Vince: We Hardly Knew Ye
Part 1

Being a recap of the death, and various ongoing investigations into same, of White House aide Vincent Foster, jr.

(With apologies to his family, who prefer to "let sleeping Fosters lie.")

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With the U.S. about to invade Bosnia in order to promote peace ("War is peace"); with things getting a little hot in Washington (and not just the weather) for that big, lovable clown from Arkansas; with investigations heating up; with the "special people" beginning to panic -- how convenient for the comfortable classes that the situation in Bosnia should heat up just about now.

So that the commissar class doesn't get too comfortable, I thought I'd offer a bit of a history lesson on the death, as well as the on-and-off investigations into same, of Vincent Foster, jr.

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JULY 24, 1993

Subject: Re: Clinton's friend kills self Date: 24 Jul 1993 16:25:38 GMT
Organization: The Ohio State University

A small article in yesterday's USA Today brought out some interesting points about Foster's alleged suicide. Now before you start flaming me, I certainly don't consider USA Today to be the bastion of journalistic excellence but I haven't seen this issue addressed in other media sources, including my local morning newspaper.

Anyway, the interesting points were:

  1. No suicide note was left by foster
  2. No one knows any motive for suicide
  3. The gun was a Colt .38 made in 1913 -- totally untraceable
  4. Strict gun control in DC means he would have had to possess it illegally
  5. No one knows who found the body or called 911

The word from the Whitehouse, however has not changed. They maintain that no investigation is needed. And Clinton said, "I don't think there is anything more to know."

Dee Dee Myers is quoted as saying, "...There is no evidence to suggest anything other than suicide." Hey, she oughta know.

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AUGUST 5, 1993

Date: 5 Aug 1993 19:40:13 -0400
Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and Unix, NYC Summary: Press critiques of Clinton's approach to his friend's death

I hope those who discounted my concern over the absence of a proper investigation of Foster's death have noted the growing concern expressed by the press over this issue, most notably in a recent William Safire column, in the continuing coverage by the Washington Post, and in Doug Ireland's Press Clips column in the current Village Voice.

Since I lack the time to summarize the content, I hope that all "unconcerned" parties will feel some obligation to inform themselves.

"I don't think there is anything more to know."

Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

Coming to you from Illinois -- "The Land of Skolnick"