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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory is speaking on a subsequent show. This time, there is no co-host.

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...we're gonna get into the actual material from The Ultimate Evil. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it's a book by Maury Terry. And it, in my opinion, is one of the most important books that's ever been published in this country. It doesn't go as far, still, as I would like to have seen it go. But perhaps that is inevitable, and perhaps it's not realistic to expect any one author to go that far.

This book basically links many of the horrendous serial killings that have taken place in this country -- such as the Son of Sam killings in New York, the .44 caliber killings, the depredations of the so-called "Manson family" -- and points out that these are all links in a nationwide chain of conspiracy. And that the people who "took the fall" for these crimes, David Berkowitz and Charles Manson, while involved, were actually just bit players. And that the people actually committing these crimes are alive, free, and very wealthy, very powerful, and very, very well-connected.

It also appears (and this is perhaps the most disturbing thing) that these cults are perhaps fronts for some kind of intelligence activity. And that is a very disturbing thing to contemplate, certainly. It would be disturbing enough simply to think that these organizations are able to operate on their own. But the thought that something this evil and this bloody [unclear] the support of the national security establishment is indeed unnerving. But we're gonna be taking a look at that this evening.

Most of the broadcast this evening from The Ultimate Evil is gonna... We're gonna examine the various murders that were committed in order to cover up the original killings. In other words, we're not gonna be going into the actual .44 killings themselves, or into the original killings at Cielo Drive in Los Angeles -- those were the Manson killings, the killings of Abigail Folger, actress Sharon Tate and others. Nor are we going to go into the LaBianca killings. We're simply gonna investigate killings or suspicious deaths that appear to have been committed by this organization to cover up the truth concerning their activities. And it's truly a numbing series of killings. We're gonna deal with some, oh... the better part of 20 apparent murders or suspicious deaths in connection with this case. And again: these are not the original killings themselves, but ones committed to cover up those crimes.


...we've talked about the Unification Church in the past. The Unification Church is a very active wing of the U.S. national security establishment, in spite of the fact, obviously, it is a cult -- and a mind-control cult at that. In Radio Free America #7, a program about the government's mind-control programs [CN -- For a free catalog of past RFA programs, call (415) 346- 1840.], we discussed the Unification Church at considerable length and went into its bizarre political philosophy in quite some length from a book called Gifts of Deceit.

It's worth contemplating not only how bizarre their religious philosophy is, but the fact that this apparently is a philosophy which our government is willing to use in spite of the fact that the Unification Church itself is actually the spawn of a wing of the South Korean national security establishment. Obviously their national security establishment in considerable measure was spawned by our own and is very much connected to our own.

[CN -- Something else to contemplate: South Korea ==> Unification Church ==> connection to Washington Times newspaper (possibly owners) ==> G. Gordon Liddy uses Washington Times on his always interesting radio show ==> G. Gordon Liddy very gung ho that U.S. military should get embroiled in recent Korea "crisis".]

So it's worth contemplating the government's active use of cults, against the background of what we're gonna be talking about this evening. Of course, in Radio Free America shows 5, 6, and 7, we went into the mind-control programs by the CIA and military at great length. One of those [was] recently broadcast on sister station KKUP, in Coopertino.


Now we're gonna get into the book, The Ultimate Evil. And the aspect of this organization that we're gonna deal with this evening, again, concerns the murders that were committed in order to cover up this crime.

I'm gonna have to be skipping around quite a bit in the book. I may lose my place once or twice. If so, I can only counsel patience. I'm "doin' the best I can".

Now it would be very difficult to describe all... it's a very complicated book. And I'm not sure how easy it's gonna be for me to describe the relevance of a lot of the killings that we're about to talk about to the actual Manson family and the Son of Sam killings. Suffice it to say that one of the things that we're gonna look into now is the deaths of John and Michael Carr. Those two individuals were the sons of Sam Carr.

