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The following is a transcript of a lecture given by Mr. Dave Emory in November, 1991. [Transcriber: Proper names are spelled phonetically when unclear.]


Part I

(Announcer: Again, thank you for coming. Here is Dave Emory.)

I am going to be talking about AIDS as a biological warfare weapon. One of the tapes we are going to play is a tape of an epidemiologist at Martin Luther King Hospital in Los Angeles talking about one of the aspects of AIDS that I think is completely incredible in terms of the original hypothesis or the accepted hypothesis.

I am not a physician, nor am I a microbiologist, or an oncologist, or geneticist, so there is a considerable body of scientific evidence that backs up my political theories that AIDS is a biological warfare weapon. I will talk about that to a certain extent. But it would be both pretentious and, frankly, intellectually dishonest for me to sit up here and hold forth on the scientific theory past a point, although I am aware of some of it. Because I am not an expert in these fields, I cannot critically evaluate the information past a point. And it's a safe bet that there is a lot of disinformation in this regard.

I am going to talk about the medical evidence to a certain extent and play you a tape of a physician talking about the incredible epidemiology of AIDS, that is to say the absolutely unbelievable way in which this disease has spread, if we are to accept the official version. But again I am going to talk about the political and historical aspects primarily.

I don't think one has to be Sherlock Holmes to detect some very unusual things in the way this disease has developed, and it is those unusual things I will be focusing on primarily. After the break, we will hear a tape of Dr. Wilbert Jordan, as I said. And I will make people familiar with some of the physicians who have come up with ideas similar to the political theories that I have formed.

Also, before getting into the main body of the talk, I want to emphasize that there is a personal involvement with yours truly in the AIDS situation. I am sorry to see that a friend of mine from San Francisco did not come down, because I am going to talk about a prediction I made in 1980. I actually have this on the air. I really was the first person to go public with this theory. I also want to emphasize that a lot of people helped me with the research. Virtually all of the scientific information comes from other people, so I was generously assisted. But I think in the course of the progress of this disease and in an analysis of AIDS as a political phenomenon, yours truly has played a significant role. And I want to apologize if it seems a little egotistical when I hypothesize about that, but I will get to that a little bit later.

Now, the thing that I want to do in the first part of the talk is to give a chronology, basically an accounting of the development of biological warfare in this country over the last fifty years or so.

The notion that AIDS might be a biological warfare weapon would seem incredible to the average American citizen. That is unfortunate, because the fact of the matter is that experimenting on human beings with deadly diseases is something that has a very established history in the United States. Many people might be familiar with the Tuskeegee study that was begun in the 1930s. Some eight hundred Black Americans in Tuskeegee, Alabama were infected with syphilis. They were not treated. This was to study how this deadly disease progressed as it went along. Most of them were allowed to die. They received no treatment.

It should also be noted that one of the top Army chemical and biological warfare experts during the second World War openly boasted of having deliberately infected Puerto Ricans with cancer when he was doing experiments in Puerto Rico in the early 1940s. In fact, he said that Puerto Ricans were "the most dirty, disgusting, filthy people on earth and that the best thing that could happen to this whole island would be for a tidal wave or another natural disaster to wipe it off the face of the earth." And as I say, he admitted to having infected some fourteen Puerto Ricans with cancer. They all died and he was very proud of that. So, this is not something that is alien to our culture as we consider the progress of the disease, as we consider unusual circumstances, how this disease suddenly appeared like "magic," no pun intended. But obviously this is a subject that is receiving a lot of focus because of Magic Johnson's becoming infected with HIV. Magic Johnson, for those of you not familiar with him, is arguably the best point guard ever to play the game of basketball. He has focused a lot of attention on the disease.

Now, the real story of the development of AIDS begins at the end of the second World War when the United States incorporated something called Unit 731. Unit 731 was the Japanese chemical and biological warfare research center. It was located in Manchuria. Specifically, this was the most advanced chemical and biological warfare unit on the face of the earth. The Japanese experimented on American prisoners of war, Allied prisoners of war, many of whom later died. That did not trouble the people in this country past a point. Our officials and our military people were very anxious to get their hands on that information and on some of the scientists, some of whom continue to practice medicine in Japan to this day.

So what we did was incorporate some of the records and some of the personnel from Unit 731, despite the fact that this organization, this Unit of the Japanese military had experimented on Allied prisoners of war, including Americans, with very deadly results. We took the files and the personnel from Unit 731 and they were installed in Fort Detrick, Maryland. That is or was, I believe it still is, the Army's top chemical and biological warfare research center. Remember the name Fort Detrick, because it is going to come in in a big, big way.

