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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment".

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DAVE EMORY [continues]:
Now we're gonna come back to The Ultimate Evil. We're gonna examine it next week, in connection with the Presidio child molestation case. It's a very, very important case and we're gonna be talking about that next week.

And again, I think one of the disturbing aspects of dealing with this is this whole satanic business. And as we talked about, in the first section of The Ultimate Evil that we read a couple of weeks ago, the people running this thing don't believe in this satanic nonsense. That is a combination of a cover, it's to bemuse the dupes who get used at the operational level (and then [get] bumped off as the cases begin to unravel). And it also appears, in my opinion, to be a form of bestial mind-control conditioning. Again, hearkening back to Radio Free America #5, people who have been selected by the national security establishment for assassin training are often subjected to films of violent accidents, people being mutilated in various ways, in order to de-sensitize them to violence. Now many of the satanic cult activities -- the mutilation of animals and people, the drinking of blood, the deliberate cannibalistic practices used by some of them -- are, in my opinion (in addition to satisfying people who obviously are sexually deviant -- all of this occurs in a sexual context), are ways of conditioning people to overcome their natural conditioning, their socialization against performing this type of activity.

But again, this is, The Ultimate Evil is a terribly important book. I apologize for perhaps not being able to tie it up a little better in terms of explaining all the various details and personalities. But it's very, very involved and it's just not easy to do off the top of one's head.


Now last week, one of the things that I mentioned was that this week we were going to begin looking at the Presidio child molestation case, against the background of the "satanic" activities of The Process, the umbrella cult which is strongly implicated in the Son of Sam killings as well as the Manson group killings.

Now this past week, that Presidio child molestation case has broken wide open. I mean, it has exploded. And we're gonna be talking about that case, that... At the time, last Sunday, I had a hunch that the Presidio child molestation case would intersect with The Ultimate Evil, with the umbrella cult of Satanists. And again, the "Satanist" cult is simply a cover. While the jerks that are used at the operational level believe in that, in point of fact the satanic activities serve to mask much more, shall we say "terrestrial" activities, such as kiddie porn, prostitution, the making of "snuff flicks" (films in which someone is actually killed on film, usually in a sexual context), drug smuggling, gun running, political assassination, and activities more befitting the intelligence organization that The Process, basically, appears to be.

Again, when you start talking about Satanism, people tend to get a little weird. Certainly it's an off-beat kind of thing, and I want to re-emphasize (as we'll state it again) that Satanism here is really mostly the cover. It does serve as a unifying glue for many of the people that are used at the operation level. But again, the people that pull the strings, the people up top, are not... well some of them may believe in Satan, but it appears to be much, much more to it.


Now this first article (research credit goes to Mae Brussell), this first article was not in my copy of the San Francisco Examiner. It is from the San Francisco Examiner of November 2nd of 1987. That's last Monday.

When Mae xeroxed this for me, she didn't xerox off part of the title. The title of the article says, "(something) to Observers, Presidio Satanist a Scarey Enigma". And the article is by Ivan Sharp and it's a special to the Examiner.

The article reads,

His pale face and eyebrows that snap upward like the horns of the Devil and shiny black hair shaped into a permanent widow's peak over his forehead make Michael Aquino look more like a 1930s actor playing dracula than what he claims to be -- Satan's earthly lieutenant, the Prince of Darkness [CN -- Note: the "Prince" himself recently posted a follow-up to an earlier portion of this series].

He was a wacko to many who saw him at the Presidio officers club, wearing the black shirt and clerical collar with the satanic medallion around his neck. To those who know Lieutenant Colonel Aquino as one of the Army's experts on psychological warfare, he is more of a scarey enigma.

Police, the FBI, and the Army have long been curious about the activities of the high priest of the satanic Temple of Set, a man who believes he is the second beast of Revelation.

The August 14 police search of his Russian Hill home in connection with the Presidio child abuse case gave a more serious tilt to the Aquino mystery. Aquino and his wife, Lillith, a former New York coven leader of the Church of Satan, have not been arrested since the 3-and-a-half year old step-daughter of a Presidio assistant chaplain identified the couple as the "Mikey" and "Shamby" who allegedly molested and photographed her in a black-walled room with a cross on the ceiling. However authorities confirm that there is an investigation and that the Aquino's are still [ca. 1987] suspects.


Until last July, he [Aquino] was a full-time student at the Pentagon's National Defense University in the District of Columbia. That is considered a distinction for a reserve officer. "The United States just paid me the highest honor it could by sending me to that post. And then to return to my home and have this police raid happen to me is just unbelievable and outrageous," Aquino said in a telephone interview.

