Conspiracy for the Day -- Greatest Hits

("Quid coniuratio est?")

No, it's not a "rerun," it's a "greatest hit." The following originally ran as a series, April-May, 1994

[CfD -- Following is a transcript of a talk given by a Dr. Robert Strecker, a M.D. and virologist, circa 1992. Dr. Strecker has just been introduced by Lt. Col. "Bo" Gritz]

STRECKER: [Applause] Thank you. Thank you, Bo. It's my pleasure to be here today. And I'm glad that all of you could attend.

We're going to talk a little bit about AIDS. And this is a topic that we've all heard a great deal about but, quite frankly, most of what you've heard about it is totally fiction.

We got involved in this topic totally accidentally. About 1983, my brother and I began working on a plan, an insurance plan, for a large bank in southern California. And in doing that, in 1983, nobody knew what AIDS was gonna cost us.

So we decided that -- in writing an insurance plan for about 30,000 people -- we would determine the cost of AIDS for ourselves. And that led us into this whole problem of not only AIDS, but what has come out of that.

And basically, what came out of that inquiry was the fact that we concluded that the AIDS virus was a man-made phenomena. It's not something that came from the jungles of Africa from some monkey biting some African on the ass in Africa and then BAM! -- 100,000 cases of AIDS all over in Africa. This virus was invented in a laboratory. They'd been working on producing it for 30 to 40 years. So you sort of have to ask yourself, when AIDS occurs after they've been writing about it for such a long period of time, and they've been trying to make it for such a long period of time, why no one is running around shouting and saying, "Hey! You know we finally did what we were attempting to do. We succeeded in producing a virus that destroys the immune system and kills people."

If people understood that this virus was designed in an attempt... as an agent of mass destruction, instead of the misconception that somehow this is a virus that only attacks homosexuals or this is a virus which attacks drug abusers, I think we would all have a different appreciation.

Now, you say, well there are two topics that most of us don't really have any knowledge about: one is the precedent of these kinds of experiments. And recently, in the Los Angeles Times just a couple weeks ago, I was reading an article there. They were talking about a small town in Washington state where a lot of people in that community have developed cancers of some strange sort. And of course the guys, all of whom and their families developed all these cancers out of the blue, happened to be living next to some kind of nuclear plant. And the question was, was this plant somehow causing these cancers.

Of course, they denied it. And the doctors all said, "Oh, these guys are crazy. These [cancers] just happen to be occurring." But the fact was, as it came out, that this nuclear plant had actually been releasing radiation into the atmosphere and that this was probably not an accidental release, but an intentional release. And that they were actually studying the effects of these radiation releases upon the surrounding population.

So you begin to get an appreciation of what the government is capable of doing.

Then we turn to the history of the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, and the history of experimentation on United State's citizens without anybody's knowledge or consent. Now in a series of books, such as A Higher Form of Killing by Paxman and Harris, or Clouds of Secrecy by Leonard Cole, who's a Rutgers professor, you can document over 300 open-air biological experiments conducted on us, without our consent or knowledge. That's 300 that we have documented in the last 20 or 30 years.

You have to only turn to the history of the Tuskegee, Alabama, experiment to see the illustration of doctors' negligence, doctors' neglecting what's been going on. They talk about, well, this kind of experiment couldn't occur. We'd all know about it. Doctors would do something about it.

In Tuskegee, Alabama, in the '30s, black men were recruited for an experiment in which they were followed for about 30 years from 1930 to about 1970 -- 40 years in the open medical literature -- where they were observed, the progression in these black men, of syphillis. Now the interesting part about this experiment was, when penicillin became available, these men were specifically prevented from being treated. This was conducted by the United States Public Health Department, which of course is now known as the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia -- who are the "captains" in charge of what's happening in our AIDS war.

So you see, there is precedent for experimentation on people without anybody's knowledge or consent. There's also a whole history of experimentation on people with chemical agents, not only biological agents but chemical agents. Particularly in some experimental projects called MK-ULTRA and some others where the United States government officials were actually introducing chemicals into men. For instance in San Francisco, in one of the most unusual that's been documented, that's been published, where prostitutes were given LSD that they were giving to the "johns," their sexual partners, and then CIA agents were actually sitting behind uh, uh mirrors that were one-way, and they were filming what was happening to these men who had been drugged by LSD from prostitutes. If, in the case that the prostitutes were arrested, then the CIA was actually intervening to see that they were released.

