Not a Conspiracy Nation. Just a few things:

  1. Just got the Steamshovel Press #11 in the mail, with the entire interview with Sherman Skolnick. I recommend the interview highly. It also contains some good background information on Mr. Skolnick, who is truly a quite remarkable individual (and I mean that in a positive sense).
  2. Back issues. We were having some difficulties with the ftp site at ftp There was a "access permission denied" message that people kept getting. Hopefully that situation has been solved. Further back issue info as well as info on how to get Steamshovel Press at end of this message.
  3. Haiti. Not strictly conspiracy related, so no special Conspiracy Nation devotion to the issue. Still, kind of sticks in your craw, doesn't it? It does with me, especially because from what I know the U.S. Constitution mandates congressional approval for an operation of this sort. If I find any "hidden info" on Haiti, I'll pass it along.

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There are several ways to get back issues of Conspiracy Nation and Conspiracy for the Day. Here are some current sites offering back issues (note that in the following, the information I have is subject to change and may not be entirely accurate):

  1. Send message "help" (no quotes) to This site has past issues of Conspiracy for the Day.
  2. Back issues of Conspiracy Nation, starting with July 1994, are available via anonymous ftp from ftp (cd pub/lists/conspire). For novices, "anonymous ftp" means you log in under the name "anonymous" then give your e-mail address as the password. Once you have changed directories to pub/lists/conspire, use the "ls" command to see what's there, then use the "get" command to get the file. Files may have a "Z" extension, which means you will have to use the "uncompress" command once they have transferred to your site.
  3. Selected back issues of Conspiracy Nation are available via gopher to (Marketplace --> New Paradigms Project --> Is Society Non-Pluralistic --> Conspiracy for the Day/Conspiracy Nation).
  4. Selected back issues of Conspiracy Nation are available via anonymous ftp to ftp (cd pub/vendor/a-albionic). Note that I have been personally unable to investigate this site, due to slight problems with the prairienet system.
  5. Back issues are available via World Wide Web at

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The Steamshovel Press is published quarterly. $20 for four issues, mailed first class. Overseas subscriptions cost $24 for four issues, air-mail. Write to Steamshovel Press, POB 23715, St. Louis, MO 63121

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