By all accounts, Aquino apparently has had a dazzling Army career. He was a psychological warfare officer in Viet Nam, earning the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Army Commendation Medal. He also qualified in the Airborne, Special Forces, and Intelligence fields, graduating on the commandant's list from the Command and General Staff College, and wrote R.O.T.C. textbooks.

He retired from the regular Army in 1972 to try his hand as a stockbroker, but returned to active duty as a reserve officer a few years later.

Aquino now [ca. 1987] is a staff officer with a top-secret clearance at the Army Reserve Personnel Center in St. Louis, after serving 5 years at the Presidio coordinating active- duty tours and reserve training.

"He is a competent, capable officer," said Colonel Ben Waller, a 6th Army spokesman, when questioned last year about the Army's probes of Aquino and his Temple of Set.

A San Francisco police query prompted an Army review of his top-secret clearance. However, confidential Army documents show that not only was Aquino's status re-affirmed, but that he was promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel a year before he left the Presidio in July of 1986 to study in the District.

The Army says Aquino's devilish appearance and weird fantasies are protected by the first amendment. "We're dealing with a man's religious beliefs, and if that's the way he wants to practice them, that's up to him," Waller said.

However, city police intelligence memos obtained by the Examiner indicate that as long ago as 1981, authorities were noting the Temple of Set's obsession with Hitler's Nazis, that Aquino claimed to be reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that a number of Temple of Set Satanists were in military intelligence.

Aquino proudly shows visitors to his Leavenworth Street home a ritual dagger once worn by an SS World War II General, and boasts about a ritual he performed in the Hall of the Dead at Vabelsburg(sp?) Castle in West Germany during a 1982 tour of European NATO bases. During World War II, the Westphalian(sp?) castle was an occult sanctuary for Himmler's SS elite.


Even his admirers and some former Temple of Set members admit that Aquino has some odd quirks. He once urged the Pentagon, in a controversial psychological warfare study entitled "Mind War", to overwhelm enemies by mobilizing every means of domestic and foreign propaganda, including brainwashing the U.S. public. He argued, "In mind war, there is no substitute for victory."

Aquino explained, "The mind war scenario, which could be used sensationally in a couple of contexts, was a theoretical paper which was circulated within military-academic circles. The mind war paper is not a product of Satanism. It's not a product of the Temple. It's a military and psychological question."


Apparently, child molestation and Satanism is a growing association in the United States. And the cases in the military are anything but isolated.

Reading from the San Francisco Chronicle of Thursday, November 5th of 1987, it's an article by Edward W. Lempinen. It's headlined, "Satanism Linked to Scores of U.S. Child Abuse Cases".

Satanism and cult rituals have been linked to scores of child molestation cases nationwide in the past 5 years, including dozens in California. Children as young as 2 and 3 years old have come forward with harrowing tales of drinking blood, animal sacrifices, and sexual abuse as part of rituals, according to law enforcement investigators, child abuse experts, and parents. Others have even talked of cannibalism and ritual sacrifice of children.

After hearing similar tales over and over from people across the country, many investigators and child abuse experts now have come to believe in the unbelievable. "It's a highly explosive issue," said Roberta Sachs, a psychologist at Rush- Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, who has given therapy to dozens of people apparently abused in cults. "It's filled with atrocities comparable to, and greater than, some of the concentration camp stories we have heard of. There has been every kind of imaginable and un-imaginable torture."

In San Francisco, police confirmed last week that they are investigating reports by a 3-year-old girl, who claimed that she was taken from a daycare center at the Presidio Army base and driven to a home where she was molested by 2 men in costume. Police suspect that the home was the headquarters of the Temple of Set, a Nazi-Satanic group, and they have listed the temple's high priest as a possible suspect. No arrests have been made.

Investigators and parents have declined to give details of the cases of at least 58 children who attended the Presidio child development center, fearing that they might jeopardize the prosecution of a former daycare worker. But in other cases across the nation, experts say there is striking evidence of ritualized sexual abuse that recurs in case after case.

At West Point, New York, Army families have pressed an investigation into widespread child abuse at a military daycare center in 1983 and '84. One parent has charged that her daughter was "involved in a satanic workshop where there was a marriage to the Devil, and a dog's tail and back paw was cut and burned in front of her." In therapy, the girl said that she had been drugged and molested by 2 teachers.

