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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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...The Ultimate Evil. Subtitled, "An investigation into America's most dangerous Satanic cult". The book is written by Maury Terry, first name M-a-u-r-y. Last name, Terry. And the book is published by... It's a Dolphin book, published by Doubleday & Company. Copyright 1987.

So, Maury Terry's, The Ultimate Evil.

Now what this book is about, basically, is, it links many of the brutal serial killers of the last 20 years or so together. The subtitle of The Ultimate Evil is called, "An investigation of America's most dangerous Satanic cult, with new evidence linking Charlie Manson and the Son of Sam [a.k.a. "The Son of Uncle Sam"].

In the time that we have here we're not even gonna begin to be able to do justice to this book. In a nutshell, basically, what they're talking about with The Ultimate Evil is the fact that some of the horrible crimes which America has experienced over the last 2 decades or so are not, in fact, the work of "lone nuts" any more than the killing of President Kennedy was the work of a "lone nut". In fact, it appears that occultists -- specifically, Devil worshippers (and as we'll go into later in the broadcast, it appears that Devil worship is merely the front for this particular type of activity -- although many of the dupes involved at the operational level probably do believe in this kind of thing), but that basically, what we have here is an insidious form of organized crime, one which is explicitly Nazi and that touches on some of the occult connections to Nazism. And which appears to have links not only to local police departments and very influential professional people, but quite probably to our own intelligence system as well.

One of the things that we talked about in Radio Free America #5 [CN -- Note that this is not the same Radio Free America sponsored by The Spotlight and hosted by Tom Valentine. This is a different radio program of the same name.], which is going to be coming up in, on Wednesday, October 28th, on KKUP, 8 to midnight, was the fact that one of the things that our national security establishment has been involved in is the deliberate programming of hypno-killers. People who are particularly described as passive-aggressive personalities are subjected to increasing degrees of visual violence. They're shown films of people being mutilated, and killed in accidents, and things of this type, so that gradually they become de-sensitized to human suffering and bloodshed.

Now, as I say, we can't even begin to do credit to this book in the time allotted here. We'll probably go back to it next week and eventually we'll probably have to do an archive show on it. But in a nutshell, it appears that this Satanic cult (and we're gonna talk more about this in a second) is, in effect, an organized crime cabal, and specifically appears to have a mind control function. The people at the operational level are apparently practicing Satanists and Devil worshippers... You know, with blood drinking ceremonies, and the black mass, and all that kind of stuff. But it appears, as we're gonna look at, that the people controlling this may or may not believe in that -- but they certainly have ulterior motives.

The crimes that this organized crime syndicate is involved in include drug smuggling, murder, kiddie porn, prostitution, the making of "snuff flicks", weapons smuggling, cocaine smuggling from Columbia via Miami, heroin smuggling via Hawaii from Southeast Asia. Obviously, these are things we've looked at in the past, in connection with the intelligence services.

Now in a nutshell, the Son of Sam killings, the .44 killings in New York City, are linked in a hard way with this organized crime cult -- which is what I'm gonna refer to it as. It appears to be, to a considerable measure, an intelligence front as well. In addition, they link the Manson killings to this same group. And they point out that both Manson, and David Berkowitz, the man convicted in the Son of Sam killings... Well parts of this group were basically selected as fall guys -- in other words, the really powerful people are being protected -- they were simply run in as the "lone nuts", as the "Lee Harvey Oswalds", or whatever.

Now the cult itself appears to be an offshoot, that involved elements of a number of different occult organizations.

People, we're not impugning the Church of Scientology, nor are we endorsing it. But elements of the Scientology organization, in particular, apparently, spin-offs of Scientologists, have generated a cult called "The Process". We're gonna go into what The Process is. And then again, elements of The Process (not necessarily the whole thing, but most of it) have, in turn, hooked up with members of Alestair Crowley's OTO organization. (That was an occult group founded in Germany in 1902. Or actually, the Golden Dawn merged with Crowley's OTO.) Crowley was a so-called "black adept", a person who believed in black magic and participated in it.

