ("War is peace"); with things getting a little hot in Washington (and not just the weather) for that big, lovable clown from Arkansas; with investigations heating up; with the "special people" beginning to panic -- how convenient for the comfortable classes that the situation in Bosnia should heat up just about now.

So that the commissar class doesn't get too comfortable, I thought I'd offer a bit of a history lesson on the death, as well as the on-and-off investigations into same, of Vincent Foster, jr.

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JANUARY 27, 1994

AP 01/27 14:19 EST

WASHINGTON - A paramedic who responded to the shooting death of former White House lawyer Vince Foster told a newspaper he saw several "strange" things at the scene that might not have been consistent with a suicide.

The New York Post, which interviewed the paramedic and two people who were at the scene, said the information raised new questions about the death of Foster, a close friend of President Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Federal investigators have determined his July 20 death was a suicide.

Attorney General Janet Reno, whose department coordinated the investigation of his death, said, "I have heard absolutely no information at all that would indicate that it is anything but a suicide."

The White House had no immediate comment.

Fairfax County paramedic George Gonzalez told the Post he was surprised to find only a small amount of blood at the scene. He said Foster's body laid on the ground "as if in a coffin," which he found "peculiar." He also said Foster's hand was still gripping a gun.

Kory Ashford, an emergency service technician at the scene, said she did not see any blood. "I can't even recall an exit wound."

Park policeman Kevin Fornshill, who said he was the first officer on the scene, also said he saw no blood, the Post reported.

Special counsel Robert Fiske, who is investigating a Clinton land venture that involved Foster, has included the lawyer's death as part of his scope.

"I think that all those matters should be discussed first with the independent counsel to make sure that we don't do anything that would be inappropriate," Reno said.

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