In 1985, children who attended the McMartin pre-school in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles County, said they were involved in rituals that included black-robed adults who chanted and killed animals on the altar. One of the pupils said that she was forced to drink blood. Some children also alleged that a McMartin teacher cut the ears off rabbits to scare them. [CN -- I recall that they were searching for underground tunnels in this case and that at first they found nothing. I seem to remember that, later on, they did indeed find the underground tunnels. Can anyone confirm this?]

Investigators raided the home belonging to the girlfriend of one suspect, and found a pair of rabbit ears, a black cloak, a black cape, and black candles.

Despite the allegations, the prosecution's case has been discredited by defense attorneys, and more than 100 of the charges initially filed have been dismissed.

In 1984 and '85, nineteen Bakersfield children reported that they had been abused, and many of them told stories of animal sacrifice, blood drinking, and "church" service with prayers to the Devil. Eventually, 77 adults in Kearn County were implicated by children. Investigators, however, were unable to substantiate the children's charges of Satanism.

Law enforcement officials say other cases have been reported in Illinois and in Miami, Florida, El Paso, Texas, Omaha, Nebraska, Carson City, Nevada, and Sacramento.

(Skipping down in the article...)

Sandy Gallant, an intelligence officer with the San Francisco police and one of the nation's most influential experts on cults, cautioned that many cases are proving unfounded. But she says there have been 60 to 70 "solid" cases of ritual sexual abuse in the past few years nationwide. She and others have heard hundreds of children and adults -- people who have never met and who live a continent apart -- tell stories that are fundamentally the same. "Independently, the victims are describing incredibly similar circumstances," said Catherine Gould, a clinical psychologist in the Los Angeles district of Encino, who has counselled dozens of children who claim they were molested in rituals. "They talk about animals being mutilated and killed, and having to drink blood," said Detective Kurt Jackson, a nationally recognized cult expert with the Beaumont, Riverside County, police department. "They talk about being put in boxes or coffins, in mock burials. They talk about being forced to drink human urine and eat human feces. The biggest thing that they have in common is, they say they are made to worship the Devil."

Gould, who is now counselling 20 children who apparently were involved in ritual abuse, regularly hears stories of cannibalism and child sacrifice. Many children report that they are photographed during the ceremonies, leading to the certainty among some experts that the rituals and sexual activities are sold for pornography and possibly used for blackmail.

A number of things to talk about in this article as well. One of the things... The kinds of activities they're talking about there, the horrible sadism, the bestiality, the having to eat feces and drink urine -- those are typical of many of the kinds of activities described by Maury Terry in The Ultimate Evil. The Process people are solidly into that kind of thing: the animal mutilation, child sacrifice, and things of that kind.

Now during the phone-in section of last week's broadcast, among the motives of the kiddie porn and videotapes and the snuff flicks were to... well, we "kicked it around" with a listener. And one of the things that I mentioned at the time was that there are basically... American politics is run by 4 "b"s -- bullets, broads, beds, and blackmail. And I voiced the opinion that among the things that, among the intelligence activities being covered by "The Process" were, in fact, political blackmail. That many people have bizarre sexual tastes and that these kinds of things are ideal -- meaning videotapes of this kind of thing -- are ideal blackmail devices. So this also is worth thinking about.


We are, however, gonna include the following long excerpts from Frederick Tupper Sausee(sp?)'s, "The Politics of Witchcraft" -- his postscript to James Earl Ray's book. And we're gonna include this in our archives. At this point I don't know which archive show this will be included in, or whether it will stand as a separate archive show. My inclination at this juncture is to include this as part of "The Ultimate Evil" tape. And perhaps, maybe we'll add one more section to that in addition to this. I don't know exactly if this is where we'll fit it in. But I think it would be a very appropriate postscript to "The Ultimate Evil" tape as well as to James Earl Ray's book.

Now again, the title of this afterword is, "The Politics of Witchcraft". We're not gonna use the whole thing, we're just gonna read long sections of it. And as Frederick Tupper Sausee indicates here, the witchcraft here is both at a literal and a figurative level; he's using it literally and he's using it figuratively. The two intersect, and that's one of the things that I think is so important here.

And again, for the benefit of people that hear this later, on tape, and did not hear the first part of tonight's broadcast: one of the quotes that we've used frequently, in conjunction with this type of research, is one from comedian Mort Sahl. Mort Sahl was one of the first people, first public figures, to raise questions about President Kennedy's assassination. And one of the things that we took a look at was Mort Sahl's book, Heartland, in which he asked the question, "How many lies can you allow yourself to believe, before you belong to the lie? Is it too late for America?"

