Transcript of a talk given by officer Jack McLamb (retired) of the Phoenix Police Department.

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Biographical note: Officer McLamb was one of the most highly decorated members (if not the most highly decorated) of the Phoenix Police Department. Besides many acts of heroism, officer McLamb is also the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program, a program in which police officers visit school children to help them be better acquainted with the police. Officer McLamb was disabled in the line of duty and is now retired from the Phoenix Police Department. He currently hosts a radio show which can be heard Monday through Friday, 7 pm cst, on WWCR, 5.810 mHz shortwave.

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The uh, in controlling the American people by getting them to give up their Bill of Rights, they had to use a system that Dr. Stewart Crane, who's been a patriot for many years... for 30 years, Dr. Stewart Crane. Some of you probably have heard of him because of his patriotic activity. One of the most brilliant men in our nation, he had three Ph.D's: In history, and political science, and I forgot what the other one was. He's been in and out of jail so many times over the last 20 years, you wouldn't believe it -- because of his stand against this Satanic, evil system that has gripped our nation and the government systems of the world.

And he made this statement about anarchy: "If you're going to take over the united States, and you want to get you and I to give up our Bill of Rights," (and like they talked about last night, give up our guns so the government can "protect" us), "how are you gonna do it?" Well Dr. Stewart Crane made this statement. I think it's very important you understand what he says about the word "anarchy".

Does everybody know what anarchy is? It's total fear of crime or something that causes the breakdown of society. Now what we have, in our country, doing it, is crime and drugs that Clinton and his minions say we need a national police force to take care of; to make us all "safe".

But Dr. Stewart Crane says this: "The use of anarchy, to come into dictatorial power, is as old as civilization itself. Anarchy is always used when a small minority wants to come into power over the majority." {1}. He says, "A result of successful anarchy is always a police state."

Now what is happening? Anarchy, crime, and drugs in the street is causing what in America? A police state. Officers, you know that and I know that and so does everybody else here.

But he says, "The result of a successful anarchy is always a police state." He says, "Russia, Germany, Italy, or the U.S. -- if the type of government is decided by violence and crime in the streets, an autocratic, ruthless dictatorship is inevitable, because the people will demand it."

Now what is being used to take away our Bill of Rights and to level us with the rest of the world? What makes us different than any other nation in the world? The Bill of Rights, basically! We've thrown God out of our government a long time ago. Now all we have left is the Bill of Rights. What other nation on the face of the earth has a right to free speech? A total right to free speech. A 2nd amendment where we have [the right] to keep arms. A 4th amendment or a 5th amendment, all these things. Only the united States of America. So they must destroy the Bill of Rights.

But as professor Stewart Crane says, the way to do it is to get you to want to give it up. And how are they gonna do that? Anarchy in the streets. And it's working very, very successfully.

How do you create anarchy in the streets, now? Well, you've got to do what the dialectic, the Hegelian {2} dialect, said. And the Hegelian dialect was something that was conceived to cause you to do things you wouldn't do unless there was something serious happening in your community.

Here's the dialectic: The Hegelian principle is, revolutionaries in government have created economic chaos; shortages of food, fuel; confiscatory taxation; a crisis in education; and the threat of war, crime, and other divisions, to condition Americans for the New World Order. The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelic principle to bring about change in a three step process: the thesis, the antithesis, and the synthesis.

The first step, the thesis, is to create a problem. Crime. Let's use that as an example. Drugs. Illegal aliens coming in. Uh, the economy collapses as the illegal aliens come in. The economy gets worse. Whatever the problem is, you create it on purpose, O.K.? That is the thesis.

The antithesis is, to generate opposition to the problem. [CN -- The reaction to the problem.] Fear. Panic. Hysteria.

And then the synthesis is, to offer the solution to the problem created in step one!

Now what's the solution to the problem of crime and drugs in America, offered in step one? A national police force. You give up your Bill of Rights, and we're gonna "save" you from yourself. Isn't it wonderful that our government would do that for us?

Well, how did they create crime at the magnitude that we have it today? If you talk to Colonel "Bo" Gritz, if you talk to people on the right of the political spectrum, if you talk to people on the left of the political spectrum, you will find out that there's been much research, much research, and much documentation to the fact -- and I say fact, fellow police officers (We've got some female police officers here too. Thank you for coming.), -- but I'm telling you, I want you to hear this, I'm talking about fact that we can prove, we've got the evidence -- an evidentiary foundation that would stack as high as I am, the evidence, I've seen it -- that the U.S. government, certain factions in the U.S. government, have been involved in importing the majority of drugs in the united States since the '60s. Since 1960. We've got the evidence. We've got book after book, research document after research document. If you come by the table, I can give you some of this. I could give you a newsletter that we've talked about it, the police officers.