As we're gonna look at in a future book about, uh a future program about UFO cults and... you know, the people that worship the (quote) "UFOs" and who in turn appear to be explicitly connected to the intelligence community and Nazi elements. Or that Alestair Crowley himself worked as an intelligence agent both for Britain and the United Sta... er, and Nazi Germany. So there are strong intelligence connections to Alestair Crowley.

The cult we're talking about appears to involve elements of Scientology -- primarily dissident elements -- and in particular, The Process itself, which in turn was founded by a couple of wayward Scientologists, people who were involved with L. Ron Hubbard's organization and then broke off, spun off, to form their own cult. In turn, elements of The Process (with a capital "P") hooked up with elements of Alestair Crowley's OTO. And this is the cult we're talking about. And I want to make a point clear: we're not necessarily pointing the finger at any or all of these organizations -- although The Process appears to be essentially an infernal... literally, a Devil worshipping organization. But you know, we don't want to say, "O.K. This is what the Scientologists do." We're talking about elements of these groups, in particular elements which spun off and formed their own organization.

But this is the organization behind the Manson killings, behind so many of these serial killings that we've been looking at. And one of the things that I think is so important about this book: it not only points out that these aren't the work of "lone nuts" but all of these killers are hooked together. They're part of a crime syndicate, they are protected by the authorities, and in particular, they are explicitly Nazi. This is the organization we're talking about here. Next week, perhaps, we'll go into the long series of killings [unclear] that were initiated to cover up the work of this particular organization. We're not, you know, we're not talking about "the Devil" here (although one could think about it that way). What we're looking at is something which uses the occult as a front. And it should be noted here, as we're gonna talk about in future broadcasts, that occult organizations have long been favored by the uh, by intelligence agents, as covers. Specifically because they tend to exist at the periphery of public scrutiny and are therefore good covers. Beyond that, because they do a lot of weird things. It serves as a very good cover for activities which might otherwise look very strange.

But this is the organization, again -- Berkowitz, Manson, and many others were involved with the organization. But equally importantly were not, not only were not by themselves, operating by themselves, but were not even the primary element here. The primary elements, the controlling elements, appear to be very, very well-off and very well-connected, with ties to organized crime, local police departments, and in all probability, our own intelligence system.

But again: the cult here is a combination of Scien... elements from the Scientologists -- primarily dissident, spin-off elements -- The Process church, and Alestair Crowley's OTO. Those are the groups behind, that's the organization behind, all these killings. And the point, for our purposes here, is they are explicitly Nazi.

O.K. We're gonna have some other names in here that will be unfamiliar because, again, we're starting with a section almost 400 pages into this book. And there's been a great deal done before that, and we'll get back to Dave and let him explain who some of these folks are.

Anyway, first they're talking about some ex cult-devotees, who are talking to the author.

Right. The "Danny" and "Vinnie" mentioned here were prison informants who had been providing the authors as well as police investigators a lot of information about this group. It's big. A lot of people know about it. And some of the people that helped unearth the investigation by Maury Terry and others were informants in the prison, imprisoned with some of the people connected with the cult.

O.K. "According to Danny and Vinnie," writes Maury Terry, "the cult originated in England. They didn't know the names 'Process', 'Chingon'" (which is a, who's a high muckity-muck code name in the cult) "or 'OTO'. But the English origin information was enough to put it over the top. Both The Process and Alestair Crowley's OTO were rooted in England."

"The group had a main headquarters near Los Angeles. And both confirmed that 'Manson II' was from L.A. and was involved in the Arlis Perry murder."

Yeah. "Manson II", by the way, was a fellow linked with Charlie Manson. He appears to have been one of the main Son of Sam killers, and a primary controlling element in this particular cult.

Arlis Perry was a woman from Bismarck, South... er North Dakota who was a devout Christian activist and was murdered in the Stanford University church in 1974 in a ritualistic killing by this group.

By the way, one of the points that they make in this book is that some killings are performed for ritualistic, Black Mass purposes. Other killings are specific assassinations; that's, individuals have been targetted by one element or another, for one reason or another. And that other killings are performed simply to cover those up -- they're simply random killings, meant to obscure the others as kind of a "deadly camouflage".