Now David Berkowitz' cover story was that he... His cover story was that he was possessed by demons; that his neighbor, Sam Carr, had demonic control over him; and that it was his dog, John Carr's... er Sam Carr's dog, that telepathically communicated to David Berkowitz in order to commit the killings. Many (as we're gonna see), many of the law enforcement officials, from the outset, did not believe this cover story. However, due to the influence of certain people (notably Mario Merola, of the Bronx... the late Mario Merola of the Bronx), David Berkowitz "took the fall". But it was allowed... His "confession" was allowed to stand.

Now as it appears -- those of you who eventually get the book, The Ultimate Evil. It appears that Berkowitz was definitely involved in the Son of Sam killings. But he was only a participant. Two of the main people involved were the actual sons of Sam Carr, John and Michael Carr. They appear to have been involved not only in the .44 killings, but in the various other satanic and lewd sexual activities of this particular cult.

Both John Carr, and Michael Carr, died under very strange circumstances (although there were some circumstances surrounding John Carr's death which suggest that maybe John Carr is still alive and that someone "took the fall". There are many aspects of the corpse that appears to have been John Carr's, that do not match the actual, living John Carr.) However, suffice it to say that, as Maury Terry and many of the other people who investigated The Process umbrella cult began to look into the background of the Son of Sam killings, as well, eventually, of the Manson killings, it began to emerge that these killings... that David Berkowitz was innocent. And as they began to pursue others who appear to have been involved, a huge, huge number of deaths resulted.

The first one we're gonna deal with is the death of John Carr, or the apparent death of John Carr, a definite participant in the satanic activity that Berkowitz was involved with; a definite participant in the Son of Sam killings. And John Carr himself may very well have been one of the links between this organization and the military and intelligence community. When they began getting close to John Carr... We'll read you what happened. (Again, from The Ultimate Evil, by Maury Terry):

On Saturday, February 18th, I was preparing breakfast when the phone rang. It was my mother on the line, calling from the family home in Connecticut.

"What's new in your little corner of the world?" I asked.

"There's something you need to know," she replied.

"What is it?"

"John Carr is dead."

At first, I refused to believe it. Then slowly, like an insidious riptide, the realization slapped in my heels, rose up suddenly, and swept me away with a thundering crescendo.

"What the hell. John Carr dead. How do you know?" The question flew in a staccato burst of confusion and panic.

"I don't know, I don't know. There's a little death notice in this morning's Westchester paper. It's not a full obituary, just a small paragraph in that column of notices. No details or anything. Just that it happened Thursday, in Minot, North Dakota."

"Dakota! Thursday! It must be somebody else. His car is sitting in the driveway on Warburton Avenue. I've been watching it all week."

"No, it's him," she insisted.

"Then are you sure it doesn't say he was from North Dakota? He's been out there, on and off, for years."

"It definitely says in Minot, North Dakota. What are you going to do now?"

"I don't know. I never would've expected this to happen. I've got to reach Jim. I'll get back to you."

(Jim, by the way, is Jim Mitteager, one of the people who investigated this with Maury Terry.)

Mitteager, in the midst of a lazy Saturday on Staten Island, was astounded, upset, and excited all at once: "He's dead!? For 6 months you chase a guy. He lives all these years just fine. And just like that, he's gone, after we turn him in to Brooklyn and Westchester. This is one hell of a development."

We then realized we hadn't learned just what had happened to Carr. For all we knew, he had been ill or hit by a bus. Mitteager volunteered to call the Minot police to find out.

A long, nervous hour later, he was back on the phone. "Listen to this carefully, 'cause you're not gonna believe it. It was violent. Gunshot. And they think it's murder, although there's a chance it could be suicide. But they're treating it as a homicide. Either way, the guy is dead, violently, right in the midst of our handing him over."

I was too startled to answer.

(And still later...)

Meanwhile, implying he was an official investigator, Mitteager cultivated a source within OSI, the Air Force police agency. OSI was involved in the case, because Carr's death occurred in the bedroom of a housing unit on the Minot Air Force base. Carr, it turned out, had left the Air Force 16 months earlier. The home was that of his girlfriend, Linda O'Connor, whose estranged serviceman husband, Craig, had moved off the base.