We have, folks, in the united States, a phony war on drugs. Because Richard Armitage(?), Theodore Shackley(?), and other people... Richard Armitage is now still in our federal government, very high up in the State Department. He served... He was in Vietnam importing the drugs for many, many years during the Vietnam war, from the "Golden Triangle". He now serves in the... Let's see. Reagan appointed him Secretary of State, uh no, assistant Secretary of Defense. And then Bush had to kind of make him go away for a short time. But now, Clinton's got him in the State Department running things! And these guys have been involved in bringing the majority of drugs into the united States. Why? To create a synthesis. Which means, to create a problem so that you will react differently than you would have had there been no problem.

The problem is drugs and crime in America. And what do they want you to do? What did Edwin Meese say in 1980? "I think the American people are ready to give up part of their Bill of Rights so that we can do something about the drug and crime problem."

Now. We're comin' right down to what Bill Clinton has in mind, and Hillary Rodham Clinton has in mind, for our nation.

Well their plan is to continue setting up a system in America where, number one, they can control every police agency across this nation. And number two, they can set a plan together to remove every gun away from the American people. This is a very vital part of their plan! It is so vital, folks, [that] they cannot go forward, they cannot go forward, until they somehow get all the police in the nation together that will react at the same time, at the same moment, and create the same activity on the west coast and do the same activity on the east coast, in the north and the south of this nation, at the same instant moment.

For example: if we wanted to, as law enforcement people -- or let's say if we were directed to -- come and get the guns of the American people... Or, perhaps before that, if we were to have to go and pick up all the "crazy" radical right-wing fanatics in the nation one early morning, like 4 o'clock in the morning when all of you [were] in bed, maybe -- We would have to be totally synchronized across this nation! How can you have this happen in L.A. two hours after it happens on the east coast?! You can see what would happen. Word would spread so fast, you'd have a revolution in one part of the country! So it has to be done, synchronized, at the same moment.

So how are they going to do that? Well number one, they have to be able to standardize every policy and procedure across the nation in every law enforcement department.

Now they tried it with LEAA. Some of you will remember that name. The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was set up, it was set up specifically for two reasons. The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was set up for two reasons, and two reasons only. And that was, to remove the guns away from the American people, put a plan together to do this. And number two, to set up a national police force.

Now. Let's take "national police force" first. How were they going to do that? Two ways: They were going to fund, put federal funds into, every law enforcement agency across this nation, until they could gain total control over those police agencies. So LEAA started doing that. They had millions and millions and millions of dollars pumped into every small and large police department across this nation. And they did gain great control over those agencies. It's just like, here in Arizona, we're now being told by the federal government what to do. And if we don't do it, they're gonna take our highway funds away from us, and they're gonna take this fund, or they're gonna do that to us. The same thing they've been [doing] on the other political levels, they did in law enforcement in the early 70s -- started funding crime prevention programs and equipment for law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Well that was very successful. In the Phoenix Police Department, I remember one lieutenant telling me one time, "Jack, go out and spend this money." I was working in the area of crime prevention, and he was working in the area of community service, in the Phoenix Police Department. And this lieutenant told us all, "Listen. We've got all this money left. We'll you've gotta get out and spend it, 'cause if it's not spent before the end of the fiscal year, we won't get that money back next year." So we had to find ways to go out and spend this money so we could get it back next year.

So it was highly successful. But then the second thing LEAA got in trouble for: They figured the way they'd set up a national police force is they would standardize every policy and procedure in every agency across the nation. Well, how were they gonna do it? What they did was, they decided that they would send out a model to all the departments to show how they could "professionalize" {3} and become a more "professional" {4} police agency if they would standardize every policy and procedure.

There's an organization that was called a radical, "crazy", anti- communist organization, called the John Birch Society. And they were called all kinds of names. And they discovered this plot to set up a national police force. And they started a program, the John Birch Society did, called "Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent." Some of you will remember the bumper stickers.

But they stopped that. And our "good" President -- quote/unquote "good" President, Ronald Reagan -- told us that he disbanded the LEAA. Because he felt that the American people wanted that done.

He didn't disband it. He took the name off of it, took half of it into the Justice Department and put half of it under a new program, that was created just a few years before, called FEMA -- the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And LEAA's whole internal organization is still alive and well today.

