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Conspiracy for the Day -- July 22, 1993

("Quid coniuratio est?")

The following is from A Heritage of Stone by Jim Garrison: [Excerpts]

"All superstates engaged in efforts to gain power must maintain extensive domestic intelligence operations at home. They must seek to maintain control of individuals and ideas lest their international war adventures lose the support of the populace at home. That the domestic espionage operation may be illegal according to the law of the land is irrelevant. The issue is power, immense power, and it is not one which can be encompassed in a single courtroom and in a single trial."

"The use of the coup d'etat -- the murder of a leader by forces within his own government -- is as old as government, as old as the struggle of men for power. From modern intelligence agency techniques, however, there has come a new refinement. Through the employment of cover devices and the controlled dissemination of information, the role of the government in assassinations can be effectively concealed."

"No one wants to recognize that somewhere along the line America has ceased to be the home of the brave and the land of the free, and that only in after-dinner speeches is it still the sweet land of liberty. No one wants to recognize that there are assassins at work in the land, systematically eliminating men who speak out for the human race and for the future. No one wants to admit that in America peace is a dangerous business. Better to have the assassinations accompanied by wafer-thin deceptions, eagerly accepted one after the other, than to have to face the truth."

"[When President Kennedy was murdered,] Americans were not yet aware that deception had become a craft in their country, that an intricate contrivance of men for the clandestine production of illusion had become not only a part of but also manipulator of America, its policies and its people. In the past, according to the American tradition, evil was something which could be seen and recognized. In our folklore, evil wore a low-slung gun, confronted you in the open and was defeated by a virtuous heart and a quicker draw."

"The assassination of President Kennedy demonstrated that many people will believe the most unlikely inventions rather than confront the fact that their government is lying to them. These people have become conditioned to official announcements as rocks of reality, and it is painful for them to consider that these rocks are without substance."

"No matter how idealistic are the foundations of a government or how virtuous its previous history, its accumulation of excessive power transforms it into the superstate. The superstate is an organism committed to maintaining its tremendous power in the face of truth, in the face of history. The technicians of the superstate, ignoring morality and the lessons of history, will protect the superstate with whatever deception or destruction is necessary."

"The superstate's rationale for attacking the truth will always be national security, but the real reason is the preservation of power. Its use of authority to defeat reason is undoubtedly mankind's oldest way of winning a feud. Such use of authority continues to be effective whenever the people have become isolated from the government and cannot control it."

"In the superstate a witness offering substantive evidence is not a necessity but merely a convenience. Consequently the quality of the testimony of a witness is of no great importance. That can be taken care of later by a press release or a government announcement..."

"An individual cannot cope with the unseen forces of the superstate. His perception is limited by his assumption that things are as they appear to be and by his belief that he is living in a world in which evil is easily recognized and in which inhumanity is not tolerated by the law."

"The superstate is deaf to human voices, remote and unreachable; its lethal machinery is hidden behind a masque of officials uttering reassuring phrases."

"The effect of power upon men of honor is as old as the murder of leaders for the acquisition of power. Since the beginning of recorded time, the thwarting of justice has been virtually the exclusive province of honorable men... All that is required for distinguished men to participate in a crime is for them to be able to rationalize that there is a higher virtue than justice and that they will be serving this higher virtue. After that, they can carry on their assignment with dignity, whether it be merely the concealment of truth from the nation or actual genocide. The most effective rationale to justify the destruction of justice is the excuse of national security."

"Although the CIA was represented to the American people as engaged in activities outside of the United States, it also operated as a powerful secret police agency within the United States. The primary activity of the CIA was deception -- not merely red-blooded, patriotic deception of foreign people, but domestic deception as well. The CIA also had developed skills in the art of political assassination. The trademark of the CIA assassination was that it never looked as if the CIA had done it."

"The main reason for the inability of the American people and the press to recognize the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy was the fact that its operations all occurred in another dimension, a dimension which generally is not known to exist in our nation. Few Americans are aware that one of the by-products of the cold war has been the development of a huge intelligence structure within their country. This invisible monster serves not the American people but the warfare complex. Its capabilities go far beyond the gathering of secret information and embrace a variety of services ranging from murder to the creation of misinformation to be fed to the press to a multitude of refinements of thought control. The rationale for its existence in an ostensibly open society is national security, although it is difficult to conceive of any greater threat to the security of a democracy than a clandestine government agency which specializes in deceiving the public."

"The invisibility of its domestic intelligence apparatus typifies the modern warfare state's tyranny, which is also invisible to the populace. Not only are most of the people unaware of the repressive capabilities of their government but, to the contrary, many of them believe that freedom flourishes. They are enjoying their economic benefits and consider restrictions of individual rights as negligible. The people are reminded that, to use former President Johnson's words, they never had it so good. The opponents of the warfare state must fight the war apparatus without expecting widespread understanding of what is happening by those around them. The apparatus victims are assumed to be victims of fate. Heart attacks, falls, shootings by 'deranged' men and dozens of other kinds of misadventures are skillfully wrought by technicians of the warfare state to eliminate its enemies without disturbing the lethargy of the multitude."

{Garrison, Jim. A Heritage of Stone. New York: G.P. Putnam's

Sons, 1970}

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