One thing that's not mentioned in this particular section of the book is the fact that John Carr had obviously been involved with a branch of this satanic cult, The Process cult, while in the Air Force and working as an F-16 maintenance man at Minot... or not an F-16, but I believe F-106, maintenance man at the Minot, North Dakota, Air Force base.

That's one of the deaths that we're gonna be dealing with. Now just as John Carr... By the way, he ultimately was found to have been murdered. It was made to look like a suicide. But a lot of these circumstances suggested that, in fact, John Carr had been murdered. Then upon examination of the corpse during autopsy, there were actual questions raised whether or not this was John Carr. Because a lot of things did not jibe with what was known about the living John Carr. So it's perhaps possible that John Carr is still alive today.

Now John Carr's brother, Michael, another son of Sam Carr, was also being investigated and also appears to have been involved in all of the Son of Sam activities as well as the various Process satanic cover activities. And just as the investigators were getting close to him, he too died.

Returning to The Ultimate Evil:

Ward county police politics was about to become the least of our worries. At 4 a.m. on October 4th, Michael Vale Carr III, a prime suspect, was racing toward a rendezvous with infinity. As he sped north on Manhattan's rickety, ancient, west side highway, at 70th street something happened. His pale green Buick plowed headlong into a streetlight stanchion at nearly 75 miles per hour. The impact dislodged the steering wheel and ripped the engine out of the car. At 27, Michael Carr was finished.

Dave Hartley(sp?) of the Yonkers Herald-Statesman called me at 8:30 a.m. "I've got a photographer down there now. Maybe the pictures will tell us something."

"Why, Dave?" I asked. "Aren't we sure that this is merely a coincidence?" (Actually, I was dazed by the news.)

"Too many coincidences," Hartley replied.

Again, there are many, many coincidences here. And we're gonna take a look at some more of these deaths that... of people, who dogged this investigation at every step of the way.

Again, one of the things that's chilling about this particular organization is how effectively they were able to eliminate suspects in the investigation. It appears probable from the circumstances surrounding this wave of killings that this group had strong connections within the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Now one of the attempted murders that, fortunately for this investigation, did not come off, was that of David Berkowitz himself. He had been actively co-operating with Maury Terry and others seeking to re-open the investigation. He [Berkowitz] himself narrowly escaped death when his throat was cut.

Returning to The Ultimate Evil:

In May, I received word from a source that Berkowitz' life was in danger. I immediately phoned Jim [Mitteager] who contacted Felix Gilroy. Gilroy sent a formal advisement to the correction department warning that reliable informants said that an attempt might soon be made to end Berkowitz' life.

It happened at about 8:15 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, July 10th. Berkowitz, in a segregated Attica cellblock reserved for high security-risk prisoners, was carrying a pail of hot washwater as part of his inmate's job as a porter when the razor slash came. The cut, which caught Berkowitz from behind, extended from the left side of his throat to the back of his neck. It required 56 stitches to close. A bit deeper, and he would've been dead.

Berkowitz, with typical aplomb, walked up to a correction guard and said, "I'm sorry, but I've been cut." He was taken to the infirmary for treatment and refused to co-operate with prison officials in their investigation. He never revealed the name of his assailant, who was another inmate.

And fortunately, David Berkowitz survived. A lot of other people, however, didn't. There's a huge, huge number of apparent suicides, or accidents, or obvious murders in connection with the investigation of this particular cult.

Now one of the, one of the places where this cult was very active was in Minot, North Dakota. And there appears to have been a whole ring of The Process umbrella cult there. And as the investigators began to probe into the Minot connection, many of the people there died.

And, just one second... uh, there's another, I believe... I've gotten my place a little bit confused here. Let's see... Yeah. Now we'll move along. This is... we're in order here.