But they knew that they could not set up a national police force and standardize every policy and procedure through the government any longer! So what happened? In the late 70s, five police organizations, five private police organizations... and I think I have [...pauses...] yeah. I have their names right here. You should know about this. All of a sudden, five private, private, police organizations came up with this idea of standardizing every policy and procedure in every police department across the nation. Here's those organizations:

The International Association of Chiefs of Police. Now that is a pro-Marxist organization if you ever see one. Because you think, "International Chiefs of Police". There are more pro- Marxist chiefs of police around this world than there are Republicans or conservatives or anti-communist police chiefs. So of course, you have an "International Chief of Police Association," the votes are going to go toward the left and not towards center or to the right.

Another is PERF, the Police Executive Research Forum. That's a think tank for police officers and police associations.

And the National Sheriffs Association -- which is a pretty good organization. Sheriffs, of course, are more independent. Why? Because you vote them in office. Right? Police chiefs are all appointed by leftist city councils, just like in this city. All right? So you don't have anything to say about who your police chief is. And so you're going to find sheriffs, who you elect, are more in tune with what you want in America and what your goals and desires are, than police chiefs.

O.K. The next organization was the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

Now these five organizations just mysteriously came up with an idea, all together, that they were going to "professionalize" all the police agencies in the united States. And how were they gonna "professionalize" them? Well, they were going to "accredit" them. They were gonna "accredit" them, if they would standardize every policy and procedure in their police agencies.

Isn't this interesting.

And so we had, since the early... or late 70s, police chiefs working together -- leftist police chiefs. One was a chief by the name of Ruben Ortega -- some of you might remember that name. He travels under the tag of "Republican," but he's never been Republican according to this old Republican. And he was one of the people instrumental in starting this program called CALEA.

So these five police agencies started an organization called CALEA, and that is called the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies. Now basically, it does the exact same thing that the old LEAA was doing, but the John Birch Society caught and got them shut down on that part of their program.

But now the government, this conspiratorial, subrosa government, the one government below -- or let's say above -- the government you and I see; the puppets out there that are dancing and saying, "We're your elected representatives," when they're not (they actually work for this subrosa government); they decided that they'd have to do the standardization through the private sector. So they had these five police organizations say that every police organization in the united States, [every] agency, has to be "professionalized" so that we can do something about the crime and the drug problem.

So CALEA was started. And they've been very successful. There's thousands of police agencies. Thanks to chief Ruben Ortega, the Phoenix Police Department is now accredited through CALEA; we are now ready for the national police force. Because we've standardized every policy and procedure. The Sheriffs Department in [unclear] county is now in CALEA; they've standardized every policy and procedure. So Phoenix is pretty ready, aren't we? To be part of the national police force for the... uh, what do we call it? Martial law is what you call that. Once the national police force is all set up, you'll have martial law.

Now. Clinton has decided, of course, to continue this. And what has he done? Well he has (I gotta watch my time here), he has decided that he will continue this CALEA program. And now it's being promoted in every newspaper. Every once in a while on television, you'll hear, and these awards when a police department is accredited through CALEA, gets their accreditation, there's a big to-do made about it and all the city fathers get together and give out awards. And they make a big thing out of it.

And they're talking to all the little police agencies and the large police agencies that, if you do not get accredited through CALEA, you are nothing but an old, antiquated police agency.

One thing that you'll probably want to know also is that Chief Daryl Gates (and this will really peak your interest), Chief Daryl Gates sent CALEA away five times from the Los Angeles Police Department. He said "no" to them. And I wrote him a letter, the American Citizens and Lawmen Association wrote to Chief Daryl Gates. And he wrote us back a letter telling us why he had sent CALEA out of his police agency in Los Angeles.

Now remember marxist mayor Tom Bradley. Well his duty, as a member of the CFR/Trilateral Commission was to get CALEA in the Los Angeles Police Department! But two police officers were standing in his way: Chief Daryl Gates, and his second-in- command, Bob... Jordan, is it? Vernon. Bob Vernon. Who is a born- again christian police officer. Chief Daryl Gates and Bob Vernon, who's assistant police chief, would not allow CALEA in their police department.

You can't have that many police officers in one of the major cities in the united States not being a part of martial law! You can't have it! Tom Bradley was catching a lot of flak, from his bosses in the Trilateral Commission and CFR, to get Daryl Gates to get CALEA in his department!

And so Chief Daryl Gates mailed us this letter back. And here's what he said: He said, "As a main point of your letter, I absolutely agree with all the reasons you give for resisting national accreditation. Standardizing is an exceptionally bad idea, and I have opposed it since its inception."

