I just got off the phone after talking with a New York City source whom I call "Mr. Mercedes" (not his real name). He seemed to think the following was fairly urgent, so I pass it along. (For further details, tune in Radio Free America, 5.065 Mhz shortwave, Friday evening, May 24, 9 pm cst, when Nancy Tatum, wife of Gene Tatum, will be the likely guest.)

Here is how I understand things:

There is a case in Florida with Judge Henry Adams presiding. Adams is the "gatekeeper"; he decides what evidence and/or testimony, is allowed. A situation similar to the Terry Reed lawsuit, where the judge has not allowed certain facts into the case, is said to be occurring. The case in Florida with Judge Adams presiding has connections to Iran-Contra. Possible witnesses in the case could have been Oliver North and Terry Reed.

The larger picture is that other potential whistleblowers on Iran-Contra are said to be, even now, getting rounded up on trumped up charges and/or silenced -- "liquidated".

I can vouch for "Mr. Mercedes"; if he says something is going on, there is a high likelihood he knows of what he speaks. Some of his information comes directly from a source known to many yet whose name I have been asked not to repeat.

Says "Mr. Mercedes":

"There's a fellow, Gene Tatum, who was part of the Iran-Contra operation, and was assigned by North to fly into Nicaragua to rescue [Eugene] Hasenfus. But at the last minute, the mission was called off. And I guess he [Tatum] was involved in a number of other missions."

"There's some tie-in to CZX. I don't have the references for what that stands for."

"There's enough of these people that were involved with CZX or Iran-Contra that are being swept up, or silenced."

"They've got this fellow Gene [Tatum] on trumped up charges, for some kind of fraud on falsifying a document he had submitted to the FDIC regarding some golf course. His wife signed the document as a witness, and now is a co-defendant in all this. The whole thing is bullsh**."

"There's a lot of pressure being applied from various avenues that are threatening to expose the whole operations of all these people. It affects Clinton and Bush: more particularly Bush. And the judge that they're facing, Henry Adams, is infamous for being a judge who seems to wind up trying all the people, in one way or another, who were connected to Iran-Contra."

"Gene Tatum was part of Felix Rodriguez's operation. And Operation Pegasus -- one aspect of that had a possible hit on Perot."

"The prosecutor on this is a fellow by the name of Bobby O'Neil(sp?). The prosecution is going to try to ram this through. The trial starts Thursday. It's a means to silence people who were involved in the operation. They have to secure various 'pawns' and other pieces on the chessboard."

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