Now, many of you, no doubt, are familiar with the subject of my last lecture here at Foothill College. It is one of the frequent topics that I talk about on the air, and that is the Gehlen spy organization. Reinhard Gehlen was the Nazi Chief of Intelligence for the Eastern front during the second World War. At the end of World War II, we brought in Gehlen and basically made him a four star General. He was brought in and given the uniform and pay of a four star General. His entire Eastern front intelligence organization was incorporated into the Central Intelligence Agency where it became for all intents and purposes the CIA's Department of Russian and Eastern European Affairs. It was the sole purveyor of intelligence on that part of the world for the CIA. It later became the de facto NATO intelligence organization. After that it was installed as the Budis Nacree, the West German intelligence service, or now the German intelligence service, since there is no West/East Germany anymore, which it remains to this day.

This was the vehicle for importing thousands of SS and Gestapo veterans into the U.S. intelligence system, where some of them hold senior positions to this day. Many of them are war criminals of the first order. Many of them had participated in the brutal extermination of the Jews, gays, and other people that Hitler wanted to get rid of. Many of them had also been involved in some of the brutal medical experiments which the Germans could not get in their concentration camps. The Germans, too, were very accustomed to experimenting on living human beings with deadly results in order to find out the things that they wanted to find out.

So we take an already on-going tradition of experimenting on living human beings with deadly results, the same thing that was done in the Tuskeegee study, the same thing that was done in this top Army chemical and biological warfare doctor had done in Puerto Rico, combine it with Unit 731, add the Gehlen organization and the German scientists brought in under Project Paper Clip, people like Verner Von Brom, who was a Major in the SS. They also had a very low regard for human life and were quite willing to achieve their intellectual goals at the expense of their fellow human beings.

When you take these things and combine them, basically you have the blueprint for a very deadly engine. And I believe that this engine got on track at the end of the second World War and it is bearing down upon us, not unlike those old cliffhangers, where we're all tied on the tracks and the engine is coming straight for us.

It should be noted that after the second World War, a tradition of experimenting on unwitting civilian subjects gathered steam, gathered momentum in the United States. In the Bay Area, for example, a barge spewing a bacteria, a supposedly harmless bacteria, called seratia marsesans was towed around San Francisco Bay by the Navy for a couple of days. This was done in order to see how a microorganism could be spread using the prevailing winds. Seratia marsesans was supposedly a harmless microorganism. To people with healthy immune systems, it is. But to people whose immune systems were compromised, in particular senior citizens, it can be very deadly. Seratia infection is a common cause of death for senior citizens.

It should be noted that a fellow of a father right down here at Stanford University sued because his father died of seratia infection right at that time. Now I also want to note that the Bay Area to this day has the highest incidents of seratia infection in the entire world. There has never been a place where seratia has been found in the frequency that we have it right here.

It should also be noted that experiments were conducted in the New York City subway system to see how a microorganism, supposedly harmless again, and chemical agents again could be distributed in a public thoroughfare. It should also be noted, too, that the United States and Great Britain jointly conducted chemical and biological warfare research also on unwitting citizens largely in the third world. We are going to come back to the U.S. and British connection a little bit later.

Also, and this is very, very important, we should take note of the fact that one of the major foci of U.S. biological warfare research and chemical warfare research was to develop what is known as ethno-specific or culturally-specific biological and chemical agents. That is to say biological and chemical agents which would take advantage of the genetic differences and cultural and habitual differences of various groups, specifically to target those groups. And that is something which I think looms very large in the background of AIDS today.

Now in 1962 the Department of Defense had forty geneticists working full-time. It should be noted that genetics research was a major focus also of biological warfare research in the United States. Now in 1969 a Dr. McArthur was testifying before the House Appropriations Subcommittee. They were trying to draw up the Defense Department Budget for fiscal year 1970. Dr. McArthur had a very interesting quote. I am going to play you a tape now of that quote. By the way, at the break point, Paul from Archives on Audio, my trusted cohort over here, had the foresight and brilliance to copy this particular section of this House Appropriations Subcommittee tape. So if you would like to go home this evening with a copy of it, Paul has characteristically prepared for this eventuality. So you will actually be able to get a hold of this quote.

Now I'm going to play a short section of Radio Free America #16 and you'll hear what this Dr. McArthur had to say about the future of biological warfare and the future of genetics and genetic engineering:

"Continuing now with my quotations from A Higher Form of Killing:

'It is in the field of biological warfare that the most frightening possibilities present themselves. It is now nearly thirty years since Crick and Watson made the momentous discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, the molecule which controls heredity. The discovery has not yet, as far as is known, been applied to the business of war. But in the civilian laboratories of Europe and North America, biologists are regularly tampering with the nature of life itself with gene splicing or recombinant DNA. It has been called the most awesome discovery since man split the atom. Should the breakthrough, like atomic physics, come to be applied to warfare, the implications scarcely bare thinking about.

As long ago as 1962 forty scientists were employed at the U.S. Army biological warfare laboratories on full-time genetics research. Many others, it was said, appreciate the implications of genetics for their own work. The implications remain more specific seven years later when a Department of Defense spokesman claimed that genetic engineering could solve one of the major disadvantages of biological warfare, that it is limited to diseases which occur naturally somewhere in the world.'