So this is some of the history of what's gone on in the past and that is readily available for anyone to read about in some of the books that are out: A Higher Form of Killing, again, by Paxman and Harris, or Clouds of Secrecy by Leonard Cole. Um, The Killing Winds by Gene McDermott is another.

So there's plenty of precedent.

What about prediction?

We talk about prediction. In other words, in our review of the literature we spent about 6 years in the library reading, digging out this stuff. And what we came across was, in 1975, in Tokyo, at an international assembly of leukemia experts, was a guy named Jay Clemenson(sp?).

Clemenson was a world -- he's still alive, he's still... This is an interesting story. In 1975, Jay Clemenson, who's a world- renowned epidemiologist who was speaking before a group like this in Tokyo, all of whom were cancer or leukemia experts. Clemenson got up and said the following: "We are, in fact, establishing conditions for a pandemic spread of an oncogenic virus, varied on the scale of influenza of 1918."

Now what is he saying? What he's saying is, "Get ready, world, because scientists are making viruses that will cause leukemia or cancer, and that will spread as readily as the flu and kill more people than the influenza pandemic of 1918." -- which killed one- fifth to one-third of the world's population. [CfD -- It is not clear how Strecker arrives at his estimate of deaths during the 1918 influenza pandemic.]

Now... that is exactly what has occurred today. That is exactly what has occurred. The existence of AIDS and its close relatives is exactly the appearance of viruses that cause leukemia or cancer, that are spread, in a sense, like the flu. [CfD -- Associated Press, ca. April 8, 1994, carried the following: Study suggests AIDS can cause cancer directly. Scientists already know that infection with the AIDS virus can lead to cancer by weakening the immune system. But a new study suggests the virus causes cancer directly, by switching on cancer genes in the cells it invades... when the AIDS virus inserts its genetic material into a cell's DNA (,the study suggests,) it can apparently activate a nearby cancer-causing gene.] In fact, AIDS is not spread as easily as the flu. But some of its other relatives probably are.

And these viruses are capable of killing -- just AIDS alone actually is capable of killing the entire human species -- but certainly, in concert, all of them are capable of killing us all; totally annihilating the human race. And yet nothing is being done, more or less. We're all sort of sitting around wondering, "What's going on?" There's been really no attempts made to control the epidemic of this disease.

Now the program -- actually, I was finding it interesting. If you want to learn about AIDS, the people that you talk to are the veterinarians. And that's why it was interesting when "Bo" [Lt. Col. "Bo" Gritz, who spoke previously] mentioned that the public health official here had talked about cattle. Now these diseases came from cattle and sheep. They didn't come from monkeys in Africa; the story gets more preposterous as we get into it. But the reason that you know that they didn't come from monkeys is because of the company that AIDS keeps, not because of the AIDS virus itself. If there were only AIDS virus, you probably couldn't make any conclusion. Because it could have appeared "out of the blue," so to speak. Things do, in a sense, evolve or generate.

But the interesting part is that, if you look at the history of the theory of evolution and spontaneous generation, the United States National Institute of Health spent billions of dollars telling us that spontaneous generation does not exist and that evolution is the "name of the game." And yet when you come to the AIDS virus, it's as if -- Poof! There's no more history of evolution; now we have spontaneous generation. Because it just "popped up." It's here. There's no one discussing where this virus came from. What was its evolution? What is its genesis? How is it put together? That's how we got into this topic, in looking at where does this thing come from.

And when you look at the nature of the AIDS virus, what you will discover is something very interesting: That the genes of the AIDS virus, they don't exist in primates or man. In other words, if you took the genetic material of monkeys, chimpanzees, human beings -- and re-arranged it -- you cannot make AIDS. The genes of the AIDS virus exist in two other viruses, called retroviruses, of cattle and sheep. One of them is named Bovine Leukemia Virus of cattle -- which is a T-cell leukemia producing agent, just like Clemenson was talking about. The other is Visna Virus, a brain-rotting virus of sheep, that has managed to infect about 75% of the sheep on the western ranges of the United States and the rest of the world.