O.K. "The group had a main headquarters near Los Angeles, and both confirmed that 'Manson II' was from L.A. and was involved in the Arlis Perry murder. He was also involved in at least one Son of Sam shooting, they said: that of Christine Freund."


It's also interesting that this particular cult went underground after the assassination of Robert Kennedy. One of the things we've spoken about in Radio Free America #12: first of all, Robert Kennedy's campaign managers in the L.A. area were Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. The evening before he was assassinated, he [RFK] revealed in a dinner at their home that he'd have to wait until he got in the White House before he could re-open [the investigation into] his brother's murder.

In fact, [the investigation into] his brother's murder was eventually re-opened and it basically endorsed the results of [Jim] Garrison's investigation. However, Robert Kennedy was not to live more than 24 hours after that, and Sharon Tate was not to live a whole lot longer after that. Polanski lucked out and was not at the house at the time [i.e., when Sharon Tate was murdered].

Another thing we talked about in Radio Free America #12 was how Ed Butler, the U.S. Army Intelligence agent who was instrumental in painting Oswald "red", turned up in Los Angeles, in the employ of Knight of Malta Patrick Frawley(sp?), and began publishing in a right-wing paper that this was obviously the work of the Black Panthers or other left-wing radicals.

And it's worth noting, too, that another thing we talked about in Radio Free America #12, was how Charlie Manson now is a tremendous hero among certain California Nazi groups.


Berkowitz signed a threatening letter to neighbor Glassman(sp?) with "Brother" (another Process level) and he'd written "H.H." on the envelope of one of the anonymous letters he'd mailed to Sam Carr (that was also a neighbor): "This, I would later learn, signified 'Heil Hitler' -- a Process demi-god."

"Regarding Hitler-Process links (which also brought Fred Cowan into the fold), I would learn that an associate of Berkowitz told police in 1977 that Berkowitz frequented the White Plains Road area of the northeast Bronx and 'possessed and wore Nazi insignia.'"

So again, more Nazi connections to David Berkowitz and the Son of Sam cult, running out to the Manson family, and very, very powerful elements thereof.

And I believe Fred Cowan (if I remember correctly) was somebody who himself was a mass murderer and killed, like, 6 people and just happened to have at one point either lived in the same house that Berkowitz had lived in, or they had mutual friends of some kind?

We're about to review that connection.

Ah! O.K. Good. Here we are. All right, reading another section here. O.K. Maury Terry, the author, is talking to a man by the name of Mitteager.

He's a fellow investigator, Jim Mitteager. I believe a former New York City policeman, but I'd have to check. A lot of his investigators were former or active-duty cops.

O.K. Now the... There's a reference to "I" -- that's Maury Terry talking about himself:

Now what's this about Jack Cassera from New Rochelle? Mitteager explained that Cassera, from whom Berkowitz -- (again, that's David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam) -- from whom Berkowitz rented a room in 1976, was a co-worker of Fred Cowan, an avowed neo-Nazi who murdered 6 people before killing himself during a day-long siege at the Neptune Moving Company in New Rochelle on Valentine's Day, 1977. Moreover, Berkowitz kept a file of news clippings on Cowan in his Yonkers apartment, and had referred to him as "one of the sons".

"Did you know that?" Mitteager asked.

"Yes. I found that out in August. I'd been saying up here that if I was Cassera, I'd of written a first-person article for Reader's Digest on "My Most Unforgettable Character".

Mitteager laughed, and then turned serious.

"What do you think the odds are that one guy, Cassera, would have Son of Sam living at his house, and work with Fred Cowan during the day? And then, have Berkowitz with a file on Cowan?" I cut in.

"I'd say the odds were incalculable. And you don't know how the hell Berkowitz ended up finding Cassera's place either."

Mitteager was on the edge of his seat now. "Maybe Cowan knew from Cassera [that] the room was available, and that's how Berkowitz found out. It makes sense. It's certainly possible. I think there's a lot of smoke there and there just might be a fire to go with it."