And again, the next section here is from a U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing for fiscal year 1969-70. We are going to read you some of the complete text here in just a second. Listen to this statement very carefully because it is one of the keys to the program:

'Within the next five to ten years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.'

Now one of the keys here is the definition of the word refractory. Now the word refractory in medicine means to be resistant to. What they are talking about here is to develop a disease that would be resistant to the immunological and therapeutic processes which normally keep us healthy. Obviously AIDS is certainly resistant to the immune system.

Now what's interesting is another meaning of the word refractory, specifically in physics and biotechnology, is to break down. A prism refracts light. It breaks it into its component spectra. A refractory telescope, for example, does the same thing. Now the person speaking these couple of sentences is a physician, so it may be that he was speaking in the medical sense, in which refractory means to be resistant to. On the other hand he was referring to recombinant DNA. In the context of biotechnology refractory means to break down, as it does in physics. So whichever of the two definitions this doctor is using here, what we have here is something very close to the clinical definition of AIDS, only we have it in a House Appropriations Subcommittee for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 1969 to 70, almost a full decade before AIDS appears to have been infiltrating the population. And, again, we don't know whether refractory here means resistance to the immune system, as it does in conventional medicine or break down, as it does in biotechnology or physics. But this is certainly an intriguing statement, as I said, practically the clinical definition of AIDS, only many, many years before the fact and coming from a Defense Department Appropriations Hearing.

Now, it is also interesting to note here how the authors, Paxson and Harris, follow this statement. They say:

'The possibility that such a super-germ may have been successfully produced in a laboratory somewhere in the world in the years since that assessment was made is one which should not be too readily cast aside.'"

Now that basically is a forecast of what I believe the authorities were working on. You've just heard something which very closely approximates the clinical definition of AIDS, only this is from a House Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing in 1969.

Now I'm going to begin a chronology of events that I believe to be very closely related and which are inextricably involved with the development of AIDS. Now bear in mind, again, that this is 1969.

In the year 1969, a number of primate laboratories, including one at the University of California at Davis, not incidentally primate laboratories, many of which got funding from the National Institutes of Health, about which I will have more to say later, there was an outbreak of immunodeficiency disease among primates in this laboratory. Now a friend of mine who is skilled in biotechnology and microbiology has said that the virus which was identified, and here again, I'm not on my home turf with some of the scientific information. I have to trust my instincts and the people that I know who are competent in this area. But this outbreak of immunodeficient disease in these primates was produced by a virus which is now called SIV, the Simian Immuno Deficiency Virus. This is a virus which is around today and which supposedly, well it actually does come from Africa. I'll explain more about that in a second. But this first occurred in primate laboratories in the United States.

Now this particular virus was discovered to have come from the Green Monkey in Africa. It should be noted that there are two species of monkeys which are actually called the Green Monkey. The species in question here is one that has long been a staple of the diet of the natives in that region. The animal is captured. It is brought into the market places, sold on the hoof, and then it is basically taken home, slaughtered, butchered, and eaten. The notion that has been spread around, and I'm going to talk about the disinformation vis a vis AIDS in a little bit, but the notion that this disease could have come from Africa, and this foreshadows some of Dr. Jordan's discussion that we will hear in the second part of the lecture, the notion that this disease could have come from Africa and been infecting people in Africa is not only wrong, but in all probability, racist.

It is said that a Green Monkey bit someone in Africa and that this is how the disease got started. There have been a number of other variations on that theme. One of the things that makes me so suspicious, and I'm going to come back to this later, is that as the discussion concerning AIDS as a biological warfare weapon has progressed, there have been theories tossed out by the medical community, which I believe have been deliberately concocted in order to cover up the true origin of the disease. Obviously that's my theory, but I will get to that in a minute.

In any event, this particular virus which is native to the Green Monkey does not hurt the Green Monkey. One of the interesting things I have learned as I've been studying AIDS, is I've come to appreciate how absolutely beautiful nature can be, that is to say when human beings aren't screwing it up deliberately, which unfortunately they do. One of the interesting things about viruses and virology is that most viruses mutate in such a way as to become symbiotic with their host. That is to say they mutate genetically very readily. Most viruses mutate to the point where they do not hurt their host. This benefits the virus because the virus is not then attacked and destroyed by the immune system of the host. And obviously this benefits the host, too, because the host does not get sick.

The SIV virus is native to the Green Monkey and it does not hurt the Green Monkey. It hurts Macaques, a different primate and that is the primate in the U.S. laboratories which became infected and acquired immunodeficiency disease. The SIV is very important because we are going to come back to that later.