In the 1950s, Bovine Leukemia Virus... in Europe, a guy named Mamereaux(sp?) and a whole bunch of other retrovirologists in Europe who were looking at cattle and said, "You know, there's something strange going on with these cattle. They have a strange kind of disease." And they knew that it was some kind of viral problem. But they couldn't get control over it. But what they did was the exact thing that "Bo" had mentioned: they established a program actually called "cull and kill." And so any of the animals that they concluded were infected were culled out and exterminated. And all across Europe they had a plan of "cull and kill" of all the animals that were infected. And as a result they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of animals. This led to development of disease-free herds.

Now in the United States they did a very interesting experiment. If you look at the way that we test for the AIDS virus in the blood, we test for the presence of an antibody to the virus. That's the screen test that's done. They don't actually check and test, in general, for the virus itself. They take the blood (and if you check it, if you donate blood at your Red Cross or hospital). They take the serum out of the blood. And then they check the serum to see if there's an antibody in that blood directed against the AIDS virus.

Now in the 1970s, early 70s, late 60s, they did an interesting experiment here in the United States, in Ames, Iowa, conducted by a guy named Vandermatten(sp?) and a girl named Miller. So Miller and Vandermatten, they took chimpanzees and they injected them with a virus named Bovine Leukemia Virus. Because the question was, Is this virus dangerous for human beings? And what they observed was that these animals, these chimpanzees, produced antibodies against this virus. So what was their automatic conclusion? The conclusion was, that because these animals made antibodies against the virus, this virus represented no threat to the animal. So therefore, there was no program of containment of Bovine Leukemia Virus in the United States. And as a result, about 50% of the cattle in this country are now infected with Bovine Leukemia Virus.

If you look at the death certificates in the areas of the massive milk-producing states, like Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, there's a virtual explosion of T-cell leukemia among dairy farmers because primarily they drink, in my opinion, unpasteurized milk. Now the only thing that prevented all of us from being infected with the T-cell leukemia virus is the fact that pasteurization of milk kills the virus.

Now in 1972... well, go back even a little farther. In 1969, in testimony before the Church Committee and Congress, the Department of Defense representative requested $10 million to produce viruses, new viruses, that could selectively destroy the immune system. In 1972, a broad group of virologists, writing in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization [WHO], said this: It said, "Let's make a virus that will selectively destroy the T- cell system of man." They went further and said, "Also, let's make a virus that will selectively destroy the B-cell system." And they wrote down (in volume 47, page 257, 1972, in the Bulletin of the WHO, the World Health Organization), they wrote down and said why they wanted to make these agents. They said, "We can use these agents to produce certain kinds of cancers and leukemias. It will allow us to make these diseases. It will allow us, also, to make what we call 'dissolving diseases'" -- which is part 2 of that same request for production.

So in 1972, a group of virologists said, "Let's make AIDS." In 1975, Clemenson tells you that it's coming. And in 1980, it's here. And everybody's wandering around, scratching their heads, saying, "Geez. Where did all this stuff come from?"

Well really, to me, it seems quite simple. This virus was produced in a laboratory by the recombination, or the mixing, or the melting together, or the mating of two viruses: One, named Bovine Leukemia Virus, of cattle, and the other, named Visna Virus, of sheep.

Now if you look at the diseases in humans that are presently running, there is a whole lot more going on out there besides AIDS. There is an infectious T-cell leukemia virus named HTLV-I (which is Human T-cell Leukemia Virus #1) which is an infectious agent. It looks like Bovine Leukemia Virus. It causes the same kinds of disease in humans as it does in cattle. And this virus is probably far more infectious than the AIDS virus. Now this virus has managed to infect 20-30% of southern Japan already. It is infiltrating into the Asian countries. And because they're so densely populated... I mean, we can think, I mean, we can worry about Japan all we want. But I can tell you this: That short of a cure for these diseases, in about another 10 years or so the entire population of Japan will suddenly get leukemia and die -- short of there being a cure for this problem. Because this disease will spread in that group of people due to their density of population. The same thing will occur in China, Taipei, India, and the rest of the Asiatic countries.

