Vince: We Hardly Knew Ye
Part 11

Being a recap of the death, and various ongoing investigations into same, of White House aide Vincent Foster, jr.

(With apologies to his family, who prefer to "let sleeping Fosters lie.")

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With the U.S. about to invade Bosnia in order to promote peace ("War is peace"); with things getting a little hot in Washington (and not just the weather) for that big, lovable clown from Arkansas; with investigations heating up; with the "special people" beginning to panic -- how convenient for the comfortable classes that the situation in Bosnia should heat up just about now.

So that the commissar class doesn't get too comfortable, I thought I'd offer a bit of a history lesson on the death, as well as the on-and-off investigations into same, of Vincent Foster, jr.

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APRIL 18, 1994

Excerpts from Robert Novak's syndicated column, which appeared in the Washington Post (18 April 1994) under the headline "G. Gordon Liddy and the Mystery Witness":

"FBI agents last Thursday interviewd a man claiming to be the long-sought mystery witness who found the body of Vince Foster. He was delivered to them by an alumnus of the bureau, Gordon Liddy of Watergate notoriety, who informed the agents that the witness said he saw no gun in the hand of the dead White House aide."

"All reports had a revolver found in Foster's hand. Thus, if this indeed is the 'man in the white van' alleged to have first discovered Foster's body, an assertion that he saw no gun would pose serious questions for Whitewater Special Counsel Robert Fiske's investigation."

"Assuming Foster committed suicide, did he do so in an inconvenient place? Then, did someone move his body and put it in a park on the Virginia shore of the Potomac? If so, who did it?"

"Soon after Liddy wrote Fiske to report he had been contacted by the missing witness, FBI agents called him [Liddy]. . . ."

<I omit the text which restates what can be found in the transcript of Liddy's radio program, Radio Free DC.>

"After he sent this account to Fiske, Liddy said he was visited by FBI agents April 12. He told me the agents informed him they had been close to finding the missing witness themselves. Liddy then talked the man into seeing the agents on a confidential basis. According to Liddy, the man repeated -- before going into a private session with the FBI -- that 'there was no gun in his hand.'"

"Foster's death spawned so active a conspiracy-school industry that any supposed breakthrough must be suspected as a possible hoax. Liddy is a former prosecutor and says he is convinced the informant is authentic. He told me the man meets the description given by Swan: 'Heavy-set, white, in his mid-40s.' He said he also inspected the white utility van parked in the man's driveway."

"As for Liddy's credibility, he often has been called a zealot but never a liar."

"Nor is it likely he would endanger his rebuilt career by concocting this story."

"Fiske's lawyers in Little Rock presumably now have the FBI's report that suggests the possibility something is being hidden about the death of Vince Foster. The special counsel has no more important obligation than either to uncover such deception or to set the matter to rest once and for all."

Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

Coming to you from Illinois -- "The Land of Skolnick"