Now we are still in 1969. We are going to jump ahead to calendar year 1971. In that year under President Nixon's administration, Fort Detrick, the Army's top chemical and biological warfare research center, was largely turned over to the National Cancer Institute, one of the National Institutes of Health, many of which have been funding these primate laboratories which had this outbreak of immunodeficiency disease in these Macaques. Now, although Fort Detrick was turned over to the National Cancer Institute and supposedly became a civilian institution, it should be noted, and this is in Radio Free America #16, that the National Cancer Institute's Frederick facility, which is Fort Detrick, their molecular oncology research center was run for them by Litton Biomedics. It is a wholly owned biotechnology subsidiary of Litton Industries, a major contractor and also a major vehicle for covert operations.

1967 there was a CIA coup which installed a fascist government in Greece, and overthrew the legitimate government. Litton Industries was a major vehicle for the various machinations involved with that coup. So in 1971 we have Fort Detrick supposedly going civilian and being turned over to the National Cancer Institute, but it is run for the National Cancer Institute by Litton Biomedics, which contracts to run the NCI facility.

It should also be noted that co-habiting the Frederick research facility for the National Cancer Institute at this point is the Army's Institute of Infectious Diseases. That is a military facility which continues to do research on biological warfare, supposedly for defensive purposes. But that is an academic consideration because there is no effective distinction between offensive and defensive research.

Now we are in 1971 still. We are going to jump ahead to 1974. In 1974, the publication of the Army's Institute of Infectious Diseases, which bear in mind is co-habiting Fort Detrick with the National Cancer Institute at this point, first uses the term Acquired Immune Deficiency. That term first appeared in the bulletin of the Army's Institute of Infectious Diseases as far as I have been able to determine. Myself and others who have done this research have not been able to identify that term, Acquired Immune Deficiency, in scientific literature prior to that time.

Now this is 1974. We're going to jump ahead now to the late 1970s. In the 1970s Hepatitis B, a very dangerous and infectious disease was epidemic in the United States, in particular, among gays. Now there was research done to develop a Hepatitis B vaccine. This vaccine had some trial runs on gays in various North American cities, primarily New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

It should be noted that only very promiscuous homosexuals were permitted to take part in the Hepatitis B vaccination trial runs. The fellow who ran the Hepatitis B vaccination program was a Polish born physician, actually I believe he was Ukrainian, named Wolf Szmuness. The biography of Wolf Szmuness suggests very strongly that Wolf Szmuness was a spook, a spy, and in all probability, tied in with the Eastern Front Division and the Soviet Union Division of the CIA, translate Gehlen. He had been imprisoned as a political prisoner by Stalin, somehow was released. The travels of Dr. Szmuness and that way he was able to get appointments when he was almost new to the various countries he lived in, he lived in Italy for a while, strongly suggest that he is an intelligence agent or working for an intelligence agency of some kind.

It should also be noted that in the late 1950s, he was the roommate of a young Polish priest named Carrol Woytola, now, of course, Pope John Paul II. Pope John Paul II is an interesting fellow, too. This is somewhat peripheral, but it may be relevant. His rise within the Vatican was largely due to a lay Catholic Order called Opus Dei, which has extremely reactionary political views. It was founded by a Spanish priest named Father de Scriva de Balagaya, who was openly pro-fascist. He was an ardent supporter of Francisco Franco, the fascist dictator of Spain. It should also be noted that the Pope was also supposedly a slave laborer at some of the slave labor camps at Auschwitz. But in 1982 when the Vatican banking scandals broke, one of the people brought in by Pope John Paul II to help straighten out the mess was a fellow named Hermann Abbs. In fact, Hermann Abbs, there was an article in the papers about him recently. He is publishing his memoirs. He is being hailed as one of the architects of the "new" Germany. Well, Hermann Abbs was chairman of Duotche Bank, one of the top commercial banks in Germany during the Hitler period and today. He also was a member of the Board of Directors of I.G. Farben. It was Hermann Abbs who put forth the venture capital to build the slave labor camps around Auschwitz where the Pope worked supposedly as a slave. I suspect he was actually a labor capo.

So we have Pope John Paul II, the roommate and close friend of Wolf Szmuness bringing in his slave master to handle his finances. Well, if I had been a slave and I had some financial problems, I wouldn't bring in my slave master to handle my financial problems for me. But, then again, I'm not the Pope, so what do I know.

Now, it should be noted that in the late 1970s Wolf Szmuness is running the Hepatitis B vaccination program. And it should be noted that only promiscuous gays are to be allowed to participate in the program.

Dr. Alan Cantwell in his book, AIDS and the Doctors of Death, has proposed that it was through Hepatitis B vaccination program, and I find his evidence compelling, that gays were deliberately infected with AIDS. It should be noted that the first AIDS cases are generally believed to have surfaced among American gays in calendar year 1979. Now bear in mind this is ten years after 1969, of course. And it was in l969 that in that House Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing for the Defense budget for fiscal 70 it was forecast that within the next five to ten years it should be possible to make a disease like AIDS.

