Here is an interesting question, sent in by a reader. He is one of many such brilliant persons who write me with such questions and expect an individual answer: "Gee... How can it be that I am still carrying articles by J. Orlin Grabbe?"

Could it be that that question has been already answered, ad nauseum, in articles subsequent to CN 8.28? Could it be that the CN editor is "sharing the pain" with other readers in the hopes that the worn-out dispute over Grabbe's "An Apology and Good-Bye" will finally die a merciful death?

Here is what this fellow is wondering about. I could have been interviewing Rodney Stich about now, but I keep having to answer the same questions over and over.


Awhile back you published a confession/apology by this J. Orlin Grabbe person admitting to disinforming us all about the supposed "Fifth Column" handing out 'manila envelopes' to members of Congress.

You originally published all of the 'Fifth Column' pieces and now, after Grabbe admits to having fed you disinformation, you continue to publish his material???

I don't get it.
If a person is an admitted disinformation artist, how can you trust anything they say?