Mitteager and I agreed that if the scenario was correct, Jack Cassera, then in his mid-60s, was almost certainly an innocent link between the two murderers [Berkowitz and Cowan]. But we also concurred that it was too much to think that there was no connection between Cowan and Berkowitz. Especially in light of Berkowitz' comments about the Hitler-worshipping killer.

And again, due to the limitations of time, we're not gonna be able to do justice to this book. We'll come back to it during part of our prepared portion next week. Eventually we'll have to do an archive show, I think, on this type of material -- this book in particular.

Mae Brussell has been pointing out, for a number of years, her thesis -- which has endured, by the way, a lot of scorn at the hands of many people -- that in fact all of these serial killers were, in fact, a form of agent provocateur. What this is, basically, according to Mae's thesis (and it appears to be borne out in terrifying fashion and degree by this particular book) is that this is a type of application of the "strategy of tension". That is you take a society and you unleash all of these horrendous screwball killers -- or killers we're told are screwballs -- it has the effect of driving the political spectrum to the "right". People want "law and order". They want stronger laws, more cops, more jails, quicker capital punishment. And in general, it predisposes them to accepting the incredible. It's just, "Well with all those 'nuts' out there, you never know who's gonna do what." So, if 900 people "commit suicide" in the jungle under preposterous circumstances, or if "lone nuts" come foreward and begin killing politicians, it... there's a context in which that occurs.

But again, this is a way of driving people to the "right". These horrible killings, these apparent screwballs running all over the place, just gives the impression of a society that is decaying. "What we need is 'law and order.'" "We need a Fuehrer." "We need someone to set this right." We need....... George Bush!!

[laughs] George.

Again, for those of you who haven't had a chance to: go out and get this book. (Which is probably most of you since it is very new [CN -- ca. 1987].)

And again, if you want an example of something we've talked about in the past, it's the way that these kinds... If you're wondering how these things can crop up and then they just get ignored this way, or they get downplayed, or why don't people think about, talk about these things -- well. We talked in great length about the fact that John Hinckley, [who] took a shot at Ronald Reagan, not only had heavy connections between his family and George Bush's family which, let's face it, no Agatha Christie-type mystery in the world would get away with something as obvious as that as far as a plot twist. But then on top of it, John Hinckley was a member of a Nazi group! And had a Nazi uniform and went to Nazi rallies. And there were interviews in the newspaper with his Nazi buddies who said, "Gee. We always thought the guy was the 'heat'. We thought he had to be a government agent, he was so crazy." And then, when John Hinckley's trial came along, both the defense and the prosecution agreed that the Nazi part of John Hinckley's career was entirely a figment of John Hinckley's imagination! And even after there'd been national newspaper articles with his old Nazi bund mates talking about him. Then they managed to, the prosecution and defense managed to agree that there was no such thing as John Hinckley's Nazi past.

So if you folks think that, if you wonder how something like the uh, some of these details about David Berkowitz or the Manson family can "scoot by" under the table, just remember that one, which was only seven years ago [CN -- now, ca. 1994, approx. 14 years ago].

One of the most ominous connections here is that there are connections to very powerful elements, including elements of police, elements of the military and intelligence community.

I would have preferred that Maury Terry went even farther than he did. But this is a masterpiece of investigation and really is gonna open up a whole new area of political research for people.

Now one of the things that's most important for us to understand is that the Satanism is largely a cover. In other words, the people used at the operational level (God have mercy on them) do appear to believe in this sickness. But that the point is, the people who run it, the ones who do not take the falls like the Berkowitzes and the Mansons, apparently do not believe in Satan, or if they do, they're using this group for ulterior motives. And basically, it's an organized crime syndicate that's not only involved in murder but other things. A couple of sections will give you an idea what we're talking about.

This again, from another one of the prison informants who helped break the case:

Drugs are involved. I feel the real key to exposing the group is through drug and porn connections. Illegal weapons are also [involved]. But not as good 'cause that's sporadic. And they already have arsenals. But they need steady supplies of drugs for their own parties and to make money.