Now in 1980 Ronald Reagan was running for President of the United States, successfully, obviously and unfortunately. One of the main boosters, one of the main weapons in his political arsenal was the Christian right, the former Moral Majority and others. The Moral Majority was openly advocating in 1980 capital punishment for homosexuals.

It should be noted, too, that on Labor Day weekend in 1980, my friend Josh, who is gay and who I'm sorry to say is not here tonight, we were doing some book shopping in downtown San Jose. A friend of his, also gay, lived nearby. So we stopped off and had a couple of glasses of wine with this fellow. I, being the veteran political war horse that I am and the indomitable will that I think I am, was encouraging this individual to get politically active.

Now we're talking Labor Day weekend in 1980 when Reagan kicked off his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where incidentally three civil rights workers were brutally slain by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964. I think Reagan was sending a message to his constituency.

But on Labor Day weekend of 1980 I told this fellow that he should become active. I made the prediction, I said, "If Ronald Reagan gets elected President of the United States, the gays are going to be wiped out." He said, "Well, you know, I'm not into politics," which he wasn't. I encouraged him, perhaps more forcefully than I should have. Josh got kind of upset with me. We smoothed things over, but he said I had been rude and that I shouldn't have tried to jolt the guy out of his lethargy under the circumstances.

Well, there is a footnote to that particular story. Josh called up my program about a year and a half ago. I brought up that particular conversation. I asked him what had happened to his friend, Dave. He said he hadn't seen Dave in a couple of years, but that when he did see him, he was deadly ill with AIDS. So in all probability, he is dead now. I'm not trying to gloat over something like that. It certainly saddens me, but I think it is something that might be born in mind as you listen to my predictions about the future. They might seem a little grim. They might seem a little incredible. You might want to think about what happened to this fellow Dave as an example and take an advisory from his situation.

Now bear in mind we are still in 1980. Ronald Reagan is running for President of the United States. The Moral Majority is calling for capital punishment for homosexuals. It should be noted, too, in this context that in Weimar Germany, there was a very active gay rights movement. A fellow named Magnus Herschfeld was very active in promoting gay rights in Weimar Germany. It should be noted that as I covered in the program The Pink Triangle, I borrowed from the Richard Plant book by the same name, the issue of gay rights and homosexuality was used very effectively by the German Nazi Party to tar all of progressive politics. They were portrayed as homophiles and all sorts of nasty terms. Homosexuality was used by the Nazi Party to tar their political opponents, individually and collectively.

It should also be noted that gays were among the very first victims of the Nazi extermination programs. They had to wear pink triangles, whereas the Jews had to wear a yellow Star of David. This made the Nazi extermination program much more palatable, from a psychological sense, to the German people. They had grown accustomed to seeing gays, a traditional out-group, being liquidated. So when it came time to liquidating other groups, there was already a very useful precedent.

I see a very strong analogy in this country between the way the Christian right and the right wing in general uses gay rights to tar progressive politics and the way it was used in Weimar Germany. In late 1981 there was publicity about the first AIDS cases. It is believed that in the United States AIDS first broke in 1979. There is disinformation, which I'm going to talk about later. But in late 1981, there is the first publicity about AIDS in the United States. Kaposi's Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, was being found among gays, primarily in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, the same area where Wolf Szmuness has conducted the Hepatitis B vaccination programs with, bear in mind, only promiscuous gays, only promiscuous homosexuals.

Next we're going to jump to 1983, Dr. Wolf Szmuness dies of cancer. Maybe it was a natural cancer. God knows those happen. Maybe his karma finally caught up with him. But one of the things I wonder about is that as AIDS began to develop, I wonder whether he had been assassinated with cancer. It is a matter of record that the CIA and the Defense Department had by 1954 perfected a means of giving people cancer as a means of assassination. It's a safe bet that in the 1980s and 90s, given the advances in medical technology, those techniques are far more advanced now.

Now in 1983 Wolf Szmuness dies of cancer. Next we are going to jump to the Spring, 1984, April specifically of 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo of the National Cancer Institute. Now bear in mind Fort Detrick was turned over to the National Cancer Institute, although it continued to co-habit the facility with the Army's Institute of Infectious Diseases. And bear in mind that Fort Detrick was NCI's molecular oncology research facility. Molecular oncology refers to the producing of cancer at the molecular level. An oncogene is a gene that produces cancer. Molecular oncology is the study of that at the molecular level.

In 1984 Robert Gallo of the National Cancer Institute has a press conference with Margaret Heckler, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. They announced that they had discovered the cause of this dread disease which had spread considerably by this time. This was first identified as a virus known as HTLV3, which Dr. Gallo said had evolved from the HTLV1, Human T-cell Lymphoma Virus 1. This is extremely unlikely. One of the reasons that it in all probability did not evolve from this particular virus is that there is only a five percent degree of homology between the HTLV1 and the HTLV3. In other words, only five percent of its genome, its genetic material, is similar to that of the HTLV3. That means that basically we are to believe the first official version of AIDS, now bear in mind there have been several since and I'm going to go into those, that means that this one virus has to have spontaneously mutated ninety-five percent of its genetic material. That is extremely unlikely.