HTLV-II (which is Human T-cell Leukemia Virus #2) causes hairy- cell leukemia in humans, the same as a similar disease, Bovine [unclear] virus, causes a very unusual leukemia, hairy-cell leukemia, in cattle.

So you see, these diseases do have analogous... or agents that they could have evolved from, that they were derived from, that are, present-day, in laboratories around the world.

And so you ask yourself: How do you take a virus of cattle and sheep, and make it into a virus of humans? Now in 1971, 1972, the scientists of the world got very interested in this group of viruses called "retroviruses". "Retro" stands for the presence of an enzyme called "reverse transcriptates(sp?)."

Now that doesn't mean anything to us. But what does it really mean? Here is a virus that is in an RNA form. Our genes are in a DNA form. In other words, they're two separate entities: the virus in RNA form is different from your genetic material, which is DNA.

Now why they got interested, specifically, in these agents (more than the fact that they can make ethnic and racially specific bio-weaponry) was this (and this is the very nature of the virus that allows them to do this): The virus enters the cell, it changes its form from an RNA form into a DNA form, which is now like your genes. It inserts itself into your genetic material and then interacts with the genetic material that it's in. It then leads to production of new virus.

The fact that it inserts itself into your genetic material and it then "expresses itself" -- in other words, by once it's inserted, it can then act. That, that fact made it perfect for introducing genes into species.

So scientists said, "This is how we will introduce genes and manipulate the genetic material of species." You see, they had been looking for a mechanism: trying to fire DNA into cells, and everything you can think of, they were trying... to manipulate genetic material. Because in their thinking, they can do this job better than anybody else.

So. This virus [retrovirus] became of interest because it had that ability. It will introduce genetic material from the outside and, once it's introduced, it changes forever that species.

Just as with humans; now we have modified our genes -- in a sense, forever -- we're short of a way to wipe out this gene, this species of, uh this strange virus that's inserting itself into us.

Now in 1972, when they were "monkeying around" with this thing in the United States National Institute of Health, a guy named Stewart Aronson(sp?) published a paper. And he was working with a mouse retrovirus. And what Aronson discovered was this: He put that mouse retrovirus into a human tissue culture plate. And then he came back after it was "passaged"; in other words, it grew there several times. And what he discovered was that this mouse retrovirus would no longer grow in mice. It would now grow most efficiently in human tissue. So he did discover how to make a cross-species jump. In other words, how you change a virus of one species into a virus of another species. Because this is how you take Bovine Leukemia Virus in cattle, and change it into HTLV-I -- Human T-cell Leukemia Virus. You merely have to passage, or grow, the virus in human tissue for a sufficient period of time and you now have Human T-cell Leukemia Virus. If you take Bovine Visna Virus, the original AIDS virus, and grow that virus in human tissue, you now have human AIDS virus.

Now one of the things that we didn't understand initially, or at least it wasn't clear to us in 1983 and 1984 was, was... Were these people intentionally deceiving people, the American public, you and I, or were they just stupid?

No, um... don't ever believe that they're stupid. [laughter]

We asked the question of several virologists. In other words, one of the questions was, "Could you take Bovine Leukemia Virus of cattle, and Visna Virus of sheep, and make an AIDS-like agent?"

Now in 1983 and 1984, we called up one of the world's leading retrovirologists, one of the, you know, leaders in our AIDS industry, and said, you know, "Can you do that kind of experiment? Could you make an AIDS-like agent?"

And his first question was (and this is typical), he said, "Who wants to know?" [laughter]

And I said, "I want to know. I'm Robert Strecker."

So he said, "Well, lurking deep in the darkest part of Africa you might find a virus similar to AIDS. But you could never, ever -- oh no, no, no, no, no -- do that kind of experiment."