More killings. Again, this is... These are killings in connection with the Minot branch of The Process umbrella cult:

The newly deceased was Jerry Berg, a cult-connected friend of John Carr's whose name surfaced early in the Minot investigation of Carr's satanic associates. Berg, Carr, the now-deceased Donny Boon...

(And Donny Boon died under circumstances not described here.)

...Phil Falcon, a person known as "The Wiz", and a young man named Larry Milenko, comprised the inner circle in Minot.

Jerry Berg, a short, stocky man with curly, blondish hair, was a native of Bismarck who moved to the Minot area in the mid-1970s to take some courses in Minot state college, where Carr, Falcon, and some of the others also studied part time. An accomplished outdoorsman, Berg had been on the wrestling team while at Bismarck Junior College [BJC], from which he graduated in 1972. He was three years older than Arlis Perry, who entered BJC in the fall of 1973.

Interrupting: Arlis Perry was a person, apparently a Christian activist, who had been attempting to convert members of this satanic cult to Christianity. She was... When she moved out to Palo Alto, with her husband, who was entering his second year at Stanford university, she was murdered in the Stanford church in October of 1974. So this is a case which intersects directly with the Santa Clara valley and within our listening radius here.

That's who Arlis Perry is, however.

On December 27th, 1979, Berg and Milenko were chopping trees in a wooded area outside Minot. According to Milenko, the pair had separated and were about an eighth mile apart. Milenko said the sound of Berg's saw stopped, and then he walked over to where Berg was working and found him crushed to death beneath a large tree.

Milenko, ever respectful, then put the body in his truck, drove it to a hospital, dropped it off, and left. He immediately hired a lawyer.

"Berg was an experienced woodsman. He'd been in that business," Gardner said. "It just seemed very strange to have something like this happen to him -- let alone at the same time [that] we're poking around about John Carr and Arlis Perry."

In searching through Berg's possessions, police found further evidence of his satanic interests. In a letter Berg hadn't yet mailed to two friends in North Carolina, he said he was having difficulties with his brother and he was thinking of "putting a black magic curse on him." He also talked of looking up his black magic teacher, Aquarius Hador, who was "now in Minneapolis. I'm sure he's as evil as he's ever been," Berg wrote.

Ironically, he closed the letter by cautioning his friends to "be careful in the woods."

Police were never able to prove that Berg's death was a murder. But the total of violently dead now included four who were directly linked to Berkowitz and the Son of Sam case: Jerry Berg, John Carr, Michael Carr, and Howard Weiss(sp?). Additionally, the Yonkers mailman who committed suicide a month after Berkowitz' capture, Andrew Dupres(sp?), was strongly suspected of having been threatened by the group.

And then there were the near misses: sniper attacks on Gardner and on the police officer substituting for Wheat Carr's husband...

(Wheat Carr's the sister of John and Michael Carr.)

...John McCabe, and the incident in which Darlene Kristienson(sp?) and Tom Taylor reported they were run off the road near Minot. There was no absolute proof that the latter incidents were related to the Son of Sam investigation, but strong indications were certainly present.

Another incident, which occurred less than two weeks before Berg's death, was also highly suspicious. This one happened in New York.

A letter I later received said, "Dear Maury Terry, please look into this double killing. Carol was asking people about OTO a year prior to the murders."

Interrupting: The OTO was Alestair Crowley's cult. That's one of the organizations which intersects with The Process.

"Carol was asking people about the OTO a year prior to the murders. I can't accept that the people responsible for this are still walking around free. I'm afraid that the problem will not go away and that minds this unbalanced may perpetrate additional horrors. Forgive me for not signing my name. I haven't gotten over the fear."

The writer was apparently a woman friend of one Carol Marron, 33, a Brooklyn resident. Marron was a secretary at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and designed clothing to supplement her income. For seven years she lived with Howard Green, 53, an abstract painter who drove a cab for his steady paycheck.

As the letter writer said, for more than a year Marron and Green had been delving into the occult. Their small basement apartment at 270 DeKalb Avenue was spiced with various items of satanic influence. Chances are excellent that this paraphernalia was purchased at a certain occult store located not far from their residence -- a store that served more purposes than one for certain occult adepts.