Now in June of 1984 I produced on One Step Beyond the very first public information suggesting, pointing out the National Cancer Institute links, suggesting that AIDS might in fact be a biological warfare weapon, given the history of testing on civilian populations. I produced this for the One Step Beyond show. At that point Nip Tuck was the host of One Step Beyond. I put together the prepared portion for him and I did the Hard Rain and Radio Free America shows, but it was simply too much trouble to do two broadcasts a week and one a month. So eventually the programs merged and eventually Nip Tuck went to pursue his literary career.

This is June of 1984. Dave Emory comes up with the first information suggesting that AIDS might be a biological warfare weapon. In July of 1984, the National Security Agency reclassifies the files of the National Cancer Institute "Top Secret," which is unusual. You would expect that with this disease growing with the priority on fighting this disease growing that the files of the National Cancer Institute would be opened up to permit research. Not so. In July of 1984, three months after the AIDS virus is discovered, the files of the National Cancer Institute were reclassified "Top Secret," which they are, as far as I know, to this day.

Now in late 1984, I am going to introduce a conjectural element, it was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life and I've had a number of them. It's something oddly enough, which, if my hypothesis is correct, it is something I'm very proud of, but it's something that, frankly, scared the you know what out of me at the time. In December of 1984 I was producing the Hard Rain series on AIDS, several programs. A listener who monitors short-wave sent me a post card saying that Radio Moscow in late December of 1984 had a broadcast which said that basically one of the only Americans working for peace was David Emory who has done much to control biological and psychological weapons. At the time I was also working on the Radio Free America #5, #6, and #7 series having to do with mind control. The only work I have ever done on biological warfare is AIDS.

Now one of the methodological considerations, one of the major methodological tools of Soviet propaganda has been to use Western sources in their information. I should note that I have no grief for the late Soviet Union, which doesn't even exist anymore. But it is worth noting that Soviets in their propaganda have traditionally used Western journalistic sources. Many of you, perhaps, have seen the movie Dr. Strangelove. If you haven't seen it, it's a really fine movie. But at one point, the Soviets and the American high command and the President are discussing how to shoot down some American bombers which had been dispatched by a mad general to begin World War III. The Soviets have revealed that they have a doomsday machine, which if attacked, will automatically blow up the whole world. So at one point, I believe it was Peter Sellers playing the President of the United States, he asks Ambassador Kissoff, the Soviet Ambassador, he says, "Ambassador Kissoff, where did you first learn about the doomsday machine?" Kissoff goes, "From the Western press." So it is a common technique.

In late 1984 Radio Moscow identifies David Emory. Now there was also a former Republican Senator from Maine named David Emory, who was involved with anti-nuke activity, but I don't think he was doing much about biological and psychological weapons.

It should also be noted that the Silicon Valley, being the epicenter of the defense electronics industry, is an area of high strategic importance and one of great interest to the Soviet Union. No Soviets were allowed within something like a forty or fifty mile radius of this area. Although it would certainly be easy for Soviet or other intelligence to pick up a radio signal coming from that area. I don't know if I'm the David Emory that they were referring to, but I suspect that may very well be the case. The reason that is the case is that in 1985 the Soviet Literary Gazette began a campaign as identifying AIDS as a U.S. biological warfare weapon. I want to take note of the fact that I began doing that in June of 1984, so I'm not parroting Soviet propaganda. It is my suspicion that the Soviets have been parroting yours truly. Radio Moscow, I've only heard it a couple of times. It's a pretty bad act if you've ever heard it. It's about as shabby as most of the rest of the country is at this point. But it should be noted that the Soviets in 1985 the Soviet Literary Gazette begins its first public announcement of the Soviet propaganda campaign, pinning AIDS on the United States as a biological warfare weapon.

Also in 1985, a Ugandan Carposi's Sarcoma expert named Dr. Ann Bailey voices in a New York Times article the opinion that she's surprised that no one has ever thought to identify AIDS as the result of a genetic engineering accident. So she was thinking along much the same lines I was. I don't think it was an accident at all. I think that it was deliberately created.

It should also be noted that as we jump ahead to 1986, in February of 1986, and I'm going to play this tape of the reading of this article in the second part of the program, a terrifying proposal was made by various right wing institutions, including the Hoover Institute and various military related institutions which had been involved in biological warfare research to begin quarantining people who were infected with AIDS or who were at high risk, HIV positive or high risk, because it was their feeling that the disease might be casually spread. This was being used at the time, and it's worth noting that this has been defeated, at least for the time being, as a pretext for drastically reducing civil liberties in the United States. We are going to hear about that later as I hypothesize about why such a disease might have been created.