He goes on to say, "Too many national police mandates take on a potential for a federal police structure, run by a central government." And he goes on and on and on.

Now. Can you understand why Chief Daryl Gates was blamed for the Rodney King beating? You can understand, finally, finally they had something they could beat Daryl Gates with, until the public outcry was for Chief Gates to leave.

And then they brought ol' Willie Williams in from Philadelphia, PA. And he's bringing CALEA in, slick as you can be. Because he's a part of the New World Order, regional government plan.

So those are some things that President Clinton is very much promoting about his own personal program. We should know that he's talked at length about his 100,000 man police corps. But he's talked very little -- and most of you probably haven't heard -- about his 300 [thousand] man federal police organization he's setting up from ex-military people. How many of you have heard of the 300,000 man [force] he's setting up? O.K. How many have heard of the 100,000 that he's set up? [pause] See? That's right. And this is the media, again. The media is not letting you know what President Clinton is doing about setting up... They're telling you about the 100 [thousand] man [force], 'cause you're supposed to think that these federally-trained police officers are going to come into your state {5}, in your local police departments and your state police departments and serve right along other dedicated, community-resident police officers -- like officer Ralph Gerbrans(?) and others in the community here, or in the meeting today -- who live in the community, empathize with the people, love the people, love serving the people.

President Clinton is gonna send 100,000 federally-trained officers. And what does this mean? Well, any officer in the audience knows there's a difference between a federally-trained officer, mentally, and a locally-trained officer. We think differently. You have more empathy, you have more sympathy, you have more territorial integrity, if you live in the community, you were raised in the community, became a police officer in the community, than if you're brought in and trained in some federal agency.

And trained in such a fashion that you see in the DEA, the ATF, the U.S. Marshall Service, and the FBI. You've seen recently how these people act. You've seen recently how the mental conditioning is different with a federal officer that is able to draw a bead on the head of a woman holding her eight-month-old baby, and on command, shoot her in the head and kill her right in front of her young children and her husband. {6}.

There's a difference in the mental conditioning of federal officers and your local police officers, that live in your community, see you every day, go to the store with you, play cards with you, go to the same church you go to. There's a difference. And Clinton knows that. And that's why he's training this 100,000, and gonna "help" with the drug and crime problem that they created on purpose by bringing the drugs into the united States.

But he hasn't told you about the 300,000 ex-military officers that he's bringing into the state also! There will be a total of about 8,000, when he gets through in the next few years, 8,000 federally-trained officers in our state [i.e. Arizona]; in each state in the union [CN -- 8,000 x 50 states = 400,000 <--> 100,000 + 300,000 = 400,000]. Eight thousand. That is an army, in itself, coming into our state.

Now. I was in the military during the Vietnam war. Many of you were. Or if you weren't, you knew people that were. What do military people... How are they trained? What are they trained to do? To kill and break things. Isn't that right? That's what you're trained to do, and we do it very well. We're the best army in the world. The best military in the world.

But when you bring these people into law enforcement, you have some disadvantages. It's not the soldier's fault! It's how they're trained. And it took me a long time to get over this, folks. When I was in the military, I was trained: You follow orders -- I don't care what the order is! You're told to shoot babies and children, or women and children, you shoot 'em. You go to other countries; you don't worry about people's constitutional rights, do you?! You destroy armies. You destroy civilian populations if you're told to do so. It's not things we like to think about, but that's what you do when you're in the military. You're given an order, you follow it!! I don't care if you don't like it. I don't care if it's against your religious beliefs. Whatever. You follow it!

Now you take these people, like me, and put 'em into the police agency in your local area where that is not the case: You don't go to the brig. You don't go to the firing squad during war if you're a local police officer and your sergeant says, "Shoot that lady," and you hand the gun to your sergeant and say, "You shoot her, sergeant. I'm not doin' it. Here's my badge. I'm goin' home." You can't do that in the military.

So when you bring 8,000 military people or federally-trained police officers into this state, let me tell you, the biggest difference is they're gonna do what they're told to do. Because that's the way we were trained in the military. And it's hard to switch over to knowing, as a police officer in civilian life, you don't have to follow those orders. If it's against your morals, your religious belief, or if it's a violation of your oath of office, you don't have to do it.

And so, if we allow Clinton to do this, and send these 8,000 officers into this state without them being re-educated -- and that's what we're doing through Police Against the New World Order, Operation Vampire Killer 2000, people like officer Ralph Gerbrans and others here today, that are handing these out to military people, handing them out to police officers, as fast as we can. We can re-educate these federal officers. And we are doing that, folks, with your help, as fast as we can do it.

