"Ah hah. President Clinton urges calm. And just why is he urging calm?? You see, don't you? Why would he be urging calm? Is he trying to divert the investigation away from the terrorist angle?"

These, or words like these, were heard on the Mark Koernke shortwave radio show.

(I was going to just say "a shortwave radio show," for fear that some would say, "Ah hah. Why is Redman singling out the Koernke show?")

But what if Clinton had said, "We are initiating a vigorous investigation into possible terrorism being behind the jet crash. If it proves to have been a terrorist attack, we will be relentless in our pursuit of those involved."

If Clinton had said that, the spin would be, "Ah hah. You see, don't you? He's going to use it as an excuse to crack down on the militias."

Sports-addicted America, all set for a hyper-fix of rah-rah sports stupidity and feel-good Olympic emotionalism, gets its anticipatory juices momentarily diverted by tragedy. They jump up en masse and roar in their sports fan way. But now the Olympics will start and they will settle back in their chairs to enjoy the show.

"Wow. Wasn't that exciting? A plane crash. What's next?"

On the Internet, the rush is on for who can be there firstest with the mostest. Claiming to disdain the mass media "news" parade, many nonetheless march in lock-step with the evanescent screaming headlines of the day.

And after the parade has passed by, the street sweepers get to examine the elephant droppings left by the big boys of "journalism."

Was it a stinger missile that brought down that plane? Was the bomb placed on board at Athens? Hurry, hurry, hurry. Let's get some quick answers because tomorrow it starts: Stupid Time in America.

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