In the early evening hours of Saturday, December 15th, Marron and Green were spotted by an acquaintance on a subway train in Manhattan. The friend left the train at 59th street, but Marron and Green kept going. The subway they were riding would carry them past Columbia University before continuing to the end of the line at the Bronx/Yonkers border.

Sometime later that night, Green and Marron returned to their Brooklyn apartment. The next time they were sighted was at 7 p.m. the following evening. They were lying next to each other off route 80 in West Patterson, New Jersey, not far from New York City. Both were bludgeoned on their left sides. Both had right eye wounds. And both clutched clumps of hair in their fists, a satanic symbol.

And there was one other similarity. Every drop of blood had been drained from the bodies of Carol Marron and Howard Green with a veterinarian's syringe.

And again, there were, as indicated in this particular passage that I just finished, there were a lot of other near misses for many people. I'm not even gonna go into those now, due to time. But it's a pattern which becomes numbingly familiar when you've investigated political conspiracies for awhile: just witness the flood of corpses that pursued the Iran-Contra investigation.

Now again, another murder here that appears to have been involved to cover up the Son of Sam, Manson family, Process operation was that involving... Again, bear in mind that the activities that this group was involved in, the Satanism is just a cover and an apparent mind-control device. The actual activities are murder, drug dealing, pornography, call girl operations, and kiddie porn in particular.

"Vinnie" here, by the way, is a prison informant who helped to break the case. Now one of the points that he makes is that certain people are selected for definite reasons and killed, and other killings are committed at random to cover up the significant killings.

Now again, "Vinnie" here is a prison informant:

Vinnie named Donna Lauria, slain in the Bronx on July 29th, 1976, as one of those deliberately selected for death.

I'll interrupt: Donna Lauria was one of the victims of the Son of Sam, one of the .44 caliber killing victims.

He further stated that some of the .44 shootings occurred at random, to cover up the targetted incidents. He also said that a major leader of the group lived in a large, free- wheeling mansion in either New Jersey or Long Island; that the group was involved in drug, porno, and call girl operations involving college-age girls; that shipments of illegal weapons were sometimes part of the picture, and at least one Son of Sam murder was filmed or videotaped by the group.

Without exception, these allegations were explosive to put it mildly. They were also so complex and elaborate that we immediately suspected there was at least some truth to them.

In the coded section of Vinnie's letter he was, I later learned, describing the murder of Stacy Moskowitz and the blinding of Robert Violante.

(Those were two other victims of the .44 caliber killings.)

Some of the coded names were said to refer to participants in that attack, which was alleged to have been videotaped by the cult. As Vinnie later wrote me, "Videotapes, snuff films... The killing of Stacy Moskowitz is on film. It draws a high price, the sick bastards. But this is business. The whole Moskowitz killing was orchestrated. The whole capture was."

(By the way, that's the capture of David Berkowitz.)

"Analyze the events yourself." (Vinnie didn't know Berkowitz had already revealed details of that operation to me.) "You'll feel like a fool for ever having believed differently. Sickeningly, this whole nightmare is real. I have a good idea where the films and ritual book, the log of coven crimes, are. But a premature leak could get them 'lost'."

Lost was one thing. Dead was another -- as in, murdered on Halloween. As Vinnie later wrote, "I had two locations -- Brooklyn Heights and the Village." (Greenwich Village). "I didn't know which was to be the place, except it was to be one of them. Berkowitz didn't know either. And he didn't know it would be that guy. When I sent out that code, I didn't know that the guy that turned out to be the victim was among those names. And why was he killed? He was afraid he was 'going down' [i.e. "taking the fall", being the "patsy" for crime involving persons higher up] on drug dealing. He was about to help the cop, Santucci; to tell it all."

(By the way, Santucci is John Santucci, the District Attorney of Queens, one of the 5 counties that comprises, or boroughs, that comprise New York City.)

