Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Monaco will not take no for an answer.

Three judges of the Court of Appeals concluded that their court lacks jurisdiction to review a federal court order granting jurisdictional discovery.

But instead of proceeding to discovery as ordered by the trial judge, Monaco has taken the highly unusual step of petitioning the Appellate Court for a panel rehearing (the same three judges) and a rehearing en banc (the entire bench of appeal judges in full court).

En banc hearings are "not favored and ordinarily will not be ordered."

Bottom line: Monaco wants to waste the time of the entire Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit over a simple employment dispute: an unpaid invoice of 40,000 euros.

Moreover, obscene sums of money will be spent on America's most expensive lawyers in a futile attempt to do anything and everything to evade addressing the facts and substance of this case.

What is Monaco trying to hide from everyone?

Why is money no object?

And who is authorizing this expenditure?

Monaco's stance not only demonstrates its desperation, but also its contempt for U.S. legal process.

From the beginning, Prince Albert II and his principality have striven to evade and hideout from this case.

Their frivolous new petition in all likelihood will be declined and, at best, will expensively buy them a few months before we are back on track with discovery.

Truth shall ultimately prevail--perhaps in time for Albert's high-profile wedding in July.