And remember: those who head this may not believe this crap about Satan. They believe in how people can be led and used; used in a very effective way. Sickeningly effective.

(And developing still further, skipping down into the book; from the same prison inform... or actually, a different prison informant):

The motive is drugs. I have all the details. Some .44 shootings were "hits". Pornography is also involved. Also, "snuff films" on videotape...

(I would interrupt that a "snuff flick" is actually a film of an actual killing. Usually, the victim is female and [is] dispatched in an explicitly sexual context. But it's an actual film of an actual killing.)

Also, "snuff films" on videotape. And that, sir, is proof. This is not just sick. It is big business. Someone has gotten rich off the bloodshed, and I can back up every single word. I'll give you facts. What you do with them will determine how much you get. You see, I don't trust you. I trust what [Abraham] Lincoln said, "You can't make [expletive deleted] out of the people forever." I think that's how he said it. That's how I say it.

The authorities are elected to protect, not to censor and cover up. Gannett newspapers is always B.S.-ing, "You care about the public's right to know." Prove it. I've got my [expletive deleted] on the line. We have a deal to talk. And my writing this letter is a committment: I'm risking my life. Does that maybe "challenge" you? Even if they "waste" me, you've got a story. The children...

(And these are the "sons" alluded to earlier in the Nazi references.)

The children were very literally being raised to kill.

(This was a reference to wall writing in Berkowitz' apartment: "My children I'm raising to be killers.")

Wait 'till they grow up.

For very real reasons, there is a "Black Master". Only he is not an illusion. Dr. Abrahamson also came close to this realization. Berkowitz feared...

(That's a psychiatrist assigned to Berkowitz.)

Berkowitz feared [that] Abrahamson knew; that he'd figured it out. Check the ballistics report. More than one weapon was used. They can't "argue" about that one. Those conflicting composites do not prove [that] eyewitnesses are worthless. Perhaps they prove the cop/D.A. political mentality is dangerously prejudiced.

"Sam" was a "Squeaky" Fromme, nothing more glamorous than a "patsy".

(That's a reference to Berkowitz here.)

He laughed when he was apprehended. Sure. Why not? It was orchestrated. Do you believe he actually transported guns like that? No. And the note, left out in the open. The visible gun. It was a setup. The apartment was a setup, made to look like he was "nuts". They (the cult) don't want a trial or an investigation. Things were getting hot. Too many experts were involved. If the investigation continued, the truth would have been found out.

And I would say here, take note of this statement from this prison informant; that perhaps they prove the cop/D.A. political mentality is dangerously prejudiced.

Another one of our listeners has done a fabulous piece of research which would indicate, perhaps, some of the people who "protect" this particular group.

This is a piece of writing that will not be unfamiliar to long- time One Step Beyond listeners. We've brought a great deal of attention to it, off and on, in the past.

The book itself is entitled, The Glasshouse Tapes. And the book is by "The Citizens Research and Investigation Committee", which included, among other people, Mae Brussell and Donald Freed(sp?). And uh, "written with Louis E. Tackwood". And the glasshouse tapes themselves are the revelations of Louis Tackwood, who was a former L.A. Police Department informer and, in fact, basically a secret agent and provocateur -- most important for our purposes.

Radio Free America #23, where we went into this connection, at great length.

At great length.

And Louis Tackwood worked with, among other things, organizations that would later be involved in things like the SLA [Symbionese Liberation Army]. He had a lot to say about the way that the L.A. Police Department manipulated the prison systems and various so- called "left wing" organizations to put up... The same kind of things we've been talking about with the Italians -- using the "strategy of tension". And interestingly, something that we didn't remember, but, as mentioned before, one of our long-time co-workers found for us in The Glasshouse Tapes this reference, from Tackwood. Remember, a lot of the things that Tackwood talked about in this, at the time looked pretty strange. And several of them, like the attempt to scuttle the 1972 Republican convention, later turned out in fact to have been actual truth. And it just didn't sound like it at the time, 'cause they sound pretty wild. And here's another thing of Tackwood's that looked pretty wild for about 15 years. And now, with this publication of the Maury Terry book, is beginning to look a little prophetic. Tackwood is, again, talking about the L.A. Police Department and how they set up some of their provocations:

Tackwood had also said...