Now for some reason, we didn't quite believe him. So we went to the library and we put into the Medline search (and anybody can do this. If you don't believe this is possible, simply go to your local library; ask for a Medline search.) And we put in, we said, "Well, what would we call a virus if we were gonna... if it was like AIDS and we knew that it had bovine and visna characteristics?" So we said, "Well, give us all the papers on Visna-Bovine Virus, and then give us all the papers on Bovine- Visna Virus, from 1950 to date." (That was from 1950 to about 1984.) Then whammo! Out they came. Out came papers on a virus named Bovine-Visna Virus which has the exact same shape as the AIDS virus. It has the exact same molecular weight. It had the exact same genetic structure, in a sense. It had the exact same magnesium dependency, which is relatively unique for this class of agents. It had the exact same capability to produce [unclear] in tissue culture, which is another unique part of the AIDS virus. It had the exact same capability of killing T-cells selectively. And yet, in the cumulative knowledge of the world's AIDS experts, this virus didn't exist.

Now that's a lie.

Now, the same technique that you [use to] make Human T-cell Leukemia Virus from Bovine Leukemia Virus is how you make human AIDS virus from Bovine Visna Virus. And you take that virus and you grow it in human tissue. Then, in 1978 your [unclear] can publish a paper in which they were growing Bovine Visna Virus in human tissue. And of course that's how you adapt that virus to humans. [Unclear], in that paper in 1978 (which was published in the Journal of General Virology for anybody who's interested), said, "Is it possible, could it be, that this virus is capable of producing either malignancy or a slow virus disease of humans?" And of course, what is the malignancy? The malignancy is Kaposi's sarcoma. And of course the slow virus disease of humans is AIDS.

So there's prediction, there's precedent, there's production. What's left? Well, innoculation.

So what do we think really happened? What we think happened was, in 1972, when the United States National Institute of Health was funded with millions of dollars to prove, once and for all, that viruses cause cancer... which, of course, they didn't pre-'72. And the reason that we know that is because cancer was never infectious before. But it is now.

In 1972, we produced a group of viruses that will cause cancer, basically, in laboratories around the world. And then, in our opinion, these viruses were probably tested. We think they were tested in large populations in Africa, which explains how you get 300 million Africans probably infected today. We think that the entire continent of Africa will be extinct within the next 10 to 15 years. Douglass -- Dr. William Campbell Douglass(sp?), who recently returned from Africa -- says that already (he set up a clinic for treatment, in Africa), he says already in Africa AIDS is so devastating that they're dying, literally, "like flies." So in the next 10 or 15 years (again, for sure: this is absolutely true, the same as what we have predicted before here), you will be able to go to Africa and verify for yourself (if you're stupid enough to go) whether or not there is anyone left. And there won't be anyone left, if our predictions are correct.

The epidemic in Africa could not have started from a single point infection. In other words, the numbers infected are so great that there had to be a mass inoculation at some point in the mid-70s. And what we think really happened was, is that a group of scientists there went to Africa and actually tested these agents in Africa.

Now, how did they appear in the United States? If you look at AIDS in the United States, AIDS didn't come here as a black heterosexual disease. How did AIDS appear here? It appeared in a very select group: young, white, male homosexuals between the ages of 20 and 40 who live in select cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis. In 1978, it appeared in New York; and in 1980 in San Francisco. Now that epidemiology is exactly the same as United States' Hepatitus-B vaccine study. We think that the virus was introduced into the homosexuals in this country in that project.

Could it have been Gaetan Dugas, the alleged gay airline steward who flew for the Canadian airlines? Well, to look at that story, put out by Shilts in his book And The Band Played On, it gets a little preposterous. First of all, the epidemiology of AIDS of a gay steward who's flying for a Canadian airline should have reflected the cities that they were flying to. And it doesn't. More importantly: allegedly the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] was monitoring the activities of this steward. And so, you must ask yourself, "How come the United States federal body, whose purpose it is, is (allegedly)... is to stop the spread of the disease, didn't interdict in a person who's knowingly going around and spreading a uniformly fatal, infectious disease?" So what was the failure to act? Furthermore, how could you postulate that this man only had sex in unique cities, separated by thousands of miles?

If you look at the theory of the virus coming from Haiti to New York City, you must ask yourself, "What happened to the gays of Miami, New Orleans, Houston -- which have very large gay populations who are just as likely, if not more likely, to go to Haiti than the gays of New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles?"

So our knowledge, to date, still -- if you look at the epidemiology of AIDS in the United States -- still today it corresponds to [the] Hepatitus-B vaccine study. The major cities affected are still those in which the Hepatitus-B study was conducted.