Returning to this passage:

"He was about to help the cop, Santucci; to tell it all. And he was gonna make a copy of the videotape, and stills! They 'wasted' him. It served a double purpose." The dead man was, logically enough, a photographer. He was referred to twice in the coded Vinnie letter: first as "Ronald", next as "Sissy Spacek". His name, Ronald Sisman. And Vinnie had written down his name two weeks before the murder, which occurred on the night of October 30th, or shortly after midnight, on Halloween, in Sisman's Manhattan brownstone at 207 West 22nd street, on the fringe of Greenwich Village. Technically, the neighborhood was known as the Chelsea section.

(I would interject at this point, too. One of the things that The Process umbrella cult does is commit murders at or around times of satanic holidays, or occult holidays. Halloween is one of those holidays.)

In December, Vinnie, not even realizing that he listed Sisman's name in October, wrote to the same friend to whom he'd sent the earlier letter. "The name, I believe, was Sisek. A girl and he were shot, a co-ed from Massachusetts. Sisek was planning a deal with the D.A. [District Attorney]. He was gonna produce [deliver] the videotapes."

Vinnie wrote that Berkowitz hadn't told him personally about the motive for Sisman's murder but that a mutual associate had filled him in. And Vinnie later said to me, "Berkowitz had told me about Sisek, and he told me an inside job was in the works for Halloween. But he didn't say that Sisek..."

(Remember, that's the coded name for Ronald Sisman.)

"...But he didn't say that Sisek was the planned victim. I don't think he knew it. He was getting info from outside, but there was a lag sometimes. But he knew Sisek before. He'd been to his brownstone with Michael Carr. He told me that Sisek was dealing [selling drugs] and that there was a party going on when they got there. He saw the chandelier. Berkowitz waited while Michael Carr got the stuff."

As a confirming note, the building was indeed a brownstone and there was a chandelier on the premises along with a hanging tiffany lamp. According to Vinnie, Ronald Sisman had been at the scene of the Moskowitz/Violante shooting and may have videotaped the attack himself. If not, he assisted whoever operated the camera. "It was either him, or that guy Mickey." ("Mickey Mouse" in the coded letter.) "I have no idea who he is. I also think 'Manson II' might have assisted the filming, but I'm not sure."

Interrupting again: "Manson II" is the code name for a man named Phil Benson(sp?), who was one of the links between the Berkowitz killings and the depredations of the Manson family out in California. Remember: these both operated under The Process umbrella cult.

Sisman, 35, was a Canadian native whom police described as a photographer, procurer, and dope dealer. He and Elizabeth Plotzman, 20, a Long Island resident and a student at posh Smith College in Massachusetts, were both shot in the back of the head, execution style. Her hands were bound behind her with a cord; his weren't.

The apartment, as Vinnie also predicted, was totally ransacked.

And still more killings, that were being committed to cover up this group, are to come here. Now we're gonna get into quite a few more. As I said, it's a numbing total. And one of the things that's so disturbing is the evident power of this group. And remember, it appears to be strongly connected with organized crime and elements of our intelligence system [and] law enforcement. It is very well-connected. And again, explicitly Nazi in nature.

Returning to The Ultimate Evil. The sort of "grand-daddy" of the New York wing of this cult appears to have been a man named Roy Radin. Now Radin was very much involved with film production. He was involved with production of a film, "The Cotton Club", and other movies. He also achieved quite a bit of notoriety in the, in relation to a sexual molestation incident out on Long Island. A woman named Melonie Haller who, I guess, used to star in the "Welcome Back, Kotter" television show, was apparently drugged and sexually violated, and her violation [was] videotaped, at Roy Radin's mansion.

When this began to come out, Radin... I've forgot off-hand whether he was actually convicted on the charges or not. He was indicted on a lot of different things. [He] escaped most of the charges.

In 1983, as the investigation of the Son of Sam/Manson/Process link was proceeding, Radin went out to California and he was murdered while... [He] disappeared, he was found murdered while in California.