Oh! I should mention real quickly before I start reading from The Glasshouse Tapes. The copy that we have was a paperback, copyright 1973, published by Avon Books.

Tackwood had also said, "Then, like the dynamite deal, you don't know that there's a devil-worship cult in Pasadena. Actually, in Altadena. They are definitely on the L.A.P.D. payroll, 'cause that's how we set a cat up, that cat with the dynamite."

(This is a guy who's a member of the Weathermen [CN -- Armed faction of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society].)

"He was kind of leery, but I take him up to the temple

(Meaning this devil-cult temple.)

and these crazy-looking cats come out and say, 'We're gonna blow this up.' And he's scared to death. We shook him so, it was pathetic.

And then, how you do it is, from this taxi, that car and this car, to that car, and there's a mystic thing about it. And they go for it every time. I don't care if they're the leader of the Weathermen, if you catch them right, they fall for it. If you could show 'em, like if I caught the leader of the Weatherman clique and I had a lot of bread and guns and I showed them how they could rip-off a million dollars in gold and there wasn't gonna be anyone there, I could march a squad in there with enough money and enough guns. And if you lay it on right, and show 'em how easy it is, he's gonna march right in there and get all shot up."

So in this case, they're talking about, among other things, the L.A. Police Department using this devil cult as an operation with which to entrap people like the Weathermen. But obviously, when you're the L.A. Police Department, whose record of their dealings with the public has been less than laudatory and who, a careful reading of The Glasshouse Tapes and some of the other stuff that we've presented here on One Step Beyond will show you, the L.A. Police Department does not balk at using just about anything to achieve their ends. And the L.A. Police Department apparently seems to have their fingers in some pretty, pretty strange pies.

Now to give you an idea of the size and scope of this particular operation, this cult/mind control intelligence front as it really appears to be and an organized crime syndicate of a particularly heinous variety -- again, Maury Terry writes as follows, in The Ultimate Evil:

Cults, as many experts confirm, change names frequently as circumstances demand it. The actual name wasn't all that important, but the original theology and networking was. As for the claim that approximately 1,000 people nationwide belong to the cult, this figure, while startling and ominous, was not incredible. Berkowitz, as far back as Marcy in 1978...

(That's a prison in New York.)

...had said he believed he was protecting hundreds. And the original Process, with its cells in numerous American cities, stated as early as 1969 that 200 people in the United States actually joined the movement.

Additionally, the Process actively sought alliances with existing occult groups, such as the Crowley-worshipping OTO. So, with expansion and recruitment since then, it was not beyond the realm of possibility that offshoot or related ranks increased their numbers by some 7 or 8 hundred across the country by 1977. And of course, the figure may have been somewhat exaggerated by those who provided it to Berkowitz.

Vinnie and Danny [prison informants] also quoted Berkowitz as saying Charles Manson was a member of the cult. This, too, blended with everything we learned or would learn, including Berkowitz' "offshoot of Scientology" remark.

Author Ed Sanders and Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi both believed Manson was affiliated with the Process. In his book, Helter Skelter, Bugliosi said that two Process members, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, visited him to disuade him from that belief. Those same two Process-ans then called on Manson in prison, after which, Manson stopped talking about The Process.

I would indicate that other elements in this book -- and we're gonna go into the many killings committed to, or apparent murders committed to cover up this crime. The claim of 1,000 members may even be an underestimate. It appears that this is a very large, and very powerful group. And again, people with tremendous wealth: show business people, professionals, as well as elements of police, military, and [the] intelligence community, appear to be deeply involved.