But we're in February of 1986 at this point. In April of 1986, I produced Radio Free America #16, the Archive show on AIDS called, AIDS: Epidemic or Weapon of War?, not coincidentally, the title of this particular lecture. Now also in 1986 after there has already been considerable discussion of the theory that AIDS is a biological warfare weapon, the first of a number of what I believe to be deliberately false theories about the origins of AIDS or pinpointing the origin of AIDS began. There was an article which identified a fellow that had died in 1959 in Great Britain, supposedly of AIDS. Also there was an article which said that a boy in St. Louis died in 1969.

This seems virtually impossible from an epidemiological standpoint, because frankly, how did they get the disease? This is supposed to be a sexually-transmitted and blood-borne disease. Where did it come from? It is also extremely unlikely that a disease this deadly and of this kind could have been present in the population and not been detected, the reasons for which we will hear Dr. Jordan talk about a little later. It is my belief, and I can't prove it, but that the already considerable discussion underway in 1986 about AIDS as a biological warfare weapon occasioned this disinformation effort of pinpointing AIDS as far back as 1959.

If the disease was present, it almost certainly would have been detected, particularly if it was present in an industrialized nation like Great Britain or the United States. We are going to hear Dr. Jordan talk about how thoroughly health matters are monitored in the third world. They are monitored there very effectively, even though health care is not good there. They are monitored much more closely in industrialized nations. So it seems virtually impossible that this disease could have infected one person in Britain and one person in the United States ten years later. Where did they get it from? Was it blood-borne? Was it sexually transmitted? And how come nobody else was discovered with this disease? Now bear in mind there has been research being done on AIDS for five years publicly at this point. And all of a sudden they go, "Woops! Look what we found going all the way back when!" It is extremely unlikely under the circumstances. I suspect that this information was deliberately concocted in order to combat the research that was being done into the theory of AIDS as a biological warfare weapon.

Now we have August of 1986. In August the Defense Department Official named Douglas Feith is quoted in an article published in the Washington Post on August 18, which was also carried in the San Francisco Chronicle, in which he says that due to the advances in genetic engineering in the last five to ten years, a similar time period that we heard in 1969 when they were casting ahead, in 1986 due to the advances in genetic engineering in the last five to ten years, AIDS first detected in American gays in 1979, the Defense Department was re-evaluating and had come to a different conclusion concerning the viability of biological warfare.

Now biological warfare had been shunned as a really practical means of waging war for the simple reason that the motive for waging war is economic gain and territorial gain. If you spread a bunch of wee beasties around to infect the enemy troops and make them get sick and die, well, there is no guarantee that when your troops occupy the territory that they're not going to sicken and die also. So for this reason biological warfare had not been deemed to be particularly effective under the circumstances.

However, remember that one of the major foci of the U.S. biological warfare research program had been to develop ethno- and culturally-specific biological warfare agents. In August of 1986, Douglas Feith says that we've now re-evaluated our assessment of how viable biological warfare is due to the advances in genetic engineering in the last five to ten years, language unnervingly similar to that which Dr. McArthur had forecast ahead in 1969, ten years before AIDS was first detected in American gays.

Now it should also be noted that in late 1986 a number of officials quit from the Centers for Disease Control because they said that the Center for Disease Control was deliberately covering up information which would permit AIDS to be combatted. Specifically there was information developed by the CDC that non-oxynol nine, a common ingredient in the spermicides which are used with a contraceptive diaphram, would kill the AIDS virus in sixty seconds. Yet this information was being deliberately suppressed. One of the questions I have is why that information was being deliberately suppressed. Was it because they wanted the disease to spread? Or it may very well have been because the medical industry wanted to continue to rake in the big bucks, which they continue to do, in order to develop a more sophisticated and, not incidentally, expensive cure. That may be one of the reasons why AIDS has not spread into the heterosexual population as rapidly as it has, although it is now beginning to do so.

By the way, AIDS has been renamed HIV because a number of people have criticized the notion that HTLV3 could have come from HTLV1. Ninety-five percent of its genome, its genetic material is different. So you are looking at the spontaneous generation of ninety-five percent of its genetic material, which seems extremely unlikely.

An East German physician named Dr. Yakov Siegel in a paper drawn largely from Western medical sources has pointed out that it appears that the AIDS virus was partly developed from the Medi Visna Vishnu virus, a virus which effects sheep. He concluded from a mathematical standpoint, given the number of genes that would have to have spontaneously mutated, and he pointed out the very close relationship with the Medi Visna Vishnu virus. He believes that HIV1 was a splicing of part of the genome of the HTLV1 with the Medi Visna Vishnu virus. But he said that the mathematical odds against HIV1 being a spontaneous mutation from the Medi Visna Vishnu virus was one in six times ten to the eighty-second power.

Now, those are pretty long odds. I don't think you would want to go up to Vegas or Reno or Tahoe and let your bank roll ride on that. Maybe you will. Maybe you want to have unprotected sex, too, with a stranger, but the odds are about the same. I wouldn't advise either of them.