But that's how we succeed at this. We have to do several things. (And I'm out of time. I see I'm on zero, right now. I'm supposed to sit down.)

And I want to leave you with this thought: There's a lot of negative you'll hear at meetings like this. At a 3-day seminar, Preparedness Expo, you hear a lot of negatives: "Oh woe is us, the sky is falling! It's all over! We're doomed! There's nothing we can do! Get your goods and move out into the country and run to the mountains and build your bomb shelter!" Whatever. Whatever it is.

All of this is important, yes, to prepare! I'm an old boy scout. Yes! We're supposed to prepare! In case we're not successful at recovering the hearts and minds of our government leaders and these individuals in uniform -- if we're unsuccessful, we must be prepared now, and in the very near future, to take a different approach to trying to save our nation, that I'm not gonna talk about right now. I'm gonna talk about that tomorrow in my speech, about the second approach. Right now we're talkin' about a non-violent approach, of education.

One thing you must do: Don't write to me anymore and tell me -- and you police officers, the same way -- don't write to me anymore and say, "Jack. I want to be on your list. I want to get educated. I want to be on your mailing list. But. I don't want you to put my name on your list! You know, the government might find my name on the list! And then they'll put me on their list!"

I'm telling you, folks, the first thing you have to think about -- and you police officers, too: If we have a government, a foreign government, that has taken control of our constitutional Republic -- we need to get on their list! [cheers/applause] Every one of us needs to be on their highest list! You should be public enemy number one, public enemy number one against the type of system that has taken over our constitutional Republic. And if... God forbid, and God protect you, if the day comes when our holy Father comes back and you're not on the highest list of the satanic influence that's taken over our God-given rights.

So join us now! Get on those lists! And I hope to work with you in the future. And we're gonna have a lot of fun and a lot of success, together.

God bless all of you! Thank you.

Operation Vampire Killer 2000, by Police Against the New World Order, $7.50 total cost includes shipping and handling. Write to Police Against the New World Order, P.O. Box 8712, Phoenix, AZ 85066. Note: Police Against the New World Order is a non-profit group dedicated, among other things, to preserving our liberties.

Police Against the New World Order: Many of our nation's internal protectors know of the well-laid plan which will culminate before the year 2000, to usher the United States, along with the rest of the nations of the world, into a "utopian" global community allegedly under the control of a "philanthropic" United Nations. A great many of our fellow Officers and National Guardsmen are taking a stand against this plan because they realize that their fellow Americans were never allowed to know of this plan nor given the opportunity to vote on such a change in their government. In addition, the officers are concerned patriots and realize that this plan of world dominion is injurious in the extreme and a total fraud perpetrated against the people of the world.

Operation Vampire Killer 2000 outlines the plan of Police Against the New World Order which they believe will stop this diabolical agenda.

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---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} "The use of anarchy, to come into dictatorial power, is as old as civilization itself." Here's an example: The Reichstag fire, in the 1930s. The Nazis set fire to the Reichstag building, then they blamed it on the Communists, which in turn they used as justification for increased repression.

{2} "Hegelian": Derived from the ideas of the philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. (e.g. Hegel says this, the idea is from Hegel, the idea is Hegelian.)

{3} "...professionalize..." This word, "professional", was very big when I was in grad school just these past couple years. The apprenticeship phase had us as instant "colleagues". Here I was, a former nobody from the midwest, arrived at the fabled university: Son, you're a "colleague" now; these others are your "colleagues". Hot damn! Then they started giving me this "act like a professional" stuff. What it boils down to is that you wear a mask of professionalism; you act like a robot whenever you are in front of the public. But when you are alone with your colleagues, you can tear each other's hair out.

{4} "...professional..." Like "The Rose Law Firm: A Professional Association", or so says the sign out front. Sorry Mr. Scarecrow, the Wizard can't give you a brain. But he can make you a professional. Sorry Mr. Tin Man, the Wizard can't give you a heart. But he can give you a testimonial.

Remember, kiddies: Be like the lawyers and the doctors and the congress critters -- act professional. (And I do mean act.)

{5} "...these federally-trained police officers are going to come into your state." These federally-trained forces, from the foreign government in Washington, DC, are going to be billeted amongst you.

{6} "...a federal officer that is able to draw a bead on the head of a woman holding her eight-month-old baby, and on command, shoot her in the head..." Refers to the heartless killing of Vicki Weaver during the Randy Weaver standoff.

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