So, so much for Roy Radin. And again, he was a very well- connected individual, [and] appears to have been only one of the people involved in this particular situation. Obviously, there are many others around. Radin was killed to prevent them, prevent the investigation from going still further and involving them.

Another of the deaths that appears to have been a murder, committed to cover up the growing investigation into The Process umbrella cult, was that of a man, a journalist, in Minot, North Dakota, named Jack Graham. Maury Terry describes his death as follows:

Jack Graham was, at 29, fondly considered the "bearded giant" of the Minot Daily News. The husky, bespectacled, brown- haired reporter and the native of Washington, D.C., joined the Son of Sam fray with an intense passion for ferreting out the Minot links to the case. For a year, he worked closely with Jeff Nies and me. Among other contributions, he was instrumental in tracking down John Carr's friend, Phil Falcon, on the west coast.

In August and September of 1980, Jack and I worked on an investigation of Larry Milenko, John Carr's cult-connected friend who was toiling in the woods with Jerry Berg when the falling tree crushed Berg to death. In early September, at a party he'd managed to infiltrate, Jack had an angry confrontation with Milenko. "We're gonna get you, you bastard," Jack told him. Two weeks later, Jack was vacationing in Michigan, visiting his family in East Lansing, and attending Jeff Nies' wedding.


...his car crossed the center line on a slight curve on U.S. 2 near the small community of Vulcan, Michigan, and slammed headlong into an oncoming 18-wheeler trailer, whose driver was unhurt.

Jack was pulled unconscious from the wrecked Datsun and rushed to Dickinson County Memorial Hospital in Iron Mountain. He didn't make it.


And we're gonna come back with more of the killings that were committed, apparently to cover up this particular investigation, in a few minutes. We're gonna take a musical break right now.


CN -- Dave Emory continues his coverage of the suspicious murders directly traceable to the Son of Sam case. Rather than give a word-for-word transcription, here is a partial summary of points I found salient:

*** A mailman named Andrew Dupres(sp?) [doo-PAY] who delivered to Berkowitz' and Carr's addresses on a daily basis reported having seen something which troubled him greatly. He also is quoted as saying that "they" were threatening him and that "they" were going to "get" his family. He wound up, apparently, committing suicide.

*** The previously mentioned Carr family, two of whose members died violent deaths and who seem to have been connected to the Son of Sam killings (i.e. John Carr and Michael Carr), also had two members on the Yonkers police force. Quoting from Emory's reading of The Ultimate Evil: "I'd have contacted the Yonkers police force with the information I have, but I think you know as well as I it would've been another mistake considering the force employs two members of the Carr family: sister Wheat, and brother-in-law John McCabe."

*** May 8, 1982 -- 4th anniversary of Berkowitz' guilty pleas. Leon Stern, Berkowitz' chief counsel at the time of these guilty pleas, was shot dead when he apparently surprised two burglars who had broken into his home.

*** Some indications that The Process may have been a front for intelligence operations. Dave Emory reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes), then adds his own comments:

"Sanders said that the FBI, Israeli Intelligence, the California Beverage Control Board, the Los Angeles D.A.'s office as well as the L.A.P.D. and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, all mounted probes of the [Sharon] Tate murders, with the Treasury Department involved peripherally. And those were only the ones he knew about."

Well now, what conceivable interest would Israeli Intelligence have in looking into the Manson killings, if, if we are to take those killings at face value. And I'm not at all sure that we can.

*** The existence of an elite hit squad amongst Satanists, known as "The Black Cross". Dave Emory reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes):

"At the same time, police in the Los Angeles area and two former L.A. Satanists sent word that an east coast cult branch, allied with the Chingons, the Black Cross, was operating as an elite hit squad for various U.S. satanic groups involved in drug and pornography enterprises... And as for the Black Cross itself, it appeared to be closely linked to the 'Sam' cult in New York, and existed for one purpose: murder. Its function, the California contact said, was the elimination of defecting cult members or other enemies, including innocent people who inadvertently learned about a given group's illegal activities. [CN -- For example, the above-mentioned mailman, Andrew Dupres, who after inadvertently discovering some secrets, apparently was forced to commit suicide when 'they' began threatening his family.] Murder, anywhere in the country, was now but a phone call away..."