And we're gonna basically take a look at lies, the politics of lying, and the tragic developments in this country over the past few decades.

And again, I will reiterate something that I've said several times over the years, or many times over the years, which is -- without studying this country's political assassinations, it is impossible to correctly understand what's going on. You may get some idea, but you won't understand the depth of what's going on. And you really cannot understand the substance of American power politics in the last 30 years without studying this country's assassinations.

During the phone-in session of a One Step Beyond show a couple of weeks ago there was a spirited exchange between myself and one of our callers who uses the air name, "George", who's in fact a researcher who has co-operated with us on some of our scientific work on AIDS in the past. However, I know George, having worked with him, and I knew that he has never studied the Kennedy assassination. And he took serious issue with my statement that you cannot understand America's power politics without it. And he then proceeded to illustrate in dramatic fashion why that is the case. He does not understand the Kennedy assassination. In fact, as he later indicated, he doesn't even understand the Kennedy administration when he maintained that Kennedy had never dismissed any important CIA officials. Kennedy not only dismissed Allen Dulles, by far and away the most powerful CIA director in history, who then, less than 2 years later, or 2 years later, served on the Warren Commission and handled the liaison between the Warren Commission and the CIA. He [JFK] also dismissed deputy director of the CIA, Charles P. Cabell, who was the fellow who put together the organized crime assassination teams with Robert Maheu -- supposedly to use against Fidel Castro, but as it appears (when we looked at [it] in "The Guns of November"), they were used against President Kennedy instead. Cabell was fired by Kennedy; Cabell's brother, Earle, himself a former CIA operative, was the mayor of Dallas at the time of Kennedy's assassination, helped arrange President Kennedy's motorcade route, and was in that motorcade. The point being, of course, there's an inextricable link between Kennedy's firing of these officials and his assassination. And we went into a number of other aspects of the Kennedy assassination, including its precipitating of the Viet Nam war, or our large-scale involvement in it, and a number of other things. And again, it's not to personally attack George, but the fact of the matter is... The call served as a very dramatic illustration of just how poor the understanding of even knowledgeable people is when they have not looked at this country's assassinations.

One of the points that Tupper Sausee makes here is that lies build on themselves; that what we're facing now in this country is layer after layer after layer of lies. And I'll maintain that the "left", so-called "progressive" forces in this country, are just as wedded to the lies as the "right". And for most of the same reasons. At this point [1987], I think America belongs to the lie. I think even the so-called "progressive" forces have allowed themselves to believe so many lies that, at this point, for them to take a look at the truth, and admit the truth, would be tantamount to a Copernican revolution of American political "science", so to speak. That, as it stands now, even the so- called "progressive" forces are almost totally disoriented in terms of their understanding of what's actually going on, how bad things have really gotten.

Nothing will illustrate that more clearly, I think, than the Temple of Set, where you have pre-school children being asked to name the dates on which they were molested. And if they can't do that, the charges go out the window. That's absurd. That's how far we've gone. (That, by the way, from a previous portion of the broadcast.)

Again I think, in particular: think about this country's assassinations. Think about the King holiday which we recently celebrated. Unfortunately, we were not on the air on that particular evening. And I will reiterate something I've said in the past: I personally am deeply opposed to the establishment of a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King. Not that I don't think it's a good idea to preserve his memory, obviously, and the principles he worked for. But when you allow a man to be murdered with impunity, when you allow a man to take a bullet, [when] you will not show any substantive interest in who did the killing -- when the people who did the killing are a matter of public record! (And we know who did it.) -- it's grotesque. I think it's really grotesque to name a holiday after somebody, celebrate a holiday after somebody, when you can't, when you won't, look into someone's murder. To me, that's tantamount to being an accessory to murder. I think, in many real respects, those who celebrate the King holiday are making themselves accessories to his killing. And I think it's grotesque. It... In this essay, Tupper Sausee refers to the King holiday -- under the circumstances of the ignoring of his assassination -- as being kind of a "Black Mass". And it's no pun intended, but I think it's something that can be thought about here.

At any rate, that's by way of introduction. Again, this is going into the archives. This is the afterword to James Earl Ray's book, Tennessee Waltz. This essay, "The Politics of Witchcraft", by Frederick Tupper Sausee. It opens with a quote from Proverbs, 29:12 -- "If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked."