Now what's happening today? [ca. 1992] A rule of thumb for virology in this disease, retroviruses, is this: for every case that you see, there will be 100 cases coming. For every overt case of disease... just as in animals: for every sick cow that you can see, you have 100 affected. So in the United States today, if we have 130,000 or 140,000 cases of AIDS, that should calculate to 13, 14, 15 million infected. Even at a 50-to-1 ratio, you're still talking about 6.5 to 7.0 million people infected. If you calculate even 7 million people infected, at a minimum cost of $100,000 a year, we're talking about some astronomical funds being spent in the next 5 to 10 years just for the treatment of this disease alone.

If you look at Africa, where there are already at least 2 million cases of overt disease, we're talking about 200 million infected. And so that's how we conclude that Africa won't exist in the next 5 or 10 years. You'll see a population implosion.

The disease AIDS is already affecting Africa to such an extent that, by satellite photos, the tropical forest in the African part -- the African AIDS belt -- are already starting to re-grow.

We talked to the representative of Uganda recently, and the representative of Uganda says this: They have already "written off" everybody over 16. Everybody over age 16, they're already considering, is going to die. We concur. We agree. They're concentrating their educational efforts on everybody under 16, hoping that enough people will remain to keep the country, in a sense, "viable."

Now. What's going to happen here? What we see happening here is more and more cases, and the spread of this disease into the heterosexual population. This disease has nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuals, in our opinion, except that's where it was placed.

In New York City already AIDS is the number 5 killer of women in the childbearing age. Now within 2 to 3 years, I can assure you that AIDS will be the number *1* killer of women in the childbearing age. Across this country, within 3 to 5 years, AIDS will be the number 1 killer of women of all groups in the childbearing age.

What's the solution? The solution is an even more interesting problem which we stumbled into in all this sort of "rambling about" reading. And what we discovered was that, in our opinion, the disease can be fixed by a pulse electro-magnetic wave, which led us into the theory of electro-magnetic medicine, which led us to the theory of Raymond Roy Rife(?) [applause] who existed in the 1920s.

The story of Rife is even more startling. Because if what Rife did is correct, and I believe that it was, then everybody who's died of cancer and infectious diseases since 1920 died needlessly.

Rife's theory is this (It's very simple, in principle): Just as with a crystal glass if you irradiate it with the right audio tone, what Rife said was that viruses and bacteria and cancers could be killed uniquely by correctly pulsed electro-magnetic radiation. And we believe that's true. In fact, there's an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that that's true.

So we've got to re-direct our research efforts away from the drugs. Because, quite frankly, I'm convinced that this disease and all of its relatives will never be cured by a drug therapy. Because they're far smarter than that. The disease was designed, in a sense, not to be cured by drugs. The disease was designed as an agent of mass destruction. And it's already done that.

Now, what can we do? Everybody asks that question. Well, I mean, we're gonna get to that here. Hopefully, we're talking about, you know, what we can do politically.

But this is a different sort of topic. And I'm gonna tell you some things that you can do.

The first thing is, we have a videotape for sale back in the corner back there. And so, for any of you who don't have that -- or even if you do have it, you probably should pick up another copy and distribute it out to your local representatives or your senators. And you can't simply send it to them. That doesn't work. We tried that. You've got to go down and put it in their hands.

The second thing is, I mean, we've got to become politically active. And that's what this is about. That's why we're meeting here. And hopefully, you know, over the next 2, 5, 10 years, this change will occur.

Now we're going, we're already on, a radio network called the Sunn Radio Network. We're in about 100 cities nationwide, every night for 3 hours, 9 to midnight, Pacific Standard Time. So if you're in a city where you have the Sunn Radio Network, talk to your radio station about getting the Dr. Rayme(?) and Dr. Strecker show on so that we can be heard in your cities.

Starting September the 3rd, across the country in 200 and perhaps 400 cities, we're gonna be on CBN, which is the Christian Broadcasting Network. Starting September the 3rd, we'll be on. That's gonna be my show, every morning, 9 o'clock, Pacific Standard Time. So if you're in a town where they have a CBN network, then go down to your radio station and start talking to them about picking up our show, which will be on 9 to 10. We're going to be answering medical questions. But we're gonna also be dealing with other questions, such as this.