Now in late 1986 a second variant of the HIV is found in Africa. Here again, I'm relying on the information provided to me by scientific and medical people. I cannot critically evaluate it, so you should take what I say with a grain of salt. But I think what I'm about to say is very, very important and should be investigated. HIV2 is identical to simian immuno virus. Now bear in mind that's a virus which is native to the Green Monkey of Africa. It does not hurt the Green Monkey. But when it turned up in Macaques in primate laboratories associated with the National Institutes of Health, it produced simian immunodeficiency syndrome. Well the SIV is identical, according to people whose opinions I trust. They may be wrong, so you want to take this with a grain of salt. It is identical to HIV2 except for a piece of genetic material called a stop codon placed directly in the middle of one gene.

Now a stop codon basically functions according to my information in a manner analogous to the period in a sentence. It instructs your genes to stop reading one amino acid sequence and to begin reading another. The notion that this could have been a spontaneous mutation, a random act of mutogenic agents in the environment is very, very, very difficult to accept. This is in the opinion of those who have done the research the smoking gene because the HIV2 discovered in Africa in late 1986 is almost identical with the simian immuno virus, bear in mind, native to the Green Monkey, except that this stop codon is placed right in the middle of one gene, suggesting almost certainly that somebody knew where to place this particular piece of genetic material.

It should be noted there are many mutogenic agents, chemicals, x-rays, things of this kind. They would alter genetic material in a random fashion. Most adaptations are maladaptive. That is to say they either weaken or destroy the organism. Adaptive mutations are relatively rare, so the SIV and the HIV2 are virtually identical except for this one "period," the stop codon placed in the middle of the gene.

Now we are going to jump ahead to 1987 when the American far right begins a campaign to counteract what they see as a very effective Soviet propaganda campaign, basically pinning AIDS on the United States as a biological warfare weapon. That is my belief as well. There was an article in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner This World Magazine by an ultra-right wing activist and propagandist named Roy Dodson, in which he said that generally Soviet propaganda is not very effective. Generally it is shallow and doesn't have too much effect. But the Soviet propaganda campaign about AIDS being developed by the United States was being very effective and that citizens in third world countries in particular were making it a point to avoid Americans and American military personnel. It was causing the United States a lot of problems. This is early 1987.

Now it should also be noted, and I'm sorry I can't give you the name of the individual, but my files were seriously disrupted in the earthquake of 1989. I had to move a bunch of material into a storage area and I have not had a chance to put this information on tape at this point. But this special White House advisor on biotechnology policy, his name I do not know off the top of my head, I tried to find the article in my storage area, but that thing is heaped half way up and it's not the easiest thing to find, but he resigned his post as White House biotechnology advisor because of a conflict of interest. Now this conflict of interest was that he was also very much involved with a company called Porton International. Porton International is located at Porton Down in Great Britain, which was Britain's top biological and chemical warfare research center. Just like Fort Detrick it was largely turned over to supposedly civilian authorities. Porton International, which this guy was very close to and involved with, was also a facility or company which had moved onto an old biological warfare research center.

In 1987 the media battle about AIDS as a biological warfare weapon was joined in a big way. The summer issue of Covert Action Information Bulletin for 1987 carried a long series of articles as a biological warfare weapon, but they did not go as far as it might have.

In 1988 the intermediate range missile treaty was concluded between the Soviet Union and the United States. This basically meant that the United States would destroy its intermediate range missiles in Europe. The Soviet Union would do the same. It was precisely at this time that the Soviets agreed to drop their propaganda campaign concerning AIDS as a U.S. biological warfare weapon. I cannot prove anything, so this is conjecture. But I suspect that given the American right's and the American military's concern about the effectiveness of the Soviet Union propaganda campaign that one of the quid pro quo in this particular intermediate range missile agreement's sub rosa element was that the Soviets would knock off this propaganda campaign at the same time. So if that broadcast on Radio Moscow alluding to David Emory having done much to control biological weapons was what I suspect it may have been, a way of backing off the CIA by using my research, it is within the realm of possibility, and this is not to be egotistical, but this may very well have something to do with it, but I was basically used as a pawn in one of the greatest games ever played. It was not something that I felt very good about. When I first read this communication about the Radio Moscow broadcast, I was one depressed puppy because here is the KGB using me to back off the CIA. It was sort of like trying to break up a bar fight between these two enormous giants, saying, "Now, boys, let's be nice." I didn't feel too good about it. I was pretty depressed. But it is within the realm of possibilities that I was used as a pawn in this enormous game.

I'm going to end my chronology at this point. We are going to take a break and I'm going to come back and I'm going to talk about some of the medical evidence, some of the scientific evidence in connection with AIDS as a biological warfare weapon, which I believe it is. And we are going to listen to some tapes. And the third section, we probably won't take a break, I'm going to talk about why I feel this was being done. So we are going to take a break and then more of the lecture.

Brian Francis Redman "The Big C"

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