Now that you have read James' book, you should be convinced that (a) Reverend Martin Luther King, jr., was murdered by someone other than James Earl Ray, and (b) James has been unlawfully locked in prison, and in history, by American dignitaries as the symbol of that murderer.

If you believe James is innocent, you have brought yourself to the threshhold of one of the most important decisions of your life. Because you see, if James and his extensive documentation are telling the truth, it must follow that his accusers, with their stifled evidence and their obstruction of justice, are not telling the truth.

His accusers are, to put it in the simplest terms available -- liars.

I use "liar" deliberately and advisedly. The word is derived from the Indo-European root, leugh, and the old-English, leogan: "to tell a lie". With the prefix, waer, "faith" or "pledge", we get the old-English, waerleogan, or "oath breaker". Waerleogan, in modern English, is Warlock: "a male witch, a demon".

The fossils of the world tell us that false representation, oath breaking, and witchcraft, are part of that complex process known as "lying". A liar, then, is a witch or demon who distorts reality, to your injury and his gain. To establish credibility with you, he may give the appearance of helping you. But in the long term, he claims your life, just as another liar will claim his.

Lying is deadly, and highly contagious. The man who receives his information from a liar will spew out lies when he passes the information on. When you have liars, trained in the demonic arts, controlling the highest seats of governmental authority, you will have liars controlling the information channels. When their lies fill the printed pages, loudspeakers, and TV screens, you will have liars administering the workplaces, marketplaces, schools, churches, and homes. Without realizing it, your nation becomes possessed by demons; your nation practices the politics of witchcraft.

A liar's fortunes are very cleverly established on his pretenses of virtue; otherwise, well-meaning people would have nothing to do with him. He will not think twice about murdering to protect his good reputation.

(Skipping down...)

In a lying society, murder is an acceptable alternative to radically changing one's views. In lying societies, the virtues are brutishness, deceit, sodomy, theft, debt, and suicide. He who is most menacing and monstrous is most popular. The most powerful liar rules. The Oscars and Emmys and political elections go to the best impersonators, while the Grammys and centerfolds go to the best seducers.

Though powerful in appearance, lies are in reality extremely fragile. There is no protection for a liar except (1) darkness, or (2) the mercy of a more powerful liar. This is why lying societies crave dimness of room and of mind. It is why they seek bondage to human authority.

Now the bondage won't necessarily manifest itself through the familiar symbols of slavery. Not all American-lie families keep on-hand whips and chains, like those found in CIA agent and eminently respectable Clay Shaw's New Orleans home by investigators searching out Shaw's supervisory involvement in President Kennedy's assassination. In demonic political systems, the bondage is assumed through adhesion contracts extended by liars to lie believers. Nearly every American is bound by such contracts. The most prevalent one is the process by which citizens periodically give power of attorney to liars through voter registration. A registered voter is subject to every regulation passed by his representative, regardless of how tyrannical or insane.


(Skipping down still further in the essay...)

Lying is so much a part of the fabric of American life, that whole generations are now addicted to lies. The same schools that stimulate children to sexual awareness before puberty, the same schools that offer suicide as a viable alternative to a miserable life, these same schools train pupils to believe the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Oswald murdered President Kennedy with 3 shots from behind. This, despite the fact that in March of 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations quietly and reluctantly found that the acoustical evidence proved a fourth shot had been fired from in front of the President. The Select Committee forwarded its finding to the U.S. Justice Department with a recommendation that a more complete investigation be made.

So far, after 8 years, the Justice Department has done nothing. As Jim Garrison states in his forthcoming book, Coup d'etat, "The last word on the United States' government's adjusted posture seems to be that Lee Oswald killed President Kennedy by firing 3 shots at him from the back, and 1 shot at him from the front." Imagine the configuration of a man that could perform such a feat, and you have a lie. Imagine the person who sits back and accepts such a conclusion, and you have a lie-believing citizen of a nation that practices classical witchcraft.

(Skipping down still further...)

When liars rule, murderers go free. Have you heard about the Indianapolis sacrifice tape? A friend of mine, a minister of a small church in Minneapolis, was given a 2-hour videocassette of an actual ritualistic witches orgy produced by the Indianapolis police in 1984 at the invitation of the warlock who led the coven. The warlock insisted, and the police agreed, that none of those involved be investigated or prosecuted. Why did the warlock invite the police to make the tapes? He felt the times were now so amiable to witchcraft that Satanists should step out of the closet under governmental protection. The tape ends with the bloody sacrifice of a human being, a young member who had been drugged out of his senses, followed by the goriest scenes of fornication and cannibalism.