In addition, we're also writing now. I'm writing articles for about 10 newspapers across the country. So what you can do is, if you're from a city -- any size city, from a million, 10 million, or 50,000 or 5,000 -- on Wednesday when you get home, I want you to call my office. I want you to call my office at area code 213... Write this down: Area code 213-254-7127. And we'll be happy to send you a press kit which you can take to your local newspaper and hopefully get us published in your local newspaper. So that people can be exposed to something other than the drivel that they're being exposed to in the media.

There isn't any investigative reporting anymore. (I'll give you that number again: It's 213-254-7127.) The way that people do investigative reporting is, they get a comment from somebody like us, which differs from the standard comments. What they do with it, they get on the telephone and they call up a guy at the National Institute of Health who has a vested interest in none of this being known. Because obviously, if the United States' general population had some idea that this virus was designed to kill humans specifically, there'd be a whole lot different approach to what's going on than what we've just seen. Also, there might be some oversight of some of the experiments that have been conducted in these laboratories.

So if we have... If you can, you take this press kit to your local newspaper, and you promote getting us into that local newspaper as writing a medical column... which we're already writing. We can show that we're already writing a medical column for about 10 papers in California.

Now. I don't know if there... (Are we, are we gonna set up some kind of computer networking? Great.) So that, that's another important thing. And computers will allow you access to this information. In the future... I mean, if you have interest, if they don't provide machines for you, we'll be able to provide machines for you. The thing about computers is that you have instant access to information. And not information that's been expunged or filtered or whatever. And there will be more and more of what happens in the future is gonna depend upon telecommunications, upon access to information. About you educating yourself. The last thing that anybody in power wants is that the American public become educated. And that's really where we're headed.

So, the main thing that I want you to carry home from this conference is this:
1) The AIDS virus is not a happenstance occurrence of nature. This virus was produced specifically upon request. It is designed to kill people.
2) This didn't happen just by some accident. This has been worked on for about 30 to 40 years.
3) What happens in the future is gonna be determined by what we do from this point on. And you've got to become involved politically. You've got to become involved actively. And that requires education of yourself and everyone around you. And you can't be apathetic and sit at home on your couch and watch the "boob tube," because you're gonna end up just as a boob.


We've got a couple of minutes left. Questions.

[Question not audible]

Yeah. The question was, "Is the AIDS virus associated with 'Global 2000.'"

Well it's in the Global 2000. There's, in a sense, they talk about the mechanism of reducing the world's population and the plan to reduce it by, say, one-third to two-thirds. Actually, short of a mass cure, AIDS has already done that. It's going to exterminate Africa. And its relatives will exterminate all of Asia. And this country... Remember this: This country is only about 5 years behind Africa. If you have, say, even 2 million people infected in the United States... even 2 million, let's just assume those ridiculous figures are true. They're not. It's more like 8 or 16 million. But even at 2 million, if the disease doubles every year, or even every other year or every 2 years... 2 million. You only have to require about 6 or 8 doubling times before you reach the entire population of this country infected.

And this disease is far more transmissible than just by sex. We haven't gotten into that. It's all in our videotape. We talk about how the disease is actually moved. We talk about why it's not a sexually transmissible disease. We talk about a whole host of other factors that are interesting.

Another question. Yeah, over here.

[Question not audible]

Right now the only things you can do to prevent catching it is this: You don't use any IV [Intra-venous] drugs. You don't have an excessive number of sexual partners. Be monogamous, if possible. And you avoid any kind of biological agents that are being injected into you -- no matter what they are.

Question. Over here.

[Question not audible]

Yeah. The question is, "Will blue-green algae kill the immune system." Let me tell you, I'll answer that by a quote from Dr. Gallo, who's now under investigation for stealing the virus from the French. Which is, of course, well-known to all the retrovirologists. But the United States has just gotten around to finally looking into that. Dr. Gallo said, "If you give AIDS to Superman, he'll die of AIDS." This disease is designed to destroy the immune system. And it will do that. Highly effectively.

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