Now the next section of the book that we're gonna read is the description of Arlis Perry, one of the victims of this particular organization. She apparently had come across one of the branches of this cult in North Dakota, where she lived. She then moved to Palo Alto, with her husband, who was beginning his sophomore year at Stanford. She was a Christian activist and spent a lot of time in church. And apparently she was followed to that church and was murdered in the Stanford church in October of 1974. Berkowitz was aware of all of the details of her killing.

Uh, this is by way of making people aware of the nature of this particular beast. This is gonna be some rather disturbing information you're gonna hear. The point you want to think about is that this appears to be a group which has very strong connections to our government, or elements thereof.

Ask yourselves whether what you're about to hear is the kind of world you want to have your children live in, or perhaps live in yourself. Think very carefully about that.

Yeah. If you have any children up right now, or if you yourself are weak of stomach, you might not want to listen to this next part.

Again, this is a description of the Arlis Perry murder. Talking about, again, this is in the Stanford Memorial Church, in 1974.

Again, just down the road. In fact, it was 13 years ago. [CN -- Now 20 years ago.]

That's right.

In the words of a church official who later viewed the scene, the site was "ritualistic and Satanic". And indeed, it was a vision from Hell.

Arlis was lying on her back, with her body partially under the last pew in the left-side alcove, a short distance from where she was last seen praying. Above her was a large carving which had been sculptured into the church wall years before. It was an engraving of a cross.

The symbolism was explicit. Arlis' head was facing forward, toward the main altar. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she was nude from the waist down. The legs of her blue jeans were spread-eagled upside-down across her calves, purposely arranged in that manner. Viewed from above, the resulting pattern of Arlis' legs and those of the inverted blue jeans took on a diamond-like shape.

Arlis' blouse was torn open, and her arms were folded across her chest. Placed neatly between her breasts was an altar candle. Completing the desecration, another candle, 30 inches long, was jammed into her vagina.

But that wasn't all. She'd also been beaten and choked.

However none of that butchery caused her death. Arlis Perry died because an ice pick had been rammed into her skull behind her left ear. Its handle protruded grotesquely from her head.

Now. Thoroughly unpleasant thing to have to think about, but again: these are the kind of people that we're talking about. This is the kind of thing that these people do. Again: particularly to cause terror and revulsion. Also, to pass a message to people who would talk about their organization. As apparently Arlis Perry knew enough to have caused them some trouble.

We're gonna talk about, next week, about some of the killings this group committed. It's a staggering... It's like the JFK assassination.

However, again, as you think about whether or not you want to contribute your support to KFJC, just ask yourselves: How many media voices are even gonna deal with something like this?

And again: those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. And beyond that, those who never look at the past are also condemned to repeat it. [CN -- Also, so-called "historians", paid by the assassin government to tell us lies about the past, keep us in ignorance about the past and thereby condemn us to repeat it.]

[The] clock is ticking, and you're not gonna be able to ignore this kind of situation for very much longer.

Think about that. Think about what's happening in America.

Maury Terry closes his book with a very eloquent assessment of the situation in this country:

Their numbers are growing. And this time, there is no insulating middle-America. This time, it isn't an inner-city eruption that can be written off as the inevitable fall-out from poverty and slums.

No, this battleground is elsewhere. The list of the dead tells that story. The killer cults were born and nurtured in the comfort zone of America, and are now victimizing it at will. Manson's haunting testimony, and a later warning from David Berkowitz, echo loudly across the years. Two statements, made on opposite coasts, nearly a decade apart. Yet the dire message is the same:

"What about your children?" Manson challenged the Los Angeles courtroom as the 1970s began. "You say there are just a few? There are many, many more, coming in the same direction. They are running in the streets, and they are coming right at you."

In New York, Berkowitz would write, "There are other 'sons' out there. God help the world."

Sometimes, late at night, one can know the truth of their words. Through the darkness, a foreboding wail can be heard. Faintly at first, then more insistent and near, the reverberations ring through urban canyons, roll across the shadowed by-ways of Scarsdale and Bel-air, and are carried on the night wind to the remote reaches of rural countrysides. It is a mournful, curdling cry. It is the sound of America -- screaming.

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Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

"Justice" = "Just us" = "History is written by the assassins."