*** Dave Emory reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes):

"Now one of the interesting things concerning the Son of Sam investigation as well as the Manson family investigation was that it became very apparent that both Charles Manson and David Berkowitz, convicted in the Son of Sam case, were basically 'railroaded' by the law enforcement officials. They basically 'took the fall' for what was obviously a very very large conspiracy. Although involved, they were not the main people. They were tools. And yet the people in the positions to put them away simply did not investigate the conspiracy."

*** Dave Emory comments, then reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes):

...Queens D.A. John Santucci was convinced that David Berkowitz did not act alone and he wanted to pursue a conspiracy. However, the conspiratorial aspects were basically "deep sixed" by [Bronx D.A.] Mario Merola.

"While at Police Plaza, Santucci sat in on some of the questioning of Berkowitz and formed the opinion that Berkowitz was lucid and not 'demon possessed' as he then claimed, and that the .44 case might well go deeper than it was presented to be. His own evaluation of the evidence left him with nagging doubts concerning Berkowitz' alleged sole responsibility."

"Santucci then pressed for a Berkowitz trial, but was persuaded by Eugene Gold in Brooklyn and the Bronx's Mario Merola to allow Berkowitz to plead 'guilty' without any dissidence. Santucci's reluctance to yield to the pressure reached the media and he was criticized by 'its sources' for his stance."

*** Emory and Terry both think that Mario Merola deliberately ignored evidence of a conspiracy behind the Son of Sam killings. Regarding Merola, Emory makes the following observations:

  1. During World War II, Merola was in the O.S.S., the forerunner of the CIA:

Well one of the interesting things about his background in the OSS -- the late director of the CIA, William Casey, was in charge of all secret intelligence in Europe for the OSS. Now a number of people who were in the OSS went on to careers with CIA. And I think it's a safe assumption that not all of those are a matter of public record. The CIA has long sought to have people in various positions that could be of use to them. District Attorneys are one of the positions that they like to be able to control. Also, coroners, is another one that they like to be able to control. It may be, I say it may be, that in fact Mario Merola never really left the intelligence community at all and continued to work for CIA. An even more likely possibility, I think, is that he reacted the way many people who are veterans of the OSS reacted -- although not actually in the service, they continued to do favors for the intelligence community [i.e. an "old boy network"].


Mario Merola was the prosecutor in the Raymond Donovan case. Donovan got off, scot free. And in politically charged and/or intelligence related cases, one of the ways of throwing a case is often to have a deliberately weak prosecution. [CN -- see, for example, the Chuck Harder/Linda Thompson interview, in which Thompson charges that that is exactly what happened, i.e. that the prosecution was deliberately weak for some of the defendants in the Waco trial.] Now in the David Berkowitz situation, Merola definitely messed the bed very badly by accepting, basically, an incredible "lone nut" confession and ignoring the obvious indications of a much broader conspiracy.

DAVE EMORY [Continues]:
Had the Son of Sam case really unravelled the way it might have... an entire aspect of American history and political science would have been revealed that is not only unknown to most people, but frankly, would seem incredible to an awful lot of people under the circumstances.

One of the points that we've tried to make, throughout the course of our discussion of The Ultimate Evil, is that, again, the Satanism is one of the things that throws people off. The intelligence agencies have long used occult groups as a front for activity. For one thing, occult groups exist at the periphery of public scrutiny and therefore are ideal to use as intelligence fronts. In addition to that, because of the unusual activities of occult groups, any suspicious activity on the part of an intelligence agent using these groups could be laid simply to the bizarre nature of the group itself. [CN -- also, first amendment protections for "religious" freedom would help shield them from investigation.]

Now specifically, vis a vis mind control, many, many of the cults on the scene today are, in fact, mind-control fronts for the U.S. Intelligence and Military communities.

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Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

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