Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Jimmy Carter is so disgusted with the Clinton administration that, he says, he will not attend the Democratic Convention. This didn't make the headlines in my town.

The ground-swell of non-support for Clinton is evidenced in his "whistle-stop" tour. His choo-choo train is scheduled to pause for a political speech in Ashland, Kentucky. But the advance men discovered they couldn't assemble a crowd. So all state employees in the area were ordered to attend the Clinton rally during the weekend. It kind of reminds you of all those organizations that were ordered to buy copies of Hillary's book It Takes a Village.

The train will arrive in Ashland from Huntington, Virginia, then head on to Chillicothe, Ohio, for the next stop. Today's Washington Post quotes Clinton as saying, "Deadly criminals don't stay within state lines, so neither should law enforcement's tools to stop them." But fortunately for Mr. Clinton, the national registry for sex offenders will not be operational for another six months.

This registry will be set up at the FBI. The FBI will thus be able to enhance the quality of the information they sell to lobbying organizations, or feed into the White House Big Brother data base (WHODB).

Why did Clinton choose to travel by train? Presumably it wasn't fear of a missile attack on his plane. But the FBI cover-up of the cause of the downing of TWA Flight 800 is unraveling anyway. One news report this week ran an interview with Michael Demas, among others, who describes what can only be a missile traveling upward and intersecting with TWA 800. Another news report showed a photograph of the missile's flight path.

Why did the missile glow as it ascended toward the plane? Because the ordinary warhead of the Stinger had been replaced with a phosphorous warhead. (This replacement is not difficult.) Phosphorous incandesces as it travels through the atmosphere at high speed. Analysis of the photos shows that it was the head, not the tail, of the missile that was glowing. A spectral analysis shows the head was phosphorous.

Why did the missile hit the belly fuel tank and not an engine? Because the phosphorous head is not heatseeking. The Syrian-trained terrorists wanted to hit the fuel tank in the belly of the plane. So they changed the missile head. The missile's microprocessors, once locked on target, keep the missile on course until it reaches its destination.

One rather suspects that the real "terrorists" that Mr. Clinton has to fear will show up in Chicago. Poor Chicago. They so wanted to change their image as a place where Democratic conventions turn into disaster, as happened in 1968. Oh, well. (Aside to Chicago: Don't sweat it. Keep up the good work.)

As I reported in "Clinton and Iran", Robert Strauss lead a delegation of high-level Democrats asking Bill Clinton either to resign, or to withdraw his name as a candidate for the Democratic nomination. Otherwise, the delegation said, they would attack him from the floor of the convention. We shall see if Mr. Strauss has the cojones to carry out his threat.

But whether Mr. Bill survives the Democratic convention or not, the track ahead is secured by rotten cross-ties and missing spikes. Apparently Clinton made a deal with the Israelis: They are supposed to whip up war fever in the media against Iran, and then he will bomb the suckers come October. Isn't every red-blooded American ready to die to make the re-election safe for Mr. Bill?

The problem is no one can come up with any evidence that Iran was involved either in the Dhahran bombing or the downing of TWA Flight 800. Some of the individuals involved in the Dhahran bombing have been captured. They are Saudi nationals without ties to Iran. Thus if Bill Clinton insists on bombing Iran, he will escalate the very problem he is claiming to solve. We already have enough problem with Syrian-inspired terrorist actions on U.S. soil without adding Iranians to the list. But Mr. Bill doesn't care. He's so wants to bomb those Iranians.

Hopefully Mr. Clinton will find sufficient energy to get through the trials and tribulations ahead. (Hint to Bill: take L-phenylalanine. It helps rebuild the brain's noradrenaline, which is depleted by excessive use of certain stimulants.)

A railroad track cut through one corner of the ranch I grew up on in West Texas. When I was very young, the Southern Pacific still operated a steam locomotive on that line. The engine fireman would keep the boiler pressure up by stoking the furnace with coke. When Mr. Bill decided to take the train to Chicago, I think he was confused about the operational fuel involved.

August 24, 1996
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