Pause a moment, and let the horror of the politics of witchcraft sink in. It is possible to step into a crowded elevator in Indianapolis and rub shoulders with someone who has knowingly, gleefully, eaten raw human flesh and blood.

I see very little difference between cannibalism and wrongful incarceration. In both events, reality is so distorted that the life of one human being is controlled and manipulated against his will at the pleasure of another. Both are the theft of the most precious right, freedom, by the practitioners of anarchic sexual violence. It is rule by Marquis deSade, the 18th century French libertine, whose achievements of sexual satisfaction by inflicting pain on others are memorialized by psychologists in the term "sadism".

The pain is made acceptable by entwining the victim in a rapturous spell that confuses any will to resist. Thus, to submit to deSade's assumption of control over one's movement down streets and highways, the use of one's earnings and children and time and body, the expression of one's beliefs, is to do worse than "comply with the law"; it's falling prey to demonic spell.

(And skipping ahead still further...)

In the October 1977 Rolling Stone, Carl Bernstein cited official CIA documents reflecting that over the past 25 years more than 400 of America's leading communication resources -- including NBC, CBS, ABC, Associated Press, United Press International, Koppley(sp?) News Service, Hearst Newspapers, Time, Incorporated, The New York Times, and Newsweek -- had received payments, mainly in cash, from CIA officials in exchange for publishing material designed to keep certain operations covert: hidden from the public.

Operations like the King assassination? How many decisions in your life have been based on the disinformation broadcast from these sources?

(And skipping down still further...)

Why are things getting better only in the pictures and fictions projected in magazines and TV? In the lives of celebrities and rulers? Have the political developers paid all the communications media to be weavers of the spell, who, like Donahue, recruit you into witchcraft by offering you the choice of agreeing with a transvestite or a child molester? If Reverend King gave his life for this, his memory should be cursed. Yes, and if his memory is enshrined in a federal holiday, and celebrated by the lying rulers and wicked servants who killed him, it is cursed. Because it is not King's life that they celebrate, but his death. King's death is their handiwork, and they display it proudly. And all who honor it are lie believers, drinking the blood of the Black Mass.


Many graves are filled with the bodies that die for Satan, but King's is not one of them. I can't view or read the speech he made on the eve of his assassination without feeling that unmistakable elation that comes from the Holy


"And then I got into Memphis, and some began to talk about the threats, or what would happen to me from some of our sick white brothers. But I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop!! And I don't mind! Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And he's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over, and I've seen the Promised Land."

(Skipping down still further...)

We know that King had turned against the war in Viet Nam, a war extremely profitable to interests that employed off-duty CIA men, and [that] 30 percent of the U.S. soldiers there were black. He was just beginning to speak out about inflation and monetary manipulation, a measure which could have damaged the money demon's spell on the people. Whether Satan, in the form of a high official, offered King protections in exchange for silence in these matters, or whether an outright threat was made, we may never know. But the April 3rd speech [above] is a report that Satan had been negatived.

(And skipping down still further...)

King's death and Ray's imprisonment have taught us that covert action governments, ruling in darkness, are not interested in truth. How many of the politicians and journalists you trust informed you that shortly after the death of President Kennedy, the CIA established a domestic operations office at 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, exactly one block from Lyndon Johnson's White House? The cover name for these headquarters was "The U.S. Army Element Joint Planning Activity, Joint Operations Group, 507253". Was this group involved in planning the violence and riots that ended in the death of Dr. King, and the final imposition of the will of the liars upon our Constitution? Was the plot to "tail" James Ray in 1967, from St. Louis to Montreal, and take control of him with promises of wealth and freedom, eventually to leave him an unwitting patsy for a murder he had no idea would be committed? Was this plot nurtured and hatched by the St. Louis field office of the FBI, under the direction of agent William Webster, who later, as Judge Webster, desperately tyrannized John Ray in order to keep the plot from dematerializing in the light of truth? If so, what wonders can we expect now [ca. 1987] that Judge Webster has been nominated as director of the CIA?

These questions are not likely to be answered too publicly. They won't even be asked in Time or Life, or on a major TV network, or wherever the truth in men can be compromised by the CIA's generosity with cash or special favors. The task of the "fourth branch of government" [i.e., CIA, etc.], unelected, unresponsive, non-Constitutional, noble and arrogant, is not truth but political development -- which today means dangling bright objects before the eyes of the people... maintaining the spell.


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