Feedback I have been getting regarding the "two Arkansas troopers on TWA 800" rumor overwhelmingly indicates it is not true. Here is one response, of many I have received. Thank you to the many readers who responded to the inquiry.

From Fri Aug 2 07:47:30 1996
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 15:02:58 -0400
Subject: Herald trooper rumor

Brian, my name is Liz Donovan and I'm a researcher at the Miami Herald. For a few days now we've been getting queries about this supposed story. It did not run in the Miami Herald, or any other paper that we have found. I tracked the original posting in the alt.conspiracy group back to a guy in Panama City, FL. He won't admit to the posting but says that it was a "probable fantasy", "probably just a spam", or someone "trolling for idiots". If you can help get this rumor stopped, please do. There will be a story about this in the Herald probably tomorrow or the next day, which